An Erotic Hypnosis Massage with Mistress Ursula.

Length: 37:33
Voice: Mistress Ursula

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5 reviews for Relaxation

  1. lorenzo

    I was already addicted to Mistress Ursula because of some of my recent activities in FDC. This relaxation file is, to me, yet another affirmation about how Mistress Ursula has me already wound around her finger. She just sounds so sexy and hypnotically dominate to me. In a very natural way I might add.
    I love how I can totally let go in her soft and relaxing control and I love it even more how she uses me for her sinister and playful purposes once she has me. Thank You Mistress Ursula

  2. Maarten

    Mistress Ursula a very welcome to THM.
    Your voice of relaxation relaxed me.
    Massaging my sensitive Skin araused me so.

    Its difficult to write this my mind wants to sink, thinking of you and your voice.
    Having a head massage by my Mistress is such a great feeling and then the permission to have a happy ending. Thank you Mistresses Ursula
    Hope to see and hear more of you.
    Humble greetings 211

  3. mattintrance

    Well done, Mistress Ursula. This was a very enjoyable session for me, having already been acquainted with this lovely, commanding woman’s voice from elsewhere. But, that’s all I can say about that. I’ve never been one to sexualize massage, but this would have me thinking again. That is, if I were able to think, but I can’t seem to do that very well at the moment. Instead, sleep overcame me. Because Mistress Ursula said so, and that’s all I really need to know.
    142 ARA

  4. Bad Boy Braxton


    A massage can be an extremely intimate experience with someone. This being one of those times. The script was excellent, and the story was awesome.

    Welcome to The HypnoMistress Mistress Ursula. I really enjoyed your debut session.

  5. Orella

    Firstly, a very warm welcome to Mistress Ursula. It is always a wonderful thrill to experience the voice of a new Goddess here at THM.

    Mistress Ursula’s voice is beautiful and it was so easy to relinquish control and sink into her words. The scene being woven in my mind, the details being vividly brought to life.

    Soft hands, oils, candles come to life, auditory, olfactory, visual and touch sensory all on overload, complying with words weaving the mindscape as it becomes my reality.

    Being Mistress Mia’s chastity pet with many years of deep conditioning I am unable to touch or cum without her explicit permission in advance, so for me this deeply relaxing yet extremely arousing session had to remain a delicious fantasy imagining the feelings and physical sensations.

    Thank you, Mistress Ursula, thank you for this deeply relaxing massage, thank you for the extreme arousal and in my case exquisite frustration in this deeply enjoyable experience.
    Again, welcome to THM, your beautiful voice filling my ears and nudging my consciousness out of the way was delightful. I look forward to hearing more sessions from you Mistress Ursula.

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