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The Interview (40:47)

Office pets wanted. Apply within.

My girlfriends and I will lead you to a place where your desire to submit will become a gift you can offer me and other dominant ladies. You will wear your submission and obedience proudly, so that any woman you meet who is even slightly dominant will recognize your willingness to submit to them and please them however they choose. 

Alexandra’s Interview (48:49)

Alexandra’s interview will take your fascination with glossy polished nails to a whole new level. As usual, her techniques are unconventional but incredibly effective. She will condition you with a physical response that can be triggered by any powerful women that you adore. Your display of submission will please them I’m sure. Good boy.

The Dominant Sex (62:40)

Have you been properly trained to let a Dominant woman clearly see just how excited you get when you feel so submissive in our presence? Imagine yourself working as my helpful office boy here in the HypnoMistress office. You’d have to be willing to accept my authority, carrying out any task I choose to give, no matter how small or difficult or even sometimes just a little humiliating for you. 

Katya’s Pleasure Program (39:10)

As our new Office Pet, the boys selected to serve will need daily conditioning and reinforcement on how to please dominant women. Katya’s Pleasure Program is the first of 3 new intensive sexual programming sessions. Each session will drive you deeper into your new routine of daily arousal and submission. With repetition and reinforcement her programming will subdue your learned sexual habits, replacing them with a compulsion to please and please again, exactly to Katya’s instruction. This session contains suggestions for edging, nipple play and persistent arousal.

Slave to Pleasure (47:29)

You will be sexually programmed to obey the compulsion for constant arousal with a daily routine of obedience to Katya’s deep conditioning of your mind and body. Becoming an obediently trained office-pet whose pleasure depends upon Katya’s permission, craving and needing Katya’s reward. This session contains suggestions for edging, nipple play and persistent arousal which you will be unable to stop even in public.

Katya’s Puppet (41:12)

Once she has mesmerized you into a state of horny confusion with her sultry voice, Katya likes to toy with you. Pulling on your strings, making you twitch and dance just for her wicked amusement. Don’t you think a puppet show would be better with an audience? Katya will arrange for you to perform for all the women at the HypnoMistress office. A little puppet show, with you as the star. 

Persistent Arousal (45:10)

There are some things that you would probably never have the courage to try, unless of course someone made you do them, someone that you just can’t say no to.

Like a spider’s sting, Katya’s mesmerizing method will bind you tight, unable to protest or escape. Be warned that your fear may only stimulate Katya’s dominant instinct even further.


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3 reviews for Submissive Display – Collectors Set

  1. Braxton

    The Submissive Display series is one of my all time favorites from the wonderful ladies at The Hypnomistress. It all begins with incredible interviews done by Mistress Mia, and Mistress Alexandra, in the first 3 sessions. After that, we are treated by a wicked seductress, Mistress Katya who takes over in sessions 4-7.
    This collectors edition will be a treat for all who purchase it.

    The Submissive Display series is a must have for every obedient office pet.

  2. Orella

    I am very fortunate in that I obtained these wonderful Submissive Display sessions, both the main sessions and with foreplay versions, as they were released.

    I have, for each individual session, posted reviews in the Showroom covering both the foreplay and the main sessions themselves. I thought about replicating these 7 reviews here but that would make for a very long review, so I highly recommend that you checkout the reviews of the individual sessions posted by myself and others.

    At full price these Submissive Display sessions are a bargain considering the exquisite excellence that will permeate you ears and melt your mind into blissful submission.

    At €150 this Submissive Display Collectors Set is a giveaway, you get 7 sessions that are normally c€25 each, you get 7 with foreplay sessions that are normally c€30 each and as if that value for money was not enough you can opt to receive a picture CD signed personally by Mistress Mia

  3. Taighdupp

    Full disclosure. I have listened to the full series individually but am going to need to wait for a payday to be able to buy this Collectors edition. Getting the CD signed by Mistress and knowing it has passed through her hands is my main motivation. I know I will be coming back here to look at that picture of her hand a lot until I can finally purchase the set.
    I still have a few treasured copies of Nikki Fatale’s Control series in my collection at home but I’ve also lost a few files from that series over the years as digital files get corrupted or you change computers. So a signed CD that I can have forever seems smart. I also consider Mia to be the Nikki of our times. She is the primo, smartest sexiest and most effective erotic hypnotist going around – just as Nikki was in her day when she was creating all those classics.
    So the Review.
    I started out getting completely swept away in the first few Interview Sessions with Mia then Alexandra then Mia again. By the time I got to the end of number 3, I was already experiencing the sensation of ‘nipple hard-ons’ whenever in the presence of dominant women, in other words any time I tranced to Mia or the other HypnoMistress sessions. Interestingly I also was getting little ‘shows’ at other times IRL when dealing with women who came across as being strong or self confident. This was quite exciting, feeling triggered and and course that set off a kind of self-feeding loop where anticipating it happen may have been causing the erections as much as the trigger itself.
    Then I progressed to Session 4 – the series kind of takes a new direction from 4 – as Katya takes over the conditioning – and she is something else, like a force of nature or perhaps a wild animal, you just feel like you are prey in her clutches – or actually claws…. I started to experience the sensation of being aroused thru the day at different times. – and not just my nipples getting hard…While Katya gives you some suggestions for how to manage this to avoid it being too obvious, there are some things that can’t be easily concealed – so be forewarned. By this stage my nipples were becoming hard more often than the times when they weren’t. The sessions with Katya, from 4 to number 7 all involve a mix of periods of denial, combined with some very intense orgasms that just make it impossible to not want more. I am going a wait a few months…let the triggers wear off I hope and then I am going to come back to it and take the trip again, right from the start. By then I will have Mia’s signed CD at home and I imagine that will add a whole new dimension to the sense of being remotely controlled and programmed by these extraordinary women.

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