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Length: 62:30
Voice: Mistress Mia

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9 reviews for Ruination Clinic

  1. 423

    This is by far one of my very favorite sessions.
    Ruined Orgasms are not my thing and I almost wanted not to buy it, but then something made me curious. And boy, as others have mentioned the good Doctor Croft has her own Idea of a ruined Orgasm.
    Make no mistake this session is not for the faint of hart and not for beginners. It also does condition you in a certain way and if that’s your fancy, go for it by all means you will not regret this. If you’re into tease and denial why not try a new idea of how a ruined orgasm could work?

  2. 456

    This session was amazing and it was very difficult for me resist the post hypnotic suggestion to ruin myself which was quite challenging but very pleasurable.

  3. Χ Ξ Σ

    Based on the title of this session, I thought I knew what I was getting into but was caught off guard as usual. This session has changed my mind on how to experience pleasure, I’ve never felt something like that before and just want more. I typically don’t like releasing in any way but this sessions is just amazing and has some of my favorite elements like being told to repeat things. I’m a huge fan of denial, frustration, basically anything that doesn’t permit a full release. (: I’m sure I’ll visit the Doctor often.

  4. mattintrance

    “Doctor, I want to be hypnotized.” Staring deeply into Mistress Mia’s pendant, I am helpless to resist. I feel myself falling deeper. Mistress’s voice is pulling me deeper. “Yes, Doctor. I want to be hypnotized.” SNAP. Deep, receptive, hypnotic sleep. Mistress Mia has lured me into Her Ruination Clinic. I need to return again and again.

  5. Braxton

    Intensely arousing.

    Dr. Croft has conditioned me to understand that the best orgasm, is a ruined orgasm. I love this session! The thought of being put on display, and made to ruin purely for entertainment for my Mistress, and her girlfriends is incredibly arousing to me. It is bliss… I have embraced my role, I accept that I am an instrument of pleasure, for Mistress to enjoy.

    Sensational session Mia

  6. mattintrance

    Oh my—I woke up feeling so wonderful. So much so that I’ve listened several times already, even though I just purchased the file this morning. All I know is that I looked at Mistress Mia’s fascinating pendant, listened to her honey-like voice, and eagerly absorbed Her every word. It may take some time for me to appreciate the true extent of what She’s done to me.

  7. Andi_S

    Let’s all join together and say it loud and proud: Ruined orgasms are the best orgasms! Thank you, Dr. Croft for teaching me to how ruin my orgasm!

    You think that sounds weird? Okay, I get it. But hear me out.

    Before I met Mia Croft if you would have asked me what a ruined orgasm is, I would certainly not have thought of it as anything close to resembling a fun experience. I would have thought of it as either a premature orgasm or something like when the moment, the feeling of orgasm is, deliberately or by accident, ruined by pain, for example.

    Now, Dr. Mia Croft has a completely different idea of what a ruined orgasm is. Her idea of a ruined orgasm is actually fun for both the male as well as his partner. I am not going to spoil it for those who haven’t experienced it, but I am going to say it involves a decoupling of orgasms and ejaculation. And her technique of training a male in the art of orgasm ruination, as exemplified in this session, is a lot of fun. I have honestly not been this aroused and this excited erotically in a long time. And the great thing is, with this technique the arousal doesn’t end after you have experienced your ruined orgasm.

    I really loved this session. I loved to be taken into deep hypnosis by the capable and magnificent Dr. Croft. I loved to obey her commands and I loved to stroke myself mindless and ruin my orgasm for her. Thank you, Mistress Mia, for making this incredible session and allowing me into your clinic.

  8. Abe

    This session feels just like home. I wouldn’t say that I live in a clInic but I do tend to visit my lady doctors every month. Being treated and taken care of whatever it is that I need from a lady Doctor or nurse is amazing, and here Dr Croft makes my reality a fantasy in a very sexy way. The Mobius Clinic has had a very special place inside my mind, it’s a place where sexy dreams happen through a deep sedated trance like procedures. It all started at the Klub DejaVu living out that fantasy inside this same clinic, then just a few weeks ago with Transfusion of control, waking up with cum all over my legs with a fucked state of mind, blissed out and aroused asking what just happened and remembering the sexy Doctors, now this one, Ruination Clinic, I can’t even think right since I’m still finding myself lost in arousal wanting to return. What a session. Dr Croft’s safe presence, how her voice makes me feel safe and happy, her embrace are what make these Clinic visits so much special and makes me happy to be there, The best thing about it is that she’s a sensual Doctor. At the end of the session I was ruined around 6 times. I know it’s just a matter of time before my body totally gives in and loses all control and not cumming at all is act of control, and at the end of the day, I don’t have any control of that either…

  9. Orella

    Wow, I was so thrilled to find myself back at the Mobius Clinic again this month.
    At the start of August, I very much enjoyed my somewhat surreal visit to the Mobius Clinic with Doctor Croft and Nurse Amber in Transfusion of Control.

    This second visit this month was to the Ruination Clinic under Doctor Croft’s expert care.
    I get the feeling that Doctor Croft really does love her job at the Mobius Clinic.

    My introduction to ruination was back in January 2021. I was lucky enough to have been sent to serve under Judge Greene’s total control for 12 consecutive days. This was the first interactive experience Femdom Court – Confession Lessons, if it is opened again, I highly recommend it.

    As I am one of the THM Office Chastity Pets, my first listen was hands off and left me desperately aroused and aching even though I could not touch. I was subsequently granted permission to touch whilst erect and happily headed back to the Ruination Clinic for my next appointment.

    A delightfully happy and somewhat amused sounding Doctor Croft welcomed me to the Mobius Clinic once again, she was clearly having a fun time as she explained why I was sent for my appointment.

    I obediently relaxed and relinquished all control to Doctor Croft, total submission and compliance with her instructions. Down and down, deeper and deeper into trance I journeyed floating on Doctor Croft’s words.
    I recall repeating phrases out loud as instructed and think that this continued into the trance part of the session. To be honest the detail past a certain point is somewhat sketchy.

    I awoke from trance with an aching cock that felt on the brink of ejaculation and had aching nipples. I also had small amounts of precum and drips of actual cum on the skin of my lower abdomen where my still erect cock had been leaking and dribbling.

    I performed a little clean up, standing instructions from Mistress are that if it drips and dribbles from cock it belongs in mouth.

    I tried to go to sleep, trying to ignore the naughty still stiff cock. However, I was overwhelmed by a need to continue playing with it, stroking for a while getting close then I simply had to let go and hands went to nipples. This cycle continued for somewhere between 60 and 90 minutes, I then performed another clean-up of dribbles and drifted off to sleep.

    I awoke the next morning with a seriously aching stiff cock and aching nipples, guess what off I went again for more ruin. I am sitting typing this review, still feeling on the brink of ejaculation. I feel totally aroused and buzzing with orgasmic energy.

    Thank you, Doctor Croft, for this exquisitely arousing experience at the Ruination Clinic. You know the cheesy pick-up line ‘do you come here often’, I think in this case the appropriate phrase would be ‘do you cum here often’, the answer is ‘No I don’t cum here at all, but I have multiple orgasmic experiences, over and over until I simply can’t take it anymore. Then go back for more and more’.

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