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Length: 13:45
Voice: Scarlet

Copyright © 2017 by TheHypnoMistress
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3 reviews for Scarlet’s Good Boy Test

  1. Orella

    This session is perfect for when there is not much time. I love the power of this session to take me deeper and deeper into submission for Mistress Scarlet, I listen to this session regularly and fall deeper and deeper into submission, desire, obedience and surrender.

  2. Peter

    Although the central device of The Good Boy Test prepares and executes a downward plummet for the subject, the aftermath left me high on a cloud: in a breathless and flustered stupor of devotion and gratitude to Scarlet; and nourished by the stream of affection and attention with which she spoils her Patrons.

    Of course, I cannot reveal what the test is, or what you need to do to pass it… but I can give an impression of my experience.

    You might describe this session as a single drawn-out scenario induction, accompanied in the latter stages by programming, and followed by a steep drop into a final, open-ended trance which is sustained (perhaps unusually) by the willing subject on his own, resolving finally into a consciousness that is accompanied by powerful feelings.

    A journey as simple as pacing down a corridor, (notionally towards Scarlet’s beloved boudoir) becomes a powerful metaphor for the submissive subject’s journey into trance and into devotion. And as sweet and complicit as is Scarlet’s manner in the early stages, that manner is uncompromising and expectant by the end: in all likelihood, you’ll want to do as you’re told in the hope of passing the test and being Scarlet’s Good Boy.

    This session is a treat for anyone considering dipping their toe in the warm bath of Scarlet’s hypnotic embrace… but be warned: you will probably crave the full immersion if you choose to listen. You can look forward to increasingly profound and fulfilling trances from this session as you allow Scarlet to foster your submission. A short session, it acts, for the more experienced listener, as a ‘power trance’ that will reinforce and enhance devotion and happiness with only a short investment of time.

  3. Martin

    Short and sweet pretty much sums it up. If you aren’t already Scarlet’s good boy, after listening to this powerhouse of a session you will desperately want to be.

    I’m not even sure what kind of induction Scarlet uses in this one. Just that before I knew what was happening I was in trance, highly aroused, highly suggestible, following Scarlet’s voice deeper and deeper, becoming closer and closer to her. Her seductive, melodic voice, like a soft caress on my skin luring me closer… suddenly adrift in pleasure, so incredibly deep.

    With such a short session, Scarlet flexes her powerful hypnotic muscles, succinct and finely honed, this session hits like a ton of bricks.

    A must have for anyone that enjoys Scarlet’s work. Are you Scarlet’s good boy? Listen and find out.

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