Length: 52:35
Voice: Mistress Mia

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6 reviews for Reflections

  1. Eddie

    What a great session, playing a “ just trust me “game with Mistress Mia is always fun as she takes me beyond the limits of my imagination. I must say Mia chose the perfect model for this game, I’m not, but damn. Quickly it became clear who the puppet was and who was pulling the strings. So easily she finds just the right way to keep me trying but I’m still no match for Mia. My paint brush twirling a spiral from Mugzy’s dream as the image of a toy broken marked and claimed sunk in deep.

  2. Braxton


    My beloved Mistress was in a very playful mood during this session. Never in a million years would I have imagined being in the predicament that I found myself in during Reflections. Improvising, I mindlessly followed my Mistresses voice, as I glanced at my reflection “in glorious 4K” ready to obey any, and every instruction that was given to me.

    Phenomenal job Mia.

  3. Bamboo Ban

    Goddess Mia must have magic. I am pretty sure I had a wonderful fantasy but I can not remember the details. But I am pretty sure is I licked foots, and I cumed very hard in thr fabtasy.

  4. Abe

    A very intense Masturbation session if not the most intense session I’ve heard. The Mistress in the Mirror, Curiosity Trap paved the way for this unforgettable adventure Mistress Mia plays around with, yes, a game in which she enjoys watching as it unfolds and surrenders right there for her. Her toy, her puppet being naked and aroused.

    Many times in her traps, we somehow expect what we could get ourselves in, often times we know what keeps us trapped there, but I must say that this was all new to me. The way she played, being taken and controlled by complete dominance and a force so powerful really brought my submissive nature right before my eyes and I was able to look at myself, the mess I’ve become witnessing it all, following instructions and agreeing with everything. In her most dominant nature is how the Mistress in the Mirror will talk, play and take…

    If you listen to this, be warned, mirrors will never be the same, listen alone without caution and with all pleasure and arousal…

  5. Andi_S

    It is almost unfathomable but time and again Mistress Mia manages to outdo herself. Reflections is a prime example of why Mistress Mia is the best at what she does and the most impressive and inspiring artist I have ever seen. If I ever had any doubt about whether I am a submissive boy and about the level of control that Mistress Mia has over my mind, this session has cleared them. It is like she reaches into my very soul and once she has found her way inside, all that is left is her control. This feeling is unlike anything else. And the way Mistress Mia can make all this come alive. The way she can really take control through these sessions. It never stops to amaze me. To stun me. This session is one of the hottest if not the hottest and most powerful experiences of my life.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for gracing me with your control. I submit my mind to you. I will do exactly as you command.

  6. Orella

    Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! What an arousing sexy pleasure fest session this is!

    Mistress Mia’s voice enters my ears, effortlessly dissolves my control which I gladly relinquish to her.

    A kaleidoscope of imagery and feelings of Mistress Mia and her Girlfriends fills my subconscious mind as Mistress weaves her words interlacing them deep within the fabric of my being.

    The session transitions from the subconscious mind only part to the hands-on follow instructions part of the session. No spoilers here.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the most obedient slutty pet of all.
    A pleasure pet gives control away because his mistress likes to play.
    Deep in trance and in a daze, happily obeying as Mistress plays.
    Mistress’ pleasure I so treasure, pleasing her makes me purr.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for playing with your devoted obedient pleasure pet. I love serving you and your Girlfriends, THM is such a wonderful place.

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