Length: 22:18

Voice: Mistress Mia

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70 reviews for Puppy Relax

  1. Malcolm

    In this session, Mia gently relaxes me into trance with an induction that also helps me clear my mind of distracting thoughts. The more Mia helps me empty my mind, the more I can focus on her words and reach a deeper level of trance. Once in a deep trance, Mia encourages me to be relaxed and happy as I soak up her words. My mind becomes open and empty. Open to accepting all the wonderful suggestions Mia has to offer, while empty of any real-world concerns and responsibilities. This creates a great sense of freedom. While I really enjoyed the process of being taken into deep trance in this session, I am excited about the trigger Mia installed which should allow me to reach this deeper level of trance much faster in future sessions. Every session with Mia seems to set the stage for even better sessions down the road. My THM journey is therefore one of constant progress.


  2. 423

    Puppy Relax is a beginners session that will introduce you to Mistress Mias voice, her style and her triggers. Very relaxing and with a conditioning part that will get you lured in to what Femdom-Erotic-Hypnosis has to offer.
    Listen to this multiple times in a row and the effects it has on you will be:
    submissiveness, become more responsive to Mia’s voice, feeling empty, nodding your head for accepting suggestions, having installed a Trigger and even a few other “side” Effects. Just look at the other reviews to find more and see how powerful Mias sessions can be.
    Mistress Mia has honed her hypnotic skills for over a decade and it shows.

    This session is also the beginning of a journey called Femdom Court Enigmata – something quite unique and in my opinion shaping up to be one of her masterpieces. Maybe even a masterpiece in the entire Femdom-Erotic-Hypnosis-Space.
    Femdom Court starts with a selection process that itself is already quite the experience. As a longtime Erotic-Hypnosis fan and not even completely through this selection process where you compete for places – I have to says that it is worth every effort. The main event is a journey for two weeks where you interact with one of the Femdom-Judges, not much is known about the process, there is some mystery and secrecy.
    They even tell that very submissive boys have disappeared after being accepted into the program.

  3. 214

    I honestly cannot remember how long ago I first experienced Mia’s voice, but this may be the….. smoothest? drop I have experienced from her.

  4. 946

    An amazing starter file to familiarize the listener with Mistress Mia’s elegant and, very soothing, voice. As a shorter trance session this is perfect for frequent listener to condition the listener to post-hypnotic triggers and recurring suggestions that will be revisited in other files. Irrespective if you applying for the Femdom Court or you just want to immerse yourself in more of Mistress Mia’s amazing work, this session is a keeper and one you can use as a primer before listening to other, more in depth, conditioning/training files,

  5. GuyC_UK

    The more you listen the deeper you go, blissful and addicting, Thank you Mistress

  6. GuyC_UK

    the more you listen the deeper you go, blissful and addicting, Thank you Mistress

  7. Fence

    This file is a great addition to any daily routine to help all of your stress fall away for a better life.


  8. Jim

    I love this file. It’s very soothing, with some mild behavior reinforcement. It’s also short enough that I can just pop it on and listen whenever I need to relax my mind for a bit.

  9. kitsune

    Discovered while the Femdom Court, I can’t stop listening to this session daily. It’s a very soothing and relaxing file, easy to listen to on repeat.


  10. Benjamin

    Puppy Relax will have you fall deeply into relaxing trance. Mistress will relax your mind again and again as you listen to this session daily. This file has left me such an eager to obey little puppy, always excited to hear my triggers again.

    Thank you Mistress Mia.

  11. 456

    I just listened to this session twice and i went so much deeper into trance than i thought i would. What an amazing session.

  12. Aziz S

    Nodding is accepting and accepting is relaxing
    I got the email late and I can’t wait to listen to the audio as much as i can
    It’s very relaxing and I would love to fall deeper even more

  13. Mark

    Wonderful session It will take you down mercilessly. Down further than anything you may have previously experienced. Get it now!

  14. Richard905

    This is a training session designed to turn boys into trigger happy little pups. In this session Mistress will put you into a relaxed trance so that she can program you to be more susceptible to her triggers and suggestions. This file is meant to be repeated over and over, at least once a day for several days. But after you will find yourself to be more submissive and accepting of your Mistress’s orders. This sessions was so hot and relaxing and so rewarding. A must listen.
    364 – ARA

  15. Jude

    Listening to this is file has now been a daily routine and something I always look forward to.

    This file conditions you to be very relaxed and obedient craving every suggestion which would make you listen more and subsequently crave even more trapping you in an endless cycle of relaxation, bliss and obedience.

    914 ARA

  16. Felix

    I am absolutely thrilled with this session. It has become an essential part of my daily routine and has significantly enhanced my ability to trance for Mistress Mia. Even if you’re not participating in Femdom Court selection, this file will still help you become a more devoted and obedient servant to Mistress. And let’s be honest, that’s what we all want – to give Mia what she wants, because it brings us pleasure and fulfillment. -443 ARA

  17. Zaid

    Thank you, mistress, for the opportunity, listening to this file on loop, never been so conditioned before, shattering all defences along the path making vulnerable to every suggestion you make. 970 ARA

  18. mattintrance

    I’ve found that the longer I’ve been a hypnotic subject, it’s sometimes easy to get jaded when encountering a session about an issue as fundamental as relaxation. When I first listened to this file as part of the Femdom Court Selection process, I wasn’t expecting much more than a basic induction with a few deepens thrown in. What I got instead was a file that had me helplessly addicted and deeply conditioned within a matter of days. I can’t explain how Mistress did it, but I know it’s not for me to speculate. All I can do now is fall deep for Her, and obey. Thank You, Mistress, for doing this to me.

  19. Bertrand

    I just love it. Puppy Relax takes me very deep, it’s so peaceful and the induction is really effective.

  20. Steven

    Puppy Relax is a trance conditioning file of the highest quality. Very little to do with puppies, however more the emotional reaction to feeling soothed by the relaxing conditioning. Totally engrossing, I know I feel safe, relaxed and happily blank as I let go listening to this file. Strongly recommended! ARA -133

  21. geowill

    This is the most incredible file, I have been listening to it every day and just nod nod nod nod nod. I love it

  22. Matiqx

    It feels good to obey Mia and be her obedient puppy each day.

  23. Kaii

    Puppy Relax really made me feels a like long lost puppy for Mistress Mia, It made me nodding and obeying every suggestion from Mistress effortlessly.

    Like a blank puppy,
    I need Mistress Mia voice to tell me what to think,
    I need Mistress Mia voice to tell me what to do,
    I need Mistress Mia voice to tell me what to believe and
    I need Mistress Mia voice to tell me what to be.

    Needy puppy,


  24. hvbarata

    Relax Puppy is one of a kind. Even though it was a short session, it took me very deep right from the first listen.
    From, that point on, I was just a relaxed happy puppy for Mistress.
    Even now, I continue to listen to this session almost every day.
    It just feels THAT good to be Mistress Puppy…

  25. Maarten

    This training file So relaxing yet so strong.
    Feeling Happy and relaxed afterwards. Waking up with a smile on my face
    Thanks Mrs Mia for this training file

  26. Abe

    An obedient boy is a very relaxed puppy. All set and ready, properly prepared by Mistress Mia for Femdom Court. This session gave my mind and body the necessary relaxation that I’ll need to take part in this year’s Femdom Court. It is a beautiful and calm, very relaxed recording. The perfect mood to be in for Femdom Court, to be ready and willing for the judge that I’ll be assigned to.

    -Happy Puppy 401

  27. 968

    I love the feel conditioning files that Mistress Mia records, her obedience loops form the soundtrack to my everyday chores. I have always found them to be incredibly effective and able to reinforce my obedience every day.

    This file takes hypnotic conditioning to a different level. Puppy relax induces a wonderful sunny headspace almost instantly as Mia’s sexy voice just oozes into my brain, then I drop so deep, fleeting memories of mantras, delicious feelings of submission and obedience, my mind opening up and taking every word right to the centre of my mind.

    I have listened to this files daily since Mistress made it available to me, it has joined my nightly playlist and just to feel this instant response integrated more deeply into my subconscious behaviours means it is likely to remain a daily listen.

    Just writing about it makes me want to listen again, addicted and caught in pleasure loop of submission, obedience and Mia.


  28. Romain

    This IS very strong.
    the firsts listening i don’t now where WE go, but i’m feel so good
    After some listening i can’t re member the end of this file
    Today i listen and i feel so good and so obidient to Mia ‘s voice

  29. Andi_S

    I got to listen to this session during the Selection Stage for Femdom Court Enigmata and this is honestly one of my most favorite conditioning sessions that I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. The thing is…I don’t remember a word. I couldn’t say what commands and suggestions Mistress Mia chose to program me with in Relax Puppy. I just remember how incredibly, overwhelmingly good and arousing and beautiful it feels to listen, and just relax and sink and accept and obey each and every word and be a good obedient hypnotized puppy for you, Mistress. I am endlessly fascinated and filled with joy by how each word that Mia says just feels like it is exactly right for me, like it is an exact and authentic expression my inner truth and convictions, and like it is exactly what I need and want, and have, in fact, always needed and wanted. It just feels so right to have my mind and body flooded and overwhelmed with these words and to feel your influence and control in every last crevice of my mind. More right than anything I have ever experienced. It really is like every word, every intonation, every sound of Mia’s voice is like an expression of my innermost wishes, desires, and dreams. I just can’t get over how wonderful and amazing this is. I am so happy and grateful to have you in my life, to get to listen to your voice and have these wonderful words programmed and embedded into me. I want to open my soul to you and be loyal to you for the rest of my life. Thank you so much, Mia, for giving this amazing opportunity to please you by listening and training and obeying such a wonderful session. I love Relax Puppy so much. -242

  30. Simon

    the trance/hypnosis is so deep! and ends up with listen again! yours 168

  31. Bertrand

    I just love it. The induction is so powerful and I drop so deep, it is incredible.
    All I can do is nod, and obey.

  32. alexamder

    Another amazingly relaxing and enveloping spell cast by our Mistress. Every listen drops me deeper for Her.

  33. Rob288

    Thank you mistress yes I will continue listening to puppy relax tonight again and will submit and obay always 814 ❤️

  34. MJ

    Mistress Mia knows what she’s doing and it’s amazing. She is professional and the amount of fun you can have playing her games can only be described as exhilarating!

  35. Stranger

    I absolutely love this file it has been the first file to get me in such a deep trance I am very pleased with this file

  36. Hanraman

    Mistress Mia has given us such a delightful training session in Puppy Relax. After listening to it just one time, I was ready to obey. After listening to it over and over (as part of a daily routine now: Eat. Sleep. Puppy Relax. Repeat), the desire to obey is that much stronger, nearly overwhelming, a need. The session hits me different every time — sometimes I’m out like a light, sometimes I’m somewhat aware of what Mistress Mia is saying, but each time, I fall deep, and come out of trance feeling … well … like a relaxed puppy for her, ready to obey.

  37. Lagaz

    Always raising the proverbial bar. This session is no different. Being the first conditioning file for FemDom Court – Enigma. Following instructions of daily training with this file certainly has changed mental landscape. Those “safe zones” in the darkest of physic corners, now exposed, and blissfully surrendered to Your probing light.

  38. Svar

    Being sweetly conditioned to Mistress Mia’s trance triggers and soft voice, and to hand over control to your Mistress is a truly pleasant and sexy voyage.

  39. Alex

    Listing to Puppy Relax is part of a daily training routine which start during the selection stage for Femdom Court – Enigmata.
    Since i started my daily training with Puppy Relax i could feel myself going deeper each time, my mind and body responding without effort, without resistance. Mia´s voice can invade my mind freely now, i will not resist her, why would i resist something that makes me feel so good, so relaxed, so blissful.
    Thank you Mistress, for this training file which can be enjoyed whilst taking a small break form the outside world.

    -727 ARA

  40. 836

    This is an excellent training file for daily listening. It trains you to become more responsive to Mia’s voice, encouraging submissiveness and suggestibility. For me, it is quite effective in inducing a light trance, allowing me to accept Mia’s suggestions more readily. The experience is also quite pleasant, as you can feel truly submissive and open to suggestions while listening.

  41. Orella

    Puppy Relax was the first conditioning file provided by Mistress Mia during the selection phase for the 2024 Femdom Court – Enigmata.

    The cover art is breathtakingly beautiful, Mistress Mia is stunning and I could Gaze endlessly at this image.

    I loved listening to this file as I became a deeply relaxed happy puppy for my wonderful Mistress. A happy puppy desperate to serve and please his Mistress.

    Daily listening was delicious bliss, listening multiple times every day whenever possible felt so good.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for creating this wonderful file, I am so happy to be your devoted puppy, deeply relaxed and happy under your influence and control Mistress.

  42. Monline

    Every day, listening to this session has become a privileged moment of relaxation and obedience.


  43. Karl XSW

    What an amazing file!!

    Very relaxing file and to be honest, very difficult to remember the content, even after listening to it everyday !

    I guess this means it is working…

    7 44

  44. Reimar

    Puppy relax was the first conditioning file for Femdom Court this year. It really came to being eager to listen to it over and over again after I first listened to it. It puts you in state of such a calm and relax. After listening to it in the morning, I always am eager to start my day and to obey mistress.


  45. 845

    This file changed me and my psyche so effortlessly by listening to it daily and not just once but more often. The reason for that is it feels so good. It feels so good doing what Mistress Mia want because it’s what I want and the feeling of my body being drained of any resisting force and to be more open to Mistress Mia’s suggestions is just exactly what I need and what my mind needs that’s why I listened to it so very often. Mistress Mias voice surrounds you, takes control of you and drops you deeper and deeper. It feels so good to be empty and open it feels so good to loose all the stress that comes with having power over your body it feels so good to give that up it feels so damn right to give all that into the hands of someone who makes this puppy just relax so very deeply. If you want to experience greater submission than before get this file and it will be so much easier for you to just let go and give Mia the wheel of your brain
    – 845 (ARA)

  46. Michael F.

    Love this session. This was the first file in the selection phase of the pending Femdom Court, helping to train people to be Mistress Mia’s obedient boys. Even if you listen to this outside of Femdom Court…this will help you be a better servant to Mistress Mia. Which you want, of course, because Mistress Mia wants you to want that, and you want what she wants. And because it feels so fucking good. And you do want pleasure, don’t you?


  47. 811

    What a wonderful stress-relieving session and opener for even more of Mistress Mia’s suggestions. Emptying your Brain so there ist no thought left. Just going down in state of total peace – continuing also after listening, the effects are getting stronger every time. Just obey and feel good.

  48. Bad Boy Braxton


    Your focused conditioning always takes me to another level in obedience, submission, and arousal, Mistress. I have thoroughly enjoyed this file for the past few days now, in fact, I’ve used it as a sleep training file. I’ve allowed my subconscious to soak up all of the delicious conditioning that Puppy Relax has to offer. I’m waiting in great anticipation for to more obedience training.

    Outstanding work Mia.


  49. Hypnoguy 493

    There is nothiung quite like this file! I’m very serious when i say this file WILL condition you. YOU WILL be very very compliant after this session. Whether its the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, time you’ve listened. You will become a better pet for Mistress Mia. 493 will always do whatever she says to do. There is no other choice!! Just give in and relax. Just give in to the pleasure of hearing Mistress Mia’s voice!!!


  50. 864

    This is a comforting and relaxing tape.
    It helps to make it easier to let your guard down in a nice and respectful way. TY

  51. Subjekt81

    Puppy relax is a very relaxing file, to condition your subconscious mind.
    Mistress Mia takes you very deep in trance, where she molds your thoughts, and plants some seeds that you will enjoy later, if you continue to listen, to erotic hypnosis here at THM.
    It was also the basis of the selection stage, of Femdom Court. ~833
    Great session Mistress Mia.

  52. SneakySnake

    Puppy Relax is a great beginner / introductory file into erotic hypnosis. It conditions you to learn how to relax and to go into trance. This type of file seems tame and vanilla, but over time it will sink its claws into you, making you want to go deeper and try more.

  53. Watcher watcher

    Puppy Relax is a great file for someone wants to start this journey of Hypnosis and Femdom but for those who also wants to go deeper into trance, it will gently work on your inhibitions and prepare your mind for conditioning and transformation. I love listening to it daily before getting up from bed and before going to sleep. This file will give you that aching feeling of wanting to hear more of Mistress voice and her other files!


  54. Nic

    This is a wonderful training file. I have listened to this so many times on loop as I go about my day … it feels like I’m missing something when I can’t hear Mistress Mia’s voice. I crave to obey and to please her. Highly recommend giving the file a shot if you haven’t already. 670.

  55. David

    Puppy relax is brilliant as it starts I didn’t even notice going into trance the daily listening quickly turned into twice daily and every time I hear my trance trigger all I can think is I OBEY I have made a new play list and this is the first on it then accepting pleasure following by progression then add any other file you like 2 to 3 hours of Happy bliss
    Thank you mistress
    Your pet 710

  56. Hammy

    Puppy Relax is my first file ever that I have listened from Mistress Mia, it serves as an essential introductory session to the Femdom Court, a perfect file to support all the proceeding training files but it would still be an amazing file for any submissive that wish to please and obey their Mistress better on its own.

    When I started my daily conditioning, I obsessively listened to this file, I couldn’t get enough of Mistress Mia’s voice ! I want to fall for her hypnotic prowess, I want to obey her suggestions, I want to please her. After diligently training myself for a week with the file, I went accidentally falling asleep during the session to hanging on every word she says, focusing so deeply but I could never remember the details of the files but I always feel so contented, blank and happy every time I finish the session, this effect of carried on to all of the sessions expect those Mistress Mia want me to remember, it’s like watching your favourite movie but you forget how it goes and you go watch it again and again, which is absolutely amazing.


  57. Nick

    Don’t take the shorter length of this session lightly.
    It very enjoyable and very potent.
    Thank you Mistress Mia

  58. Dom

    Puppy relax is an extremely potent conditioning file. It has one of the best inductions i’ve ever heard in a hypnosis file, and it never fails to take me deep down into trance where Mistress Mia can being playing with my mind and reprogramming it to whatever she desires. The perfect file for daily listening.

  59. Chrissy

    An excellent training file for a Hypno Mistress beginner or initiate. I find this file has an energizing effect once completed and its effects are strengthened with repeated listens. By becoming familiar with this file, you will increase your enjoyment of the longer, more scenario based sessions, so it’s an important addition to your library.

  60. Stiffels | 616

    Very enjoyable conditioning file to listen to. The length of the file makes it easy to loop and listen to multiple times.

    Mistress Mia soothing voice allows me to get very comfortable and relaxed. Slipping down into trance has been so easy while listening to this file.

    It is a great file for FDC but also amazing for everybody who wants train their mind a little.

  61. Biest

    This file-just wow. I was really surprised at how fast and deep I got on the first listen. Somehow the induction style and Mistress Mia’s powerful and sexy voice just clicked for me. This session has earned a place in my sessions that I like to listen to repeatedly. The relative shortness (compared to other files on THM) is a big plus, because it can be (and already has been) used as a shortcut to relaxation, especially after a stressful or busy day. The only thing I’d like even more, if there would be a version without the wakener as a precursor to other sessions.


  62. Jacks29

    Puppy relax has been a life changing experience. It has become a daily mantra for me, allowing me to learn how to properly relax, focus and feel wonderful for my mistress. Discovering the true pleasure of obedience to my mistress. It is the highlight of my day every day and just writing this review makes me wish to listen to it again!
    Thank you for allowing me to listen to this mistress, I am off to listen to it now!

    Yours mistress,

  63. Maxl1911

    The Puppy relax file was amazing for me. It was the first fill in a while where i led my self go completely it opend a new desire to obey.

    Definitely a recommendation if you want to join the Femdom court or just deepen your submission.


  64. 735

    Having been subjected to thousands of relaxation inductions over the last 4 years, those have become 735’s least favorites.

    However, this file avoids the classical “take deep breaths” approach and takes a different, highly entertaining route towards its intended destination: A deep trance that will not only delight all trance junkies but also serve to program a trigger for upcoming Femdom Court files (one can only hope that it might also be used in future non-FDC files).

    Its shorter length, by THM standards, means that it can easily be slipped in between daytime activities to reinforce said programming.

    It is also soft enough to be looped all night, should one need that extra push to help this trigger grow deep roots.

  65. 731

    As the session starts, and you’re welcomed by the beautiful and relaxing voice of Mistress Mia, you are taken to a place that’s wonderfully relaxing and a pleasant time to focus on yourself and your inner desires. It’s wonderful to hear someone speak your thoughts as you feel your whole body relax and your mind drift off. -731

  66. Jalang

    The first file released during the Femdom Court – Enigmata selection stage, Puppy Relax shines as one of Mistress Mia’s most effective training sessions.

    There are few simple truths in life, and Mia will unravel and reveal them to you after she’s taken you deep down into that wonderful trance space.

    This is a very comforting and relaxing session to train with day after day if you wish to feel the powerful effects Mia’s voice has on anyone who chooses to listen.

  67. David

    A really entrancing relaxing session. I have been listening daily and even looping sometimes for bed. I always feel good after and am looking forward to how the results of the conditioning continue to present themselves, thank you Mia -172

  68. David

    A really entrancing relaxing session. I have been listening daily and even looping sometimes for bed. I always feel good after and am looking forward to how the results of the conditioning continue to present themselves, thank you Mia

  69. 712

    This is the essential prep file for a submissive. I cannot tell you what happens in it exactly, as I never really have much conscious recollection of the session itself, but I know my desire to please and obey have never been more honed and I have honestly never accepted myself quite like I have after making this a daily listen. Would absolutely reccommend.

  70. iogswq

    Puppy relax is an amazing file! It puts me in such a calm comfortable trace. I listen to it everyday to become blank and happy. It puts you in such a great state of mind and has been a wonderful primer for Mistresses other programs during the FemDom Court selection. Puppy Relax is truly a foundational program for all of Mistress Mia’s little puppies. I OBEY! -106

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