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Voice: Mistress Mia & Alexandra

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8 reviews for Ritual Tribute 2

  1. laaandfill

    If you are reading this review and enjoyed the first Ritual Tribute, buy and cherish the entire series. No one does CEI better than Mistress Mia. The first Ritual Tribute lays down coals in the fire of your mind, and this pours gasoline onto that fire.


  2. Poet69

    A Ritual Tribute 2:


  3. Mark

    This is an unbelievable session. You’ll wish you were a part of this fantasy. Mistress Mia brings you into the world of Goddess Worship like no other. Her ability to make you feel like you are one of the accolades waiting to be chosen is incredible. While Ritual Tribute 1 is not a prerequisite, if you haven’t tranced to it yet, you’re missing out. Thank you Mistress for this masterpiece.

  4. Braxton

    Adventurous. Tempting. Erotic.

    Therapy sessions can be an opportunity to search within, and discover new things about ourselves. In this duo session we are engaged by the amazing Mistress Mia, and our favorite therapist, the lovely Mistress Alexandra. In the sequel, Ritual Tribute 2, we find ourselves back at the mansion, observing another extremely powerful ritual, but our lust has got us caught red handed. Now that we are discovered we are challenged to obey, and become triggered to elevate our display of loyalty, obedience, and submission to our Mistress.

    Mia this session is amazing. You never disappoint with any of your sessions, especially your highly anticipated sequels.

    Alexandra to say I love to trance with you is an understatement. Your melodic voice is always a treat. You did an outstanding job with this session.

    Fanatic job ladies.

  5. Dale Roads

    A powerful programming experience. At times I responded with shudders up and down my body, belly trembling, and tight throbbing tumescence. I avoided ejaculating, barely, wishing to save myself but leaked profusely even dampening the thin blanket that covered my naked self in the cool of the predawn darkness.

    The Mistresses, Alexandra and Mia, were very effective in enhancing my realization of the erotic control that they now exercise in my life. It is no longer a personal fantasy of mine alone. It is now a reality with fantasy used as a communicative tool of their female domination. As Mistress Alexandra, our therapist, has stated, it is quite natural and even expected, that our feelings become attached to them, and they have.

    The recording itself is quite complex, two stories within a story that in itself rises above fiction. And this does not even include a forward by Mistress Alexandra, and a preliminary and beautifully descriptive inductive phase by Mistress Mia that calms and brings one to rest within reach of dropping into trance.

    Mistress Alexandra begins the programming using a confusion technique describing dreams and memories that brings to us the realization that what will ensue is an experience that will become a part of our personal history. That is, an experience that will be remembered and felt later; really, no differently than our waking experiences; except, I opine, more intense and more deeply personal than what occurs to each of us on an average day.

    Mistress Mia catches us on our way home after our latest therapy session with our therapist, Dr Alexandra, as we find ourselves walking alone through a park in the fresh air of a quiet gray day. Using the sensuality of the soft expanse of a freshly mowed lawn, trees on the periphery and the large expanse of clouds intermingling above, we are drawn into a dreamy state of self-reflection and comfort. We notice a black winged butterfly with a tawny eyespot on each wing. It’s slowly fluttering wings draw us into a narrow focus and we pass into another state of consciousness. It is at this point that a story begins.

    Through the trees we see a path with a small number of monk cloaked figures walking towards what we notice is a gate in a tall iron bar fence surrounding a mansion of some classic design. Suffice it to say that one finally gains entrance to the mansion to witness a ceremony conducted by our Goddess within an inter-sanctum.

    It is intended that we merely witness and not participate at this point, that is, in this chapter of the “Ritual Tribute” program. I will just say that what ensues involves a ritual of worship and surrender with our Goddess, who with the touch of a hand or merely a look, causes boys to spill and then acquit themselves properly. The ritual is carefully crafted to prompt rapt attention and response in ourselves as the viewers. For the uninitiated what is being required could prove disturbing, even repugnant. To others an act of meaningful participation.

    As the tale turns, we are drawn up a level from deep trance to resume the reality of Mistress Alexandra and Mistress Mia observing our response to the psychological ritual that they induced us to participate in and make the decision to “anchor” the experience. Mistress Alexandra, no doubt with a smile, takes the helm and we find ourselves in her office (had we ever left, was the walk in the park simply a trance that we had unknowingly slipped into while in her green leather reclining chair?).

    Mistress Alexandra as a sex positive therapist allow us to indulge in drinking in her shapely legs and then fall prey to her dangling black stiletto high heeled shoe hung from her toes. One need not say more for she says it all.

    I am reminded of how, a year ago, I almost quit THM in my first week, feeling that fetishism over flesh, shoe over foot, was a wrong direction. So much has happened since then that I feel tuned in to a larger sense of sexual possibilities.

    I will just conclude by expressing admiration for the excellence of both Mistress Alexandra and Mistress Mia in creating this work of art, and by reiterating how effective this recording is in effecting the sort of submissive desire in boys of the right disposition.

  6. Orella

    Although all of the THM sessions are wonderful in their own right and can be listened to standalone. The ones that are part of a series are exponentially enhanced when listened to in sequence.

    I will confess that I have an oral fixation when it comes to pleasing the ladies, I love to lick and feel a deep sense of satisfaction from seeing a sweat soaked, breathless, pleasure exhausted lady smiling in post multi orgasm bliss.
    I will also confess that I have indeed succumbed over the years to the temptation to taste my own pre cum and eventually being able to swallow it without retching.
    Post orgasm cum in mouth was much more of a challenge. Just thinking about post orgasm cum swallowing cause retching reflex.

    I recall back in February 2020 when Ritual Tribute was released. I was taken on a richly elaborate journey of the senses, a deeply immersive experience lighting up my imagination with visual, auditory and olfactory delights.
    The suggestions in this session, should your subconscious choose to accept them as right for you, will help you overcome any impediments that you have and enable you to become a more obedient pleasing pet for your Mistress.

    Ritual Tribute 2 is, as with all of the sessions here at THM, one where words are woefully inadequate in enabling the expression of how it feels to be deeply immersed within its depths.
    Anyone who has experienced the blissful pleasure of being lost in the enchanting and captivating voices of Mistress Mia and or Mistress Alexandra will love this duo session under the influence and control of such talented and very special ladies.
    The disparate yet somehow complementary storylines within the session are exquisitely enthralling and intensely arousing. I could feel myself experiencing what was happening to many of the acolytes and as a result I was a gloopy dribbling mess during the session and for many hours afterwards.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia and Mistress Alexandra, for taking me so very deeply into this wonderful journey.

  7. MicHam99

    Ritual Trubute 2. That session is very amazing ! It’s not a secret for boys that listen to THM file every day to fall so deep so fast into trance, that’s of course it is my case.

    My Therapist did take care of me so well, she sent me deep deep deep into that trance. I don’t know if I am capable to go deeper. Will see….. impossible to resist TWO hypnotherapist….so powerful, I know for sure that I am a weak boy and so submissive. I know I love to please….

    Who can resist the call of a Goddess, and who is able to resist any suggestions from any goddess or Mistresses. Not me of course. Lol

    It arouse me so much ! that I did not ask me 20 questions, the answer was YES ! Mistress, ready to accept any suggestions (always accepting any suggestions of Mistresses, I am so submissive) . And the invitation to come back revisit this session is of course a YES. I need to go back to see that Therapist. Thank you so much to take so much care of me. That therapy is good for me. Mistress Alexandra I want to book another appointment. Thank you so much again ! I love to be part of Mia’s World. Can’t wait for RT3

  8. Abe

    It’s been a long while since Mistress Mia and Alexandra collaborated on a session together. Ever since I heard them for the first time when I was taken back to Klub Deja Vu, I knew they were a powerful force, an erotic alliance capable to bring any submissive boy down to their kneees and do whatever they asked from them. Ritual Tribute has always been one of the most intense sessions ever experienced because I was compelled to do something that wasn’t truly a desire of mine, simply because I wasn’t aware how arousing it truly was, has been. I usually feel that I’m free to pay tribute to Mistress at least once a week, a silent voice inside my mind whispering me to do so, then of course, eating it all up, as much or as little I’m able to pay. The effects of Mistress’ conditioning after listening to RT over and over for the past year.

    I enjoyed the way Alexandra starts the session, she placed me right into the story in an instant. The journey to the chamber is wonderful, You really got to listen to the session to really understand what words truly fail to explain. I don’t know if I was the one noticing the scene where the Queen Goddess and followers were performing the ritual or if I was one of the acolytes that spurt and squirted uncontrollably while being locked in Chastity, it was truly ínstense. I know I made my own mess all over my belly just by listening.

    Alexandra is a great addition to this series, hopefully the third part is not to far from now. Perhaps I will have to wait for the next installment of Femdom Court. I can not wait to cum all over Alexandra’s heels and having no choice but to clean my own cum with my tongue. Chances are that I’ll keep cumming uncontrollably everytime I’ll swallow.

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