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Ritual Tribute

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Length: 52:50

Voice: Mia Croft

Copyright © 2020 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

4 reviews for Ritual Tribute

  1. Orella

    On 08 Feb I listened to the primer for Ritual Tribute and it was simply mind blowing, I was left so aroused, sticky, dribbling and erect all night and that was just the primer. I was so very curious as to what the full session would do to me and couldn’t wait to find out.
    I had intended to listen to the primer a few times before the full session, but I simply could not resist and listened to the full session on 09 Feb.
    Mistress Mia’s captivating, enchanting and intoxicating voice is so beautiful and irresistible, as anyone who has heard her will attest, her expertise in creating intricately detailed scenes and worlds in my mind is awe inspiring and this session does not disappoint.
    I will not give away details of the session other than to say that finding myself in the closet full of beautiful lingerie, leather clothing, high heeled boots and shoes adjoining the bed chamber of the most beautiful Goddess I have ever seen was breath-taking, secretly observing from my hiding place, I watch captivated as the Goddess exudes her complete power and control over the worshipful boys in the bed chamber as they position themselves around the bed and silently obey performing their role in this ritual tribute to their Goddess and her pleasure.
    I had such mixed emotions at being caught by the Goddess, fear, pleasure, embarrassment, desire and intense arousal to name but a few. She does not need to tell me what I must do, I simply realise what will please her and comply without resistance, the smile that results from the Goddess showing that she is pleased is all that matters filling me with pleasure and then she speaks two words and I suddenly have a new name and new desire.
    The part of the session with the Goddess was so incredible and I though that I could not become more aroused. I was wrong, Mistress Mia continues by explaining how I can please her and make her smile with such pleasure, my arousal reaches an intensity as never before. My desire to please Mistress Mia and make her happy is at the core of my being and existence, I am so intensely aroused and I simply must contact Mistress Mia to beg as directed, in doing so I will bring Mistress Mia pleasure and bathe in the intense pleasure I will experience from her widening smile as I earn the new name that she will bestow upon me for obediently pleasing her.

  2. Abe

    What an amazing story this was! A few hours removed from listening and I am still feeling the effects of trance and the immense arousal that has taken over. The urging need to pay tribute at the feel of the Goddess. I was hand tied witnessing the entire scene. I know Mistress Mia will allow me to enjoy this session again and finally pay tribute of cum and eating it all. All this very soon.

  3. Abe

    Its not that I love (loved) eating my own cum, or that I have a cum fetish, I just love doing anything Mistress Mia asks while in trance. The first time listening, I knew I had no wait out of this, I had a choice of course, but choosing to surrender to this new craving of mine felt good, and thus, it felt very good falling into trance, spilling my own creamy mess into my thighs and all over my hand and tasting the salty cum cream with my tongue rubbing my fingers all over my mouth…

    I can’t stop… everytime I will listen, I will obey

  4. Taighdupp

    Wow. There a re lot people saying … wow after this session. after checking out the Primer I was more exited I think listening to this session than i think I have been in a couple of years of listening to The all the magical HypnoMistress fantasies. I think I drifted away during the winding dreamlike induction and then kind of awoke into the middle of the session feeling confused about where I was. From that point on I was just swept away by the fantasy and erotic scene I found myself inside of. Being in the Inner sanctum of the Goddess was such an incredible feeling. Now I just want to go back. This session is very immersive and Mia is so compelling. Doing her bidding, feeling her compulsion overcome all of my hesitancy was sublime as it showed my just how much control Mia’s will has when she wants – beautiful surrender to a magnificent Goddess IS Heaven if you are truly submissive admirer of powerful beautiful women.

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Taigh Dupp
1 month 19 days ago

I am loving this session thank Mistress. I am falling for it completely.

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