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Voice: Mistress Mia

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6 reviews for Ritual Tribute 3

  1. GoodBoyLance

    Mia took me deep into trance with the now familiar place of Her office, I quickly feel into sleep like trance just as Mia trained me and I soon found myself in a green field hazily stumbling towards Her temple and I must kneel and lap up a mysterious white substance to enter and begin the secret ritual to summon the Goddess.

  2. Braxton

    Erotic. Powerful. Fantasy.

    Part 3 of Ritual Tribute gives us a front row seat to the powerful tribute performed by the acolytes. We’ve managed to find ourselves back at the mansion, but we have progressed to the main room where the goddess will be pleased, and pleasured by one lucky boy.

    Mia this session is so sexy. I’ve made it abundantly clear that I am a very proud pussy pleaser. My honest opinion, is that there is no intimacy without first pleasing her pussy with my tongue. This is one of those sessions of yours that I would love to roleplay. At the feet of a sexy dominant woman, sitting in between her thighs and awaiting her permission to bury my face into her ‘flower’. Seeing her arousal only increases my own.

    Outstanding session Mia.

  3. Pye

    The primer for this session took me so deep and that was without any visible triggers or techniques. Just the incredible loving and hypnotic voice of Mistress Mia.
    This session ten folds that depth (if not many many times more). It is also the first time I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Mistress Amber in a session. Her voice is amazing! She has the irresistible combination of being both authoritative and commanding and the same time one feels she is loving and nurturing. I look so much forward to hear more from her.

    The first part of the session completely gorgeous. I would not call it an induction, it is more like hypnotic poetry, a seduction on the next level. Mia’s voice, the rhythms and pacing are all exquisite. All of this in the setting of the most enchanting hypnotic adventure. Being slowly but surely initiated into a Femidom cult is one of my biggest dreams.
    To have a firm hand leading me into becoming a proper acolyte and servant of the Goddess (in all women) and the Divine Feminine is truly sacred.

    From the moment that blissful clicking sound of being collared, I am completely gone. My whole body is vibrating in sensual energy and there is only obedience to Mia. I do remember Mistress Ambers’ beautiful healing mantras (which I could probably listen to for hours and hours given the chance :)) and I do remember waking up naked on the floor thankful of having been of service to the Goddess.

    I know that myself and many others are truly grateful for this astonishing world the ladies of THM are creating for us. It has to be said that it takes so much skill, dedication and hard work as well as love and care for something like this to come alive. We should realize how fortunate we are of being right here, right now. Thank you Mistress Mia and thank you all Mistresses of the THM for making this happen.

  4. Abe

    I must admit that the cover Mistress used for this third installment of Ritual Tribute really surprised me. I wasn’t expecting, seeing the beautiful flower got me thinking on how Mistress could use a flower to hypnotize me into trance.

    Following the dark themed covers of sessions 1 and 2, a beautiful pinkish flower didn’t seem to match the previous ones but knowing Mistress Mia, her surprises are always unmatched. Her surprises are very blissful I must say always leaving me with my jaw hanging slack.

    One is never too ready or clever to know exactly how she will playfully strike our subconscious minds but always be sure that it will be pleasant and very pleasurable. Without giving too much away, I think this session deepens the CEI fetish in a more intimate way towards your connection to Mistress and knowing that you are pleasing a dominant women as herself just the way she wants and desires you to; by eating your own cum after a period of Chastity.

    It’s lovely to compare the juices of a flower and that of your cum, placing them together and taking them deep inside your mind through trance and body as you blissfully surrender to your craving and desire to swallow it all down all for the pleasure and arousal that you know you are giving. The longer you wait in abstinence, the longer you please her. The more cum you will give while the more you will lick… All this can take place during her ritual where we are welcome to take part. Amber and Mistress Mia really brought the inner cum swallower inside me, at their feet humbled paying tribute as they desire.

    Perhaps this only the beginning, or it may be that I’m so deep now to even realize that I started with this hobby of mine a long time ago. One thing I can say is that I know what must take place every Saturday of every week.

    Incredible session just as RT 1 and 2

  5. Orella

    Ooooh my! What an incredible journey the Ritual Tribute series has been and is taking me on.

    This is the third session; I was expecting many things following on from the experiences in RT 1 and RT 2.
    My already high expectations were vastly exceeded in this session, Mistress Mia’s foreplay initiated my mind letting go and ready to relinquish control.

    Hearing Mistress Amber’s voice and exploring my confusion taking me further away from my conscious self and deeper into the exquisitely crafted imagery of the session.
    Mistress Mia’s voice caresses my mind and deeper I go, lost in arousal and increasing desperate need for more and more pleasure.

    Post the session I am awash with jumbled images, sounds, scents, tastes and vague residual physical sensations.
    I keep looking around for a bowl of creamy milk.
    I feel that is should have sore knees and I do but don’t at the same time,
    I can ‘hear’ heels click clacking, a collar lock clicking shut, a crop cracking down hard, lapping, licking, slurping, heavier than normal breathing.
    I ‘feel’ as opposed to hear pleasurable moans and groans.
    I am filled with desperation to please and explode, arousal levels off the scale.

    There is the additional thrill of knowing that Ritual Tribute 3 is an integral step for when I am sent back to Femdom Court by Mistress for my third interactive experience totally obedient to the Judge with no choice but to obey her completely.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia and Mistress Amber, for allowing me to experience such an exceptional session.
    I am awestruck and humbled by your incredible creativity, talent and skill.

  6. Andi_S

    As a Collared Boy I receive a code for sessions on the day of their release anyway but when I saw Mistress Mia’s and Mistress Amber’s names next to each other I still couldn’t resist and bought the session right away.

    Mistress Mia’s words in the foreplay talk were extremely relatable to me, as for the past few days I have been pondering some of the exact same questions that Mistress raises here. The question of my own inner chains and if I can learn to truly handle and bear or even embrace the inner feeling of uncertainty that I feel when I step out of my comfort zone and if I can ever truly become free to experience and enjoy the kind of things that I really long for in life.

    I know that THM does not offer counseling and perhaps cannot provide me with all the answers that I am looking for. And I know that I must face the challenges of my life without someone there to hold my hand all the time. But I feel that being with and learning from Mistress Mia is still helping me a great deal. Thank you, Mistress Mia for giving my mind a home where I can experience how it feels to be free.

    Hearing Mistress Amber’s voice is always very intense for me as it takes my mind back to the days of Femdom Court – Confession Lessons. Femdom Court 2 was perhaps the most intense confrontation with my fears of vulnerability and public humiliation that I have experienced so far. Her voice commands authority in a very intense way. It evokes a feeling of arousal but also of genuine fear.

    Maybe in a different context I would be too afraid to delve deeper but my trust in Mistress Mia and the direction she provides me with make me feel safer and enable me to better find my way through the “chaos” of my mind, see my inner chains and the way they bind me, and be more aware that it is really only my own inner mental chains that hold me back.

    It is an extremely exciting session that is very powerful in my estimation and contains some scenes that none of you will want to miss but for me personally, during this first listen it was more difficult than usual to relax and fully appreciate the beauty of Mistress Mia’s words as the feeling of uncertainty remained prominent in my mind. Which I count as a good thing, as these feelings must be faced and experienced and lived through in order to be conquered. So yes, I wish to face these fears and delve deeper into the unknown with Mistress Mia and with Mistress Amber.

    Towards the end of the session I really got into it as the scene that I was taken through was just too hot to ignore. Also, Mistress Amber’s voice kept repeating mantras in the background which I found extremely sexy and arousing. She has a perfect voice for making mantras sound very powerful and sexy. As Goddess Mia commanded me to cum, my chaste, untouched cock tried to sort of emulate an orgasm and but as it stands my 47th day since my last release shall not be the last. Still, I ended the session with my hands folded in prayer lost in the feeling of licking the divine flower of my Goddess.

    Thank you Mistress Mia and Mistress Amber for making this wonderful session. I will most definitely not shy away from listening more so that I can learn and experience all this session has to offer. Hopefully, I can continue to move forward on this path and also learn to develop my natural curiosity and become more giving, more devoted, and more fun toy for you to play with.

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