Length: 52:50

Voice:Mistress Mia Croft

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10 reviews for Ritual Tribute

  1. laaandfill

    This hypnosis file and its primer all live together in a milieu in my brain as one of the strongest, most pleasurable sexual experiences in my life.

    I discovered THM through the primer for this file, and knew that I had to join to see where Mistress Mia would lead me. I listened to the primer on a loop for 3 days, marinating my brain with thoughts of being a cumlicker for Mistress Mia. By the time I finally listened to the file, my body was electric with anticipation. She found a way to calm me and bring me down into trance, only to awaken me in her ritual where I discovered new levels of desire and submission.

    Ever since I knew that experience was possible, I knew I would always have a craving to lick up my cum for dominant women.

    If you have even a passing interest in CEI, you owe it to yourself to listen to this file.


  2. mattintrance

    I found this file very intriguing. My first listen left me dazed and confused, as I tried to piece together what had happened to me as the listener in the story. At times I was desperately trying to process what I’d had seen and heard. Then, a few hours after, I felt the urge to go back, and found myself totally captivated by the early portions of the journey. What force compelled the sleepwalkers to present themselves to the Goddess? How were they first selected and captured? What did they feel when encountering the woman on the stairs? Pleasure? Submission? Relief? Fear? What was it like when Her hand touched their shoulder; when She stoked Her victim’s arm. How quickly did he drop? What compelling words was her melodic, commanding voice [lacing in their open, empty minds? How did it feel when Her gentle pat on their heads and brought them to their knees? What did She do to them before they entered the bedroom? What were the commands to which they continued to answer ‘Yes” “Yes” Yes”

    And then, it happened. I was in the circle, naked with head bowed. The gentle touch on my shoulder was like electricity coursing through me, and Her commands went deeply into my mind. And I heard Mistress Mia describe for me how I slumped, like all the others, as “She placed them in a deeper state of obedient trance.” And then I was Her’s. I am Mistress Mia’s

  3. Lance Hughes

    Listen to this file at your own risk, if you do not like the idea of eating your own cum, this is not the file for you, Mia’s powers of persuasion is too much for any boy to handle, once you start down the path of eating your cum, you will never be the same again. I did not fully believe in Mia’s power of persuasion, I thought it would be a one time thing, but Mia made the prospect of worshipping and pleasing her too powerful to resist, I soon found myself swallowing down every single load of cum for a whole month as I went down the rabbit hole of this series. This file will make an avid CUM LICKER of any man foolish enough to fall into her trap. 10/10 would recommend.

  4. Braxton

    Powerful. Intense. Extraordinary.

    Wow, where to begin… Once again Mistress Mia your story telling, and narrations are indeed next level! There’s so much to say about this session, but I wouldn’t be able to do it any justice. I first listened to it about 2 weeks ago, and I decided to revisit it again tonight. This is a session that must be experienced for yourself! The foreplay prior to this amazing scene is an absolute must!

    Mia this is only part one of my review. The second part will come in due time. I need a minute to process what I’m feeling from this amazing scene.

    Extraordinary scene Mia.

  5. Andi_S

    Do you think you can resist the call of the Goddess? I dare you to listen to this session and try resisting the urge to comply with her wishes afterwards.

    When I first listened to this session I didn’t even think I went that deep into trance. It was just a story that Mistress Mia told. Sure, it was entertaining. But I honestly didn’t think much of it. Once the session was over I was surprised by how strong I felt that I wanted to do what I knew she expected of me. A part of me was a little shocked and I was somewhat disgusted by it…yet, I was also incredibly turned on and I felt overpowered and outsmarted in a way I had never experienced before. Somehow Mistress Mia had sneaked into my psyche and instilled a desire I couldn’t resist. I didn’t want to resist. I had heard many hypnotists talk about losing control etc but this session is where I experienced it for the first time. Mistress Mia knows how our submissive psyches work and how to shape us to her liking. What a thrill it is to witness and experience how she bypasses our resistance and gets us to comply with her wishes. After only 4-5 listens I was completely converted and I now cannot imagine having an orgasm without eating my own cum. To this day I am so impressed by how effective this session is. I highly recommend it to any fan of femdom hypnosis. You deserve to experience this thrilling ride for yourself.

  6. Beast

    An absolutely amazing session with Mistress Mia as always. i was pulled in so quickly, Mistress Mia’s voice wrapping itself around my mind as always, claiming what is Hers.
    i will not reveal too much, other than to say i was both in awe of, and completely obedient to, our Goddesses words. i didn’t think my Mistress could tighten Her grip around me any more than She already had. i was wrong. You are absolutely amazing Mistress Mia.
    An amazing session that you will absolutely want to hear again, and again, and again, in complete obedience.

  7. Taighdupp

    Wow. There a re lot people saying … wow after this session. after checking out the Primer I was more exited I think listening to this session than i think I have been in a couple of years of listening to The all the magical HypnoMistress fantasies. I think I drifted away during the winding dreamlike induction and then kind of awoke into the middle of the session feeling confused about where I was. From that point on I was just swept away by the fantasy and erotic scene I found myself inside of. Being in the Inner sanctum of the Goddess was such an incredible feeling. Now I just want to go back. This session is very immersive and Mia is so compelling. Doing her bidding, feeling her compulsion overcome all of my hesitancy was sublime as it showed my just how much control Mia’s will has when she wants – beautiful surrender to a magnificent Goddess IS Heaven if you are truly submissive admirer of powerful beautiful women.

  8. Abe

    Its not that I love (loved) eating my own cum, or that I have a cum fetish, I just love doing anything Mistress Mia asks while in trance. The first time listening, I knew I had no wait out of this, I had a choice of course, but choosing to surrender to this new craving of mine felt good, and thus, it felt very good falling into trance, spilling my own creamy mess into my thighs and all over my hand and tasting the salty cum cream with my tongue rubbing my fingers all over my mouth…

    I can’t stop… everytime I will listen, I will obey

  9. Abe

    What an amazing story this was! A few hours removed from listening and I am still feeling the effects of trance and the immense arousal that has taken over. The urging need to pay tribute at the feel of the Goddess. I was hand tied witnessing the entire scene. I know Mistress Mia will allow me to enjoy this session again and finally pay tribute of cum and eating it all. All this very soon.

  10. Orella

    On 08 Feb I listened to the primer for Ritual Tribute and it was simply mind blowing, I was left so aroused, sticky, dribbling and erect all night and that was just the primer. I was so very curious as to what the full session would do to me and couldn’t wait to find out.
    I had intended to listen to the primer a few times before the full session, but I simply could not resist and listened to the full session on 09 Feb.
    Mistress Mia’s captivating, enchanting and intoxicating voice is so beautiful and irresistible, as anyone who has heard her will attest, her expertise in creating intricately detailed scenes and worlds in my mind is awe inspiring and this session does not disappoint.
    I will not give away details of the session other than to say that finding myself in the closet full of beautiful lingerie, leather clothing, high heeled boots and shoes adjoining the bed chamber of the most beautiful Goddess I have ever seen was breath-taking, secretly observing from my hiding place, I watch captivated as the Goddess exudes her complete power and control over the worshipful boys in the bed chamber as they position themselves around the bed and silently obey performing their role in this ritual tribute to their Goddess and her pleasure.
    I had such mixed emotions at being caught by the Goddess, fear, pleasure, embarrassment, desire and intense arousal to name but a few. She does not need to tell me what I must do, I simply realise what will please her and comply without resistance, the smile that results from the Goddess showing that she is pleased is all that matters filling me with pleasure and then she speaks two words and I suddenly have a new name and new desire.
    The part of the session with the Goddess was so incredible and I though that I could not become more aroused. I was wrong, Mistress Mia continues by explaining how I can please her and make her smile with such pleasure, my arousal reaches an intensity as never before. My desire to please Mistress Mia and make her happy is at the core of my being and existence, I am so intensely aroused and I simply must contact Mistress Mia to beg as directed, in doing so I will bring Mistress Mia pleasure and bathe in the intense pleasure I will experience from her widening smile as I earn the new name that she will bestow upon me for obediently pleasing her.

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Taigh Dupp
4 years 5 months ago

I am loving this session thank Mistress. I am falling for it completely.