Length: 47:06 min

Voice:Mistress Mia & Scarlet

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9 reviews for Puppet

  1. mattintrance

    I just awoke from trance after listening to this file end to end for the first time. I had listened to portions of it before, but had not been able to complete it until now. Although my mind is less than entirely clear right now, I wanted to get my thoughts down before the fade away into the fragrant lavender smoke that the witches used on me. But I don’t think. I don’t feel. I only obey.

    There are many things about this session that I’m primed to love. Drug play has always fascinated me, the hypnotic sight of powerful women smoking renders me helpless like little else, and the vision of the wine bottle, and the powerful effects of its contents, both impacted me very hard. There were also strong physical effects from this file that I can’t deny. I felt quite literally paralyzed, both from the wine and the intoxicating effects of the smoke the witches surrounded me with. Arousal was muted, most likely because I fell into Mia’s chastity trap earlier today, and I have yet to fully adjust (no matter—I have a while to get used to that. But, I digress). Nevertheless, I did feel the beautiful sensations when the witches scratched me, and ran their fingers through my hair, two things that always put me deeply asleep almost instantly.

    All that said, there were other things about this session that I struggled with. None of them detract from the quality of the story, or the storytelling, and have more to do with my own quirks, preferences and (gasp!) limitations as a subject. For instance, I’m not the best visualizer around, and there was a lot of that required here. I also have difficulty processing so much narration and exposition, which tends to take me out of trance. And, as much as love having my mind and body blanketed in hypnotic smoke, I can never warm up to any type of ashtray play.

    But, all in all, once my mind was empty and the witches’ strings were firmly attached, I had no trouble leaving my world behind and joining theirs. Although not perfectly suited to me, it’s still an outstanding session. Mistresses Mia and Scarlet are welcome to cloud my mind anytime.

  2. Braxton

    Mystifying. Dark. Erotic.

    Cheers! How about a complementary bottle of wine? Nothing in life is free. Everything has a price. Unfortunately for you, you learn this the hard way…

    Mia, this is why I call you a great story teller. I can’t say it enough, you have mastered your craft. One minor fact about my erotic fantasies…I’ve had a smoking fetish for years. Tell me Mistress, did this file have a sequel?

    Great session.

  3. pye

    My second review of this recording, because it is that f* awesome! If you dream going on an Hypnotic Adventure this is the file. Theme of hypnotic witches and you as a listener get very useful information on how to behave. Unexpectedly drifted off the other day having parts of this session echoing in my mind. Amazing! Thank you Witches Wine Works! and Thank you Mia and Scarlet!

  4. Mold Clay

    I am a puppet. This tale is so thoroughly woven that I was lost immediately. I believe my mind has been completely infiltrated with Mistress Mia’s voice. I saw the images in my mind so crystal clearly. I wanted everything in this fantasy to happen to me, I was aching for them by the end. If one moved toward me or away I felt something inside of me respond, always pulling my core toward them. I am Your puppet Mistress Mia. You step further and further into my mind with each listen and all I can think is that I want more, more please.

  5. Pye

    Brainwashed, controlled, Puppet.

    Completely amazing recording.

    Only wish it was longer.

  6. Orella

    This session is a rich detailed mindscape and as I do so like red wine I enjoyed the anonymous gift very much, only after did I find out that it came with a price that I had no choice but to pay.

  7. abe

    Sister Scarlet and The High Priestess take you into their world where you have no name, no life to leave behind, where you’re just a thing, an object to accept and follow commands. A puppet. I loved this fantasy because at that point, that was excatly what I wanted to be. The magic potion in that drinking bottle did its work to full effect, I was gone within minutes which allowed the two wonderful sisters to brainwash me, each in each ear, leaving the world and everything around it, including myself and taking me into their coven…

  8. andrew asoka

    This is a special session. I wonder if there’s any session that’s not special around here, actually. Still. This is a really special session. Clouds of smoke help you drift away. You’re not here anymore. You’re there. You’re somewhere, in the world of The HypnoMistressess, Mia and Scarlet. I enjoyed so much losing myself to this fantasy – losing identity, losing all sense of self and becoming their puppet – accepting and enjoying that fully, as guided by their voices. This was such a treat. I don’t remember many of the nuances of this session but my body seems to remember how happy it was and desiring to submit it is, just as it remembers the joy of being a puppet as it writes these words. My gratitude as ever, to Mia and Scarlet.

  9. Shakara

    Get lost in a session of curiosity and mystery.
    Let your mind get slowly seduced by a detailed narration until your will vanishs and you only exist to be controlled.

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