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Voice: Mistress Mia & Alexandra

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12 reviews for Return To Klub Deja Vu

  1. Abe

    First of all, I’m so thrilled and happy to hear that Klub DejaVu is reopening. I have so much memories based on this amazing series, yet I feel that I’m half asleep witnessing everything that’s been going on with my journey here. Like an illusion and dream I’m currently living on and suddenly waking up and asking myself what exactly happened. Klub DejaVu talks about differents doors that we might not even be aware of, each door representing a different fantasy, a desire getting to experience for ourselves and those HypnoMistresses who grant us those adventures inside the empty space of our minds. That is truly magical. Part one is a very intimate experience between the listener and Mistress Mia, the second part feels like a closer approach and encounter with that who Mistress Mia desires and a gateway to see what THM is all about, what can be found here as you and Mistress Mia drif up or down together. This is my ultimate dream, my illusion and what I truly want to experience over and over gain in a loop of blissful pleasure.

    I can’t wait for part 3!

  2. Braxton

    Erotic. Sexy. Desirable.

    It’s time to visit our favorite klub in Amsterdam again, Klub Deja Vu! We have yet another very sexy scene painted by the Seductress, Mistress Mia, and the Alluring Mistress Alexandra. What guy wouldn’t want to be hand in hand, escorted into the hottest place in town by two very sexy, dominant women? Does it really matter what happens once you’re inside? You have two women eager to ensure you have a good time… Simply enjoy the night. Whatever happens, happens.

    Mia I understand the rave about Klub Deja Vu. Return was so perfect. It brought back some wonderful memories for me. I actually have had the pleasure of having two ladies accompany me to one of my local night clubs several years ago. I must admit it was an ego boost for sure. I couldn’t imagine what that ego boost would feel like if these women were dommes. I can only imagine.

    Great session Mia & Alexandra

  3. Andi_S

    Where do I even begin to describe what this session makes me feel like? It is sexy, it is so creative, so fun and pleasurable. It is the definition of a can’t miss session. It is almost 1 and a half hour long and it feels like a journey of its own. What will it mean to you? Who knows. I think what it mostly leaves me with is beauty. The beauty of the woman who brought this session to me. Who takes me into her world. A safe world of trust and devotion, filled with beauty and pleasure. The woman who has taken my mind and is helping me rediscover and refine the beauty that is inside of me. A beauty that we are born with and that resides in all of us. But which can be forgotten through the bad experiences we go through in this too often ugly world. This session however….for me this is the kind of experience where I feel like a world where such a beauty exists, a world where such a beautiful woman is alive, and wants to teach me, and take my mind and let the beauty that resides in me shine…that is a world where I am so happy to be alive in. These are the kind of moments that you wish would never end. You and me, Mistress and slave. What a beautiful union. I really hope you enjoy having me and having your way with me. Because I enjoy it like nothing I have encountered my entire life.

    Through your guidance, through learning to trust you, learning to truly let myself fall, knowing you are always there to catch me, kneeling and staring up above into this endless sky where you stand…majestic and beautiful, strong and confident, smiling down on me, all-knowing and understanding, hearing my plea, seeing me for who I really am, reaching out, taking my hand, and engulfing me in your beauty. I feel this is just a poor attempt at putting into words what I felt listening to this session. I am sorry if this all sounds weird or anything. But please Mistress know, that I am so grateful and so happy to be allowed to partake in your beauty that you express through these sessions. Thank you so much for this wonderful amazing hypnotic world you are creating for all of us to find as well as lose ourselves in. What a truly incredible, masterpiece quality session. Do yourself the favor and get the Klub Deja Vu sessions if you haven’t. This is the kind of experience that I truly believe can touch your heart and change your life.

  4. Jonnyboy

    Mistress Mia! What can I say….. This is an absolute masterpiece. Being dropped down through so many layers of hypnosis was ultimate bliss. Return to Klub Dejavu will be added to my go-to conditioning mindscapes, with so much attention to detail and the timing of layered trancing which subjects the sub-mind to a multitude of emotions.
    Your gift of creative imagery places the mind in a very vivid and believable space, projecting dreamy emotions from deep within the psyche; I am totally blown away by how you managed to execute this!
    I loved the notion of introducing other naked boys experiencing similar emotions in the Klub, this really made me feel part of the collective, witnessing their conditioning from a third person perspective added another layer to the sub-conscious arousal. Magnificent, it’s an absolute gem. Thank you!

  5. Michael

    This is really one of my favorite hypnosis sessions of all time. Mia, with help from Alexandra (and a cameo from Katya) just taking you deep over and over again, tying your pleasure to her words, and to going still deeper. It all blurs together into basically almost an hour and a half of bliss, as you go deep, and then you watch mistresses take other good boys deep as you listen and watch, and then you go deep, and you just listen and obey and it feels so good. Plus having two beautiful hypnomistresses walk you around and tease you and show you the pleasures of being such a very good boy…

  6. Shakara

    I took a break of around 48 hours before I write this review, simply because I had to think about this session first.
    This is not a bad sign, no … it is quite the opposite. It is a good sign, if you cannot write a review right after a session.
    I couldn’t write one after I listened to this session. My mind was completely melted to a puddle of nothingness.
    The rest of the evening I was on a blissful autopilot.
    What happened to me, you might ask.
    Mistress Mia happened, would be the easiest answer.

    Before I begin to write about some details I want to give this session a rating …
    10 out of 5; I would submit again.

    The “Return to Klub Deja Vu” is not a session for absolute beginners. They might have a good result, but not an amazing. If you are a returning listener or you might be a good boy for Mistress Mia for a couple of month, this session is right for you.
    Why do I tell this? Hmm, this session is intimate and has quite a plot twist. So, it will be useful to begin a relationship with Mistress Mia first before you return with her to the Klub Deja Vu.

    The beginning of “Return to Klub Deja Vu” is not comparable to other sequals, you might know some from TV, PC-Games or books. The intro is magical with an excellent use of background music. The kind of music Mistress Mia uses in this session helps you to relax and to go deep. It is not as distracting as the music in the original “Klub Deja Vu”.
    That is why I was quite relaxed before we entered the Klub, this was good because my journey only begun.

    You are not alone. You are never alone when Mistress Mia is with you. And she is with you. Always!
    But this time she wasn’t alone. Mistress Alexandra is also there and both of them will bring you to a state I have never experienced before.
    I am quite resistant to many kinds of teasing. Naked breasts; I don’t bother. Naked woman; I don’t bother. 3 months of chastity … it gets close, but I can keep things together.
    This time … I was their victim. Mindless. Begging. Zombified. A puppet. I couldn’t speak anymore and still I begged them for just a little bit more. Just a tiny little bit. A touch. A word. Something …
    I didn’t realized (how could I) that they had plans for me and maybe even for you.
    They took me to a secret place in the Klub; a place where all the Mistresses with their toys go for a special treatment. And what a treatment it was.
    While Mistress Mia change your point of view on certain things, you realize that Mistress Mia is more than a exeptional woman. She is more than an amazing Mistress. She is more than an indescribable Goddess.
    Mistress Mia is far beyond all those descriptions and you my dear listener, you are with her.
    After the session I orgasmed 3 or 4 times in a row. Quickly with only a fraction of a second between each time. I was close to a HFO the whole time.
    Should I tell more? I don’t have to; let Mistress Mia speak to your mind. This is all I can say.

  7. hvbarata

    This was a highly anticipated session for me. It was not at all what I expected, but it was exactly what i needed.
    Once again the proof the Mistress Mia knows best what’s good for me. If there was any doubt in my mind it’s totally gone now. All i desire is to visit the Klub every night and obey and serve Mistress Mia.
    This is most definitely the best trance i have ever experience. 5 stars, don’t even begins to cover it.

  8. Quiet Joe

    You really need to visit Klub Deja Va before this session to begin to appreciate this where you will go with our Mistress. This is a session that will take you deep into trance and show you places on a journey you will love for the sight and sounds. Event 12 hours later I can close my eyes and still visualize the intimate details. You need to be alone and aware of were you when listening. I started wearing shorts and they were gone when I was done. One the Technical side Mistress Mia has crafted a truly beautiful session with a glorious soundtrack, This is just a superb technically crip and clear session. Everything is mixed and layered to perfection.

  9. Jamesmac

    “Intense” is the best word to describe this session! I’ve never experienced a session even close to the intensity that this session had for me! I was pretty much shaking with passion the entire time. It was also such a beautiful experience! I felt so comfortable and loved and really didn’t want this experience to end and it flew right by! There were times I almost felt like I was outside of my body! It’s my favorite session now and one I will go back to over and over again!

  10. Abe

    My mind stayed at Klub Deja Vu, but I will try to find the correct words to speak what this session is about and what it has done to me.

    There is a secret behind this session, as a matter of fact, there are many stored secrets that are later revealed to you. During the first visit to the club, in the original session, you are the center of attention as you are used for the entertainment of a large crowd . Helplessly mindless in surrender of a powerful dominant Mistress. Taken into different trances that repeat over and over, almost the same until you’re left breathless, aroused and deeply confused because of it all. Mia comes in at night and takes you away to that place of pleasure. Something so real. I highly recommend listening to the first one before heading deep into this one.

    In the first visit, you get a taste of what the Klub is about, what it can offer. Now, that Klub Deja Vu has its doors opened, you are taken back into the club, but in a completely different way. It is safe to say that at those nights at the Club, Mia owns the city, Mia owns the club. You are taken back in a different approach, you’re no longer exposed and used for the entertainment of a crowd, but for Mia and Alexandra. A truly intimate and personal experience between a Boy and his Mistresses while the rest of the club lose themselves to the beats of the music. and perhaps among other things. The large sexy red leather doors lead to a very special yet secret place in the club, its where Boys and Dominants experience their most craving fantasies and kinks. Mia and Mistress Alexandra open the doors to experience it all. Where all the secrets lay.

    Those secrets as I said, will be revealed by Mia herself.
    Mistress Alexandra and Mia are without a doubt the ladies of the night as they both take you down into trance each by each ear while their voices enter your mind and drift away together into those red leather doors and into the greatest pleasures that are stored of us all there.

    I had no idea how arousal and bliss could be so beautiful…
    5 Stars are not enough for this amazing experience

    Thank you for taking me back into the Klub DejaVu, Mia

  11. Taigh

    Holy smokes!
    That is like 5 sessions in one. I’m not sure where to begin. Its also only a few hours since I experienced this and I’m still processing everything that happened. But I feel an overwhelming urge to come here and show respect, obedience, worshipful devotion to Mia for what she has created and of course for who SHE is.
    I got lost inside the trancy, dreamy section at the start. Mia put me WAY under and then I remember kind of coming back into myself later when we were inside the club (Klub). Then a lot of very arousing things happened to me (were done to me) by different people and I remember I was making a lot of noise at one point, begging I think (Don’t do this session unless you have a lot of time and privacy to lose control, as you will need it). In the middle of all that I found myself with the most amazing physical reaction – ok I’ll just say it – I had the biggest, hardest erection I have ever had in living memory – probably since I was a teenager I would say, It was astounding and really really hot.
    Then the scene went into a whole new phase and I felt like I was a dog on a leash, being shown all sorts of erotic enticements that I couldn’t quite reach (but desperately wanted to). And then …. I told you this is more like about 5 sessions,, then the trance goes into a way deeper place where you feel like Mia is waaay inside your head and just opening up doors in your mind, to show you things – about yourself, that she somehow already knows about you, but you never even realised. I’m pretty overwhelmed right now. Perhaps I’ll come back tomorrow and write another review,. I actually woke up more or less straight after this trance but I think next time I’ll listen to it last thing at night, so that I can drift off into a dream more or less straight afterwards. I ‘d love to see if I can return to the Klub in my dreams… its such an amazing place and I know that now that I have this session I’m going to be going back there as often as I can.
    One last thing. I woke up without my pants on. I’m pretty confident that I had them on when I started the session but I don’t remember the point where this happened. I guess there was a lot going on. Just something to be aware of when you are deciding when and where you’re going to be when you listen to this session.

  12. Orella

    Five starts are nowhere near enough.
    My words are not adequate to describe the incredible mindscape and deep feelings that Mistress Mia created in my first visit to Klub Déjà vu, you really need to experience this for yourself and explore how this session makes you feel. Klub Déjà vu Extended took me on a journey with additional dimensions to play with my mind. I would recommend listening to one of these sessions before Return to Klub Déjà vu as this will enhance your experience even more.
    My night with the Return to Klub Déjà vu session was astounding, the mindscape rendered by Mistress Mia and Mistress Alexandra is breathtakingly detailed and alluring, the level of arousal and desire they allowed me to experience was exquisitely delicious, as for what I found beyond the red doors this was simply a paradise with a vast variety of pleasures awaiting to be explored and all I need to do to experience them is surrender all control to my Mistress, submit totally and obey all commands I am given. Oh yes please Mistress.

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4 years 6 months ago

Long teaser video for this session available at TheHypnoMistress Youtube channel:

4 years 7 months ago

Hello beautiful babe i love your beautiful voice

4 years 7 months ago

That was insane. I cant believe everything that happened to me at Mia’s Klub. I Loved being hypnotised by two sexy Dommes at once, with Mia turning my brain upside down with her wicked-sexy Dutch induction – hypno-sex for the ears.

4 years 7 months ago

I brought my blanket along to sleep there in the front doors of the club, this place will be packed in minutes after it opens!

4 years 7 months ago

Holy Mistress!!!
Mistress Mia and Mistress Alexandra are going with us in the legendary Klub Deja Vu?
This will be such a pleasure.

4 years 7 months ago

It sure will be. Just imagine.. sitting in between the two of us in a cosy booth at the back of the Klub.. Mistress Alexandra on one side, Me on the other. And as she whispers her commanding words in one ear, I repeat them in Dutch in the other. Mmm

4 years 7 months ago

Hey there sexy Support lady. How does a fella get his avatar to show here – do I need to open an account or something?

4 years 7 months ago

You have to do it through Gravatar, make sure its the same email you use here, and well, I’m not the support lady here, but I hope this helps either way

4 years 7 months ago

After reading the description and now my Mistress’s reply … I know excatly where my tent is, it has given me an impressive notification.