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Length: 59:02

Voice: Mistress Mia

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10 reviews for Real Men can’t Get Hypnotized

  1. Eddie

    I enjoyed this great session before drifting off, awaking the first image I see, a commercial with an attractive brunette wearing a long flowing bright yellow skirt. Your thoughts became my thoughts again as they flashed immediately to the forefront, bam. Slightly disappointed at my diminished powers of observation with such an obvious beauty, but ah crap did I laugh and smile. That really is the best way to start the day. Who would have thought a path towards submission would be filled with so fun.

  2. missmaisly

    Mia’s playful style, a wonderful setup and a cheeky set of suggestions that’ll have you coming back for some hypnotherapy, again and again.

    Real men or not, all will enjoy it 😉

  3. Tim

    Are you the real man from the title of this session? Buy the clip and find out!

    If a real man can’t get hypnotized, well I guess I am out of luck in that department.

    Mistress Mia can be very compelling and I found this session to work very well for me. I had some strong physical reactions to Mistress Mia’s voice. The entire session is very soothing and if you want to experience hypnosis with a naughty twist then this might just be the clip for you.

    Well written, well performed, well recorded, Mistress Mia, what is not to like? If the description strikes your fancy this file will certainly deliver. Highly recommended.

  4. Braxton

    Sexy. Calming. Hypnotic

    You have an appointment…you’ve been reported to management for displaying rude, and unwanted attention towards the women at your work place. No worries, Dr. Croft had the perfect remedy for you. She noticed right from the jump that you exude the characteristics of a ‘real man’…you know, the type of man who can’t be hypnotized. Well if you are a ‘real man’ who can’t be hypnotized, then it should be nothing for you to allow Dr. Croft to at least try right?

    Wow Mia, It’s extraordinary how you can take such a small concept, and create an absolutely amazing session. I’ve been very open, and candid about how I feel about the physical features of a woman. I truly appreciate a woman’s body, from the crown of her head, to the soles of her feet. I adore her. A woman who has mastered the art of seduction can hypnotize me effortlessly. In this particular case Dr. Croft uses her magnificent breast to lure, and captivate her patient. How would I be able to resist? To me a woman’s breast signify her femininity, and used correctly they can hypnotize any man ‘real’ or otherwise. I’m all for this series!

    Great session Mia.

  5. Steven G

    I don’t know if I am a real man or not. Three times I have listened to it and the first two times had me completely out and into the next hypnosis session on my playlist. The third I didn’t get Hypnotized (I think?) But all three times had me coming back for more. It was hard to write this review as she chose such a gorgeous picture for her session but I made it. I will definitely be giving this session more time to see if I can retake my title as a man. I do know I have quite the challenge but I would like to think I can beat Mistress Mia at her game, even if she got me all three times. This is a beautiful session that will have you coming back for more though, I would be lying if I said I didn’t love it. She is a strong, confidant, and dominating woman. She will show you how weak you are to those types of women, even with a little challenge like this. I recommend everyone to try and beat Mia at her own games if you can.

  6. Orella

    Many great reviews have already been posted for this wonderful session. What more can I add in tribute to this exquisite creation.

    The foreplay is as intriguing and thought provoking as it is enchanting and arousing to hear Mistress Mia’s musings.
    As I listen to the words in my ears saturating my mind, in parallel I drift through the shrouded mists of memories from past decades and the myriad of subjective expressions of what a ‘real man’ is and is not.

    I love the feeling of Dr Croft being the female authority figure in charge during this session.
    I am more than happy to comply with everything and anything that Dr Croft has in store for me.
    After listening to this session for the first time I really had little conscious memory of most of the session.
    I did however have very vivid memorable dreams of perfect breasts, these delicious images remained vivid in my waking memory for days.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for yet another wonderful and perfect experience.

  7. MelonPatch

    Mistress Mia has done it again and hit a hypnotic home run with “Real Men Can’t Get Hypnotized;” crafting yet another powerful trance for her pets to get lost in! Right off the bat, Mia is setting her trap, beguiling her hapless listener until it is sprung! After she has you in her clutches, she does an excellent job of securing her hold on you with a masterfully performed takedown that still has me feeling flustered! Once she has you in her hypnotic grasp, Mistress wastes no time in getting to work inside that head of yours. For an hour long session, it seems pretty brief, though– Perhaps I spaced out or fell asleep through the middle of it all? Or maybe it’s all packed up and running inside of my subconscious, behind the scenes just like Mistress likes.
    Mia’s foreplay gives a hint at what might be going on behind those closed doors: what /does/ Mistress Mia consider to be /real/ in a man? What kind of man does Mia think is a “real man?” I’m not 100% sure, but something tells me that I’m going to find out by way of experience!

    Final thoughts: Extremely sexy– Been thinking about Dr. Croft’s… ample talents– how she had me feeling like I was caught in a trap one second, then practically begging her not to let me go the next. Right at the end there, I felt like Mistress Mia hooked jumper cables to the pleasure center of my brain and cranked it up to 11!

  8. Abe

    Real Men Can’t Get Hypnotized, in some ways this is very very true. In most cases, it’s us who hypnotize ourselves almost every day, minute or hour. The fact that sexy confident women trigger our arousal through pleasure, it’s because of them we get hypnotized. I don’t remember much of any commands from Doctor Croft, you gotta love her, since all of my attention of mind and body was at her amazing beautiful breast. I later woke up when she said that our session was over. Such a powerful erotic experience this was. Dr Croft should be a super woman because she indeed has magic or powers to hypnotize a man after all because she hypnotized me to view transparent yellows on the clothes of sexy confident women who I find attractive.

    A lovely boost for us strong confident men!

  9. MicHam99

    Real man can’t get hypnotize, great session, first of the newest series and what I can tell is the table is already setup of what will be grandiose. My first therapy with Dr. Croft went very well as I was very Open and Empty to absorb it all. It was my first visit to an Hypno Therapist and can’t wait to get a second appointment with Dr Croft. Mistress Mia as always give us quality, great art work, she is the greatest in her Art. Thank Mistress Mia to make me live so great fantasy.

  10. Andi_S

    I just woke up from listening to this session for the first time and I find myself staring at the cover of this session, gazing at the beautiful yellow dress, almost as if trying to glare a hole into it to get to see this confident woman’s sexy breasts, thinking about what a wonderful, what an incredibly beautiful feeling it is to be hypnotized by Mistress Mia. Really there is nothing quite like this feeling of being taken, seduced, beguiled, enchanted, lead to wherever she wants to take me, all my defenses overcome, all my worries and fears dissolving into nothing, just falling into her voice, into a place of beauty and freedom inside of myself, enveloped by the sound of her voice, the beauty and strength of her spirit, feeling connected as one, completely open to accept and absorb her every word into yourself as a part of yourself, feeling a kind of pleasure and trust unlike ever before.

    So what is a real man? Did Dr. Croft implant any insights into my open and empty mind? Have I perhaps gained new self-confidence as a submissive man? Will this session influence me to become more of a man to Dr. Croft’s liking? I am not sure to be honest. It is a really fun, lighthearted, and sexy session. I had such a good time in Dr. Croft’s office. It is a little difficult for me right now to organize and put into words my memories of what went down and I almost feel a little embarrassed to say it but I must admit that my most clear memory is that of Dr. Croft’s big beautiful breasts and how sexy they look encased in her spectacular yellow dress. Thank you so much Dr. Croft for this fun experience. I will definitely come back for more sessions to make sure to make sure that your therapy works on me as intended.

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