Length: 30:21

Voice: Scarlet

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2 reviews for Safety Net

  1. Orella

    This session is a very relaxing and at the same time arousing. The Mistress’ that Mistress Mia chooses to play with us here at THM are definitely dominant and in total control of their pets but they also take great care of their worshippers to ensure that the minds of their adoring pets are safe and well at all times.

    This particular session from the lovely sensual and sexy voice of Mistress Scarlet is an essential session for anyone indulging in erotic or any other kind of hypnosis to have in their libraries to ensure that they are protected and safe from those who may intentionally or unintentionally do them harm or maliciously manipulate them whilst in trance.

    The trust established here at THM through the exquisitely pleasurable experiences crafted by the professional, talented, creative, caring dominant ladies provides such healthy playful fun whilst you are in trance, it is clear from the outset that they all have their pets wellbeing and best interests as a centre foundation of everything that do in the wonderful hypnosis sessions that they create for us to enjoy.

    This session will be much more effective if you listen to Mistress Scarlet’s ‘Falling Deeply’ session a few times first.

  2. Martin

    This is a great session, that should be in anyone’s library who trances with Scarlet. It’s all about building trust and letting you know what type of erotic hypnosis you are going to experience at The Hypnomistress. An experience focused on you. Sensual, caring, fun, healthy, playful hypnosis with your best interests at heart.

    Especially if you’ve explored erotic hypnosis with other Mistresses in the past, or continue to do so, this session will help you build a safety net within yourself to protect against any potential ill treatment (while hypnotized) in the future.

    I really enjoyed how Scarlet used my breathing and my focus on a few words/phrases to pull me down into trance in this session, and then how she used the pleasure her sensual, enthralling voice can provide to help reinforce the positive suggestions in this session.

    A must listen primer, up there with Scarlet’s introductory file ‘Falling Deeply’, for anyone interested in learning who Scarlet is and how she operates (so delicately) with your mind.

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