Length: 38:22
Voice: Mistress Mia

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6 reviews for Recollection

  1. mattintrance

    Oh, to relive treasured past experiences. Mistress Mia takes us on a trip into trances past, bringing us even deeper down today. This resonates with me, since I still recall very clearly, decades later, the women who fascinated and mesmerized me as a young boy, and how I would concoct fantasies of how they deliberately using hypnosis to control the men around them. Mistress does a wonderful job of tying the past and present together, leaving the listener helpless and yearning for a future as Her deeply hypnotized pet.

  2. Braxton


    No matter what, I just can’t seem to help myself with a session that pays homage to the past. This trance experience was perfect. What made it even better was the fact that we were able to relive some of our favorite memories with multiple Hypno-Mistresses.

    Wonderful job Mia.

  3. Orella

    Recollection is an interesting session to experience.

    The feeling when I first looked at the Watch and Guess was one of irresistible compulsion to gaze, I was captivated by the ever changing session covers, so many memories and feelings bubbling up from the depths of my mind.
    It was like looking into the ever-changing visual effect of a kaleidoscope with the hypnotic pull of a spiral drawing me in ever deeper.

    Then with the addition of this session. Mistress Mia setting the scene so expertly, my mind filling once again with those ever-changing session covers, memories and feelings flooding back into awareness, then all of the beautiful sensual voices filling my ears exponentially enhancing this experience.
    The first time I listened I zoned out somewhere after the voices of the Goddesses started, lost in trance and an ocean of past memories, feelings and experiences, coming back to awareness as the end of the session was approaching.

    The more I listen the greater the tsunami of those past memories and feelings becomes, my mind awash and overflowing with pleasure and thankfulness to the wonderful Goddesses of THM.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, and thank you to all of the wonderfully Goddesses here at THM. This is such a wonderful session to become lost in again and again.

  4. Abe

    I felt as if I was placed into a dark room and a visual of my own self was played on a giant screen. What showed there were my expressions and arousal through the years listening to various sessions and the sexy ladies, their voices taken me under hypnosis. Hypnosis, TheHypnoMistress is more like home, hypnotically taken on a journey of trance and seeing myself under trance. Lovely background voices of the lovely ladies here made this really special.

  5. lorenzo

    I nearly lost it all these last days of November. I absolutely loved the induction. With Mia hypnosis is always around the corner.

    After the induction it is just a erotic hypnotic THM celebration. And its especially pleasurable for the long term subs of THM.

    The awoken memories of some of THM’s best previous trances are so incredibly arousing. It is like the erotic hypnotic energy of all those past trances take you at once.
    I loved recognizing all those titles that brought me so much pleasure then and now again. I’ve been helplessly devoted, obedient, aroused and mindless over and over again by not only Mia but also all of her girlfriends. It was insanely arousing to relive all of that.

    I was hard as a rock the whole way thru and was so deep that I didn’t even realized when the recording had ended. Truly pleasurable

  6. Andi_S

    Recollection starts off with a creative induction by Mistress Mia. I instantly felt at home when Mistress Mia’s beautiful and so very pleasant to listen to voice entered my mind. And that is exactly where her voice actually took me, as I found myself walking the streets near my home and directed by Mistress Mia to walk down a road called ‘hypnosis’. It felt so good to walk this road with Mia and she just took me so deep into a beautiful trance.

    My recollection of what came afterwards is somewhat fuzzy. It all went by so fast. It was like a medley of some of the sexiest phrases and triggers by all of the Ladies at The HypnoMistress. All of their voices sound and feel so good in my mind. I love to be open and receive their voices deep inside of me. My subconscious loves the words their impart into me. I trust all of them with the power to play with my mind as they please. Every time. Over and over. I need to listen again to remember what they said. But I don’t need to remember to know that it all felt so very good.

    Thank you so much Mistress Mia and all of the amazing hypnotic Ladies of the HypnoMistress for the incredible honor and pleasure to be able to experience your creativity and the beauty of your words through these wonderful sessions. Your hypnosis is so much fun, so sexy, and so fascinating and thrilling. It brings me so much joy in my life. It really opens my heart to a whole new world of feelings and experiences. I thank you all for this great adventure of inner discovery and submission. Your names are in my heart forever.

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