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Lenght: 55:38
Voice: Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2022 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.


8 reviews for Pumping in the Pleasure

  1. mattintrance

    This file hits some many marks perfectly. Is it a dream? Is it real? How quickly was I in fact hypnotized? Mia’s voice–so sweet and soothing; but maybe I’m just relaxed, not really hypnotized yet. It must have been the gentle “ding” of Mistress’s bell that got me, that dropped me down. Falling… “Ding,” falling deeper… “Ding” deeper still. Or, was it just hearing the word “hypnotized” in Her irresistible voice that did it, or at least just started me down the slide? Or those fascinating tones I’m hearing, they’re so compelling, so interesting. It feels like Mistress is keeping me just awake enough to plant the necessary seeds in my mind about what’s to come. Seeds of ruination and intense, lasting pleasure in deep submission. But I don’t know that yet. There’s still more to learn. So, I just keep listening. Mistress tells me that she needs me to do one little thing for Her. Just melt for Her. It’s so easy to do, and I obey instantly.

    Next, I’m standing with Mistress in front of a large door. She takes me by the hand and leads me to the other side. I see all the captured boys against the wall, each with his head locked in a brainwashing box, and I want so badly to join them. To earn my place, to be worthy of Mistress Mia’s conditioning, and have a box of my own. I crave it so much now. So I listen carefully to what Mistress tells me, falling deeper and deeper with each word I hear, and I accept the lessons that She teaches me. Brainwashed, accepting, and submissive. Ruined, yet transformed. Eager to come back again, because practice makes perfect.

  2. 423

    If you liked “Male Ruination” or “Ruination Clinic” this is a must have – the level of arousal in and after this session is unreal. For best results listen to “Male Ruination” “Ruination Clinic” before this one.
    Although I don’t remember that much, the surrender and helplessness I felt was very fulfilling. There is also the possibility to have “dry Orgasms”, something I very much like and is quite rare the but Mistress Mia can and will do it all. This is a very intense and interactive session.

  3. 901

    This session made me reach a new level of arousal and orgasms. I wouldn’t have thought that it can be so amazing good to empty my whole self by ruining my orgasms numerous time for Mistress Mia.

    Just by recalling the experience makes me want to listen it again.

  4. Kin

    I admit that I listened to this one mostly out of curiosity and now I’m hooked on ruining my orgasms for Mistress Mia.
    My eyes have been opened to a whole new level of pleasure.
    So good.

  5. Taigh Dupp

    I love the feeling of helpless frustration that comes with a ruined orgasm. It plays with my mind for hours afterwards and soon leaves me wanting more. Imagine all that and ADD in Mistress Mia’s teasing, her skillful humiliation and that way that makes you feel.
    Pumping in the Pleasure is like a trip for your body and your psyche. Amazing experience like only Mia can.

  6. Orella

    I had the privilege to have my first listen during Femdom Court – Reflections, a slightly different version to the THM Showroom version of Pumping in the Pleasure.

    This review is of the THM Showroom version.

    I was introduced to ruination here at THM during Femdom Court – Corrective Pleasures (The first Femdom Court interactive experience) in January 2021, then again with the Showroom release of Male Ruination early March 2021. In August 2022 I had the privilege of listening to Ruination Clinic for more training in being constantly aroused and remaining hard whilst being milked.

    And now December 2022 there is Pumping in the Pleasure.

    Mistress Mia sets the scene for this wonderful fantasy journey in such a hot way, arousal building from the moment I hear her voice.

    I can’t wait to obediently let go and follow her instructions, oh yes Mistress. I love repeating phrases as instructed.

    What a wonderful place to go to, lost in hypnotised bliss, pleasing Mistress in total obedience to her words and desires, helplessly lost in arousal my only purpose to please Mistress.

    Drifting away to the bell, deeper and deeper I go, deeper and deeper………. Delicious feelings wash over and ripple through me as I become a toy for Mistress to play with.

    Mantras swirl through the open and empty space where my mind used to be. I, the me part of me, dissolve away melting into the pure aroused pleasure of being a devoted servant for my Mistress.

    No spoilers re details of the brainwashing conditioning in this session, I will say that this session takes ruined orgasms to a whole new level. Endlessly aroused, an empty and drained pleasure toy for Mistress, constantly ready to be used for her pleasure.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for this wonderful fantasy journey into submissive obedience as a mindless servant and slutty sex toy, a living dildo for you to use and share as you please for your pleasure Mistress.

  7. Braxton


    This session is incredibly arousing, and addictive. I was once told, a ruined orgasm, is the best orgasm. Any orgasm that please Mistress, is the best orgasm. I’ve learned to like it, through the conditioning of Mistress Mia.

    Great job Mia.

  8. Abe

    With a perfect mold of all previous ruination sessions, Pumping in the pleasure perfectly leads you towards They All Know. You’re guided into total surrender and to a helpless arousal that will not crash and fade away, with enough practice and conditioning you’re lead to ruined orgasms, or in my case, numerous dry orgasms that keep me submissive and eager to continue on over and over. Mistress uses her voice to control your pleasure, your orgasm which will leave you very aroused and horny for a very long time, ruin after ruin, you will become that perfect toy that she seeks in you.

    Truly an unbelievable session that I’ll be listening to for the next long while.

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