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Length: 46:58

Voice: Mistress Mia

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8 reviews for Remember to Forget

  1. Jack

    Perfect for those who enjoy hypnotic amnesia…wait, what was I saying? Jokes aside, this is a perfect little exploration of the fantasy, a push into the deep end of perhaps the most control a hypnotist can have over you…over your very recall…your understanding of the past itself…

  2. Miaslave

    Amazing Session. And you shouldn’t hear it when you have to to drive after the session. I couldn’t focus on to much. so I decided to write a Review. I was so deep and it was so beatifull that it takes me a litte toopen my eyes. the first I was thinking after the session was: “I do not want it to end now” so I drift and slowly awakes. than it feels like a reverberation, but one that is enjoyed. eh… I mostly have feeling left in my memory or better in what I can remember and a picture of what a woman once did with me mmm~. yes and still after 25 min my crotch is tingling. It is a amazing worke that Mistress Mia have done. I pretty sure I will hear these session often. what else can say is: if you want to increase your desire for Mistress Mia’s power over you and experience a deeper hypnosis buy this session

  3. river

    It is one of the best hypnotic experiences I’ve ever had. If not the very best. I’ve tried to pluck thoughts out of thin air for the review. And I’ve searched my blank mind to understand the intricacies of the trance with this session. What makes it such a wonderful and blissful experience. But all that to no avail. The more I listen to it, the more I remember to forget. And forget what was there to remember in the first place. It makes crystal clear sense to let go. To let go of anything that doesn’t matter and feel. Her words, her voice, the way she invades my mind. The way it feels to surrender for her. The timelessness of the moment and how it stretches for eternity. Yet capsules itself in a fleeting breeze. Her gift to let me connect to her in such an intimate, safe way. Discovering and re-discovering how to relax, and even diving deep into a journey of self-identity where thoughts make way for understanding. Deep and unexplored, but so very apt.

    To simply put it, it’s poetry in motion. The mind is where the poetry is written, expressed, and experienced all at the same time. No two listen is ever the same, and I am sure no two experiences will ever be. And these words desperately fail to express the sentiment. However, it is there captivated in utter awe and amazement, embracing the subtle but powerful impact.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia. Thank you for the wonderful experience and opening horizons I would never have known existed without it.

  4. Dale Roads

    Remember To Forget: Awakening, or half awakening for I had not truly been asleep, I felt luxurious and more tightly wrapped myself in the soft woolly blanket that had been keeping me warm in the early morning coolness of my living room where in my dreaming chair rests. The music of Mistress’s voice was fading but lingered like a slight departing fragrance of a woman who had been present.

    The first thing I was truly conscious of was the first morning light reflected off of the hardwood floor, and then more directly the brighter rays entering beneath the almost fully dropped Venetian blinds. I am sure that I have remembered to forget much, or at least have faith that, that was so since I can’t really recall.

    Black panties in my underwear drawer? Surely that will not be my first thought now each time I pull the drawer open but it will certainly be my occasional thought. But parked in an adjacent cell is a more distant memory that I had forgotten and when the sweet lethargy subsides enough, shall verify. One of my early rituals excited by Mistress to honor her had involved a small picture of her that I had placed in a drawer in a seldom visited desk in a back room. I would occasionally visit this room even when other people were in the house to pull the picture out and place it atop the desk and then tap it with my erect penis and say her name. Other rituals have superseded, I had forgotten and remember now, and very well know that her picture is still there.

    Mistress tells us that her power over us is much stronger and complete then we realize. That her words, especially for those who have found her now daily in their life, have danced and even wormed like a corkscrew into the remote corners of our minds. Surely that his so, else why does that thought prompt my arousal and my hand to drop to my naked lap.

    This recording went deep with pleasure and echoed thoughts of “my” own concerning the nature of meditation, hypnosis, and enlightenment. Yes, I do believe that Mistress is providing a path toward enlightenment. It occurs to me that enlightenment is the not the end, but the beginning, an awareness that beyond the sides, the reflecting mirrors of the fishbowl mind we live within, is the greater reality. Perhaps Mistress is giving us enlightening glimpses even as she has us shuttle to her barn factory to moo and be pleasured for our cream. But maybe not, I forget.

  5. Abe

    The ideal words have slipped out of my mind for this occasion. Though I know this can happen, it’s supposed to happen I know that what’s needed to be said it’s already said without knowing or remembering much of it. What I do remember though is what I felt and experienced through this session. I know that I sometimes get lost in the ever growing world of The HypnoMistress, I go so deep, further out into pleasure without realizing how much into darkness I have went. I simply lose myself and struggle to find myself again here finding myself back to the light. Fast thoughts run through me, I feel them and they often get in the way to enjoy a trance. Fast running thoughts and I simply can’t avoid them fast enough. I’m a slow walker and can’t move fast on my own but it is there that Mistress sees this and grabs me and places me back to where I should be at, a little puppet that needs guidance back to what matters most, pleasure, the pleasure of feeling good.

    When she speaks, my thoughts vanish and pleasure overwhelms me unlike anything. I close my eyes, let her voice become the thoughts that need to be in order to enjoy the simplicity of trance whenever I hear those words that trigger so much pleasure, calmness and arousal.

    I’m often presented with beautiful memories of past experiences when it comes to life and sessions that she has created, sessions that I’ve simply forgotten about and it was through this session that I’ve manage to remember what I was told to forget.

    Mistress Mia’s vault of memories is always present and always on, this session is a reminder that some things in life are experienced better for the first time, like that first time we shared an intimate moment with someone, that first time we surrendered to a Mistress, that first time we felt her close to us and even that first time we saw her for the first time.

    We might not always remember but deep, somewhere in our minds, there’s this database that will never ever forget.

    Thank You for this Wonderful Experience, Mistress
    I’ll never be able toforget it

  6. Andi_S

    Some sessions are much easier to review than others. This one is more on the difficult side since I do not remember very much. So in that sense we can say the session seems to keep its promise. In trance we have a phenomenon that many of you will probably be familiar with. You seem to go so deep that you cannot remember what was being said and you wonder, did I just fall asleep, did I miss something, did I fail to obey any instructions, etc. These kinds of worries can become an obstacle to letting go in trance because your conscious mind is trying to stay in control out of fear of “missing something”. I believe of one the main themes of this session is to enable a subject to let go of such worries and learn to accept and enjoy a more passive kind of awareness. In her foreplay talk Mistress Mia talks about these worries and her words reassured me that I should not worry about these things. I also remember her asking several questions which I all answered with yes. I do not remember the questions but I remember how good and how it arousing it feels to be in agreement with my Mind Mistress.

    The most striking thing I remember from the first time I listened to this session was that Mistress at some point said something that my mind interpreted as if she was expecting me to stand in my bedroom. But I was not standing in my bedroom. So I wondered, did I miss something here? Did I doze off into sleep and miss a command? Can such “sleepwalking” suggestions even work? Like…can a subject be commanded to get up from their bed and be snapped out of trance and they do not remember why they are standing in the middle of their bedroom and how they got there? And if they can, can they work on me? But then I started wondering, since I do not remember most of the session, can I really rule out that I didn’t stand in my bedroom at an earlier point during the session? It seems unlikely but I guess it is possible. And then I remembered a headline I recently saw about a study on how fake memories can be created or erased. Could Mistress make me believe that I stood in my bedroom even though it never happened? Or could Mistress make me forget that I stood in the bedroom? I would say both are absolutely possible.

    Since I am pretty eager to be a good obedient subject for Mistress my mind is looking for this memory. My mind wants it to be there. A memory that doesn’t exist? Doesn’t yet exist? Or that I just do not remember? I don’t know. I awoke from the session very aroused and somewhat confused thinking about this real or imagined or forgotten memory.

    I just listened to the session once more and honestly…WOW. I went so deep. I KNOW I did not fall asleep but my conscious mind really was…how can I even put it into words…it was in the backseat…it did not follow what was being said…somehow even typing these words is making me hard…I don’t know why…Mistress was in full control…my conscious mind was okay with being in a cocoon of relaxation and a sort of pleasurable nothingness while Mistress was engaging with my subconscious…I abruptly became aware at some point. Mistress wasn’t speaking anymore. Usually I just get up from bed once a session is over but for some reason I kept lying in my bed for quite a while feeling dazed and finding it hard to focus my thoughts on anything particular. I noticed this and it made me throb and twitch with arousal so incredibly intensely. Wow. What an incredible session. Mistress Mia is so skilled and knowledgeable about how our minds work. Really a world class hypnotist. I consider myself so lucky to be her subject. What an amazing journey this is. Do yourself a favor and listen to this session. The things Mia does to your mind are safe and exciting and feel so very good. Thank you Mistress for all that you do. You rock my world. You make me such a happy subject.

  7. Orella

    One benefit, from pledging on the Patreon Collared Boy tier, is that I am lucky to have early access to and can enjoy newly released sessions a few days earlier than most people. This is great for two main reasons, one is that I cannot wait to experience the latest creation from the wonderful THM Goddesses and Two I get to be one of the first to write a review to show my appreciation to these highly skilled, very creative ladies.

    To say that all of the sessions here at THM are incredible is such an understatement, they are all of the highest quality imaginable. Even amidst the perfection filling the THM Showroom to the brim with the most wonderful experiences, now and then there are sessions that are impossibly perfect and Remember to Forget is one of these.

    Usually, I listen to a session and the following morning, or the one after that. I sit down at my PC and the review just flows effortlessly from my fingers, sometimes when I read what I have written it is as if I am seeing words written by someone else and they can take me by surprise.

    I first listened to Remember to Forget on Saturday 10 April, the next morning try as I might when I tried to write a review it was like chasing shadows of shadows in mist through my mind. I did have an intense desire for panty sniffing, not unusual but way more intense than usual.

    I listened again on 11 April, yet still the review was eluding me and not ready to reveal itself.

    More listens on 12 April, this did not reveal details but the residual feelings were becoming more apparent.

    Last night 13 April I listened again. My usual reviews of the foreplay talk are about Mistress Mia’s captivating, enchanting voice and the naughty things she instantly does to my mind, also about what I have learned from her or about her and felt from her words.
    This time the only recollection from the foreplay is the feeling of ‘yes’, every kind of expression of yes that you can imagine and I still have no idea why.
    The session itself is proving to be just as elusive as it plays hide and seek with my conscious mind, I have feelings from the session but no details, I feel contentment, happiness, relaxation, bliss and arousal. And I still cannot shake the deep desire to sniff panties.

    As Braxton mentioned in his review, everyone will experience this session differently. As Mistress Mia says we take what we currently need from trance and this changes over time. This session brought me the most wonderfully deep intense feelings of contentment, happiness, relaxation and bliss. Not to forget deep arousal and a burning desire to sniff panties, mmmmmm delicious.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for creating this wonderful experience, thank you many, many times over and over.

  8. Braxton

    Emotional. Intense. Mind-bending.

    ‘Remember to Forget’. Wow. This is a powerful session by the awe-inspiring Mistress Mia. Take a deep dive with her, as she explains the intricacies of the human mind, and it’s functions. Memories of old will resurface, reminding you that you’ve forgotten all about them. Relax, put your mind on cruise control. Allow Mia to take over, and rein in your thoughts. What an unforgettable experience. This session, I’m sure will be uniquely felt by all who listen to it. No two experiences will be identical. Everyone may travel the same way to get there, but once those memories reach the surface, it becomes your own experience with Mia.

    Mia, this was incredible. Your illustration really hit home with me. Memories from 2005 were instantly remembered, memories that I had forgotten about. I knew a very special woman. She was from New Orleans, and had recently relocated to my city due to the damage from hurricane Katrina (August 29, 2005). She had a golden brown complexion, tall, and slender, but still shapely. She had the most incredible smile that I have ever closely observed. I’ll never forget it. Whenever she smiled at me her eyes would get so big and bright. She had a 2 year old son who I grew attached to instantly. He was fun, energetic, and just adorable. My feelings were strong with this woman. I taught her about passion, love, and real intimacy. The sex was amazing, still to this day, it’s among the best that I’ve experienced. At the time we were dating, I kept a pair of her sexy panties in my closet. Her sweet scent billowed from them for many months. I really cared about this woman, a lot. One day she informed me that she was moving back to New Orleans. Of course I didn’t want her to go, but I understood. She was a young woman, with a child, and she was a long way from her family. I kept in contact with her for about a year, playfully talking to her son on the phone, and remaining positive. Some time went by and we hadn’t spoke, so I decided to call her to check on her. As soon as she answered the phone, I knew something was wrong. It was her tone, it was almost robotic. It was emotionless and cold. She said to me, “I can’t talk to you anymore”. She hung up the phone. I was left wondering what happened, if she was ok. They’re was nothing wrong, but unbeknownst to me she had moved on, and was now married. This was the second time in my life that I experienced heartbreak. This memory was forgotten intentionally by me. Of course life goes on, and I moved on as well. Although this painful memory resurfaced, It proved that this session is powerful, and that you Mia, are second to none. You are the greatest hypnotist that I’ve experienced.

    Outstanding work Mia.

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