Length: 29:20

Voice:Mistress Mia

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2 reviews for Sea of Denim

  1. Orella

    I loved the Surrender to Denim session which made me feel such arousal and desire to submit when I see beautiful female curves encased in denim.
    In this session I sink deeper and deeper into Mistress Mia’s world and the images that she paints in my mind, her irresistible beautiful commanding voice taking me deep into her world and the sensations that she expertly crafts in my mind.
    I am mesmerised by the image of Mistress Mia’s beautiful ass in her tight denim jeans as I fall deeper into trance and surrender to the image of my Mistress in tight denim. I follow as commanded transfixed on the intoxicating image of Mistress Mia’s beautiful ass and form wrapped tightly in denim. I find myself in a sea of denim the material lapping at the shore like liquid, my head pleasantly held between Mistress Mia’s thighs and I am so enthralled and intoxicated as I drift in this denim sea.
    I gaze into Mistress Mia’s beautiful eyes and I am lost in bliss as I surrender completely to this denim dream. I lose myself in denim fantasies consumed by pleasure and arousal.
    I am so happy as I drown in the denim sea I am filled as I bond with this material deep within me, so aroused and addicted to images and thoughts of women in denim. I become more and more aroused as Mistress Mia’s voice makes me more and more desperate to cum and I build to climax on her command.

  2. Abe

    Follow Mia as you both walk through a long path to you inner mind, to the sea of denim, where all your inner desires, memories, pleasures and fetish of denim are deeply stored. Drown in this pleasurable journey and experience given to you by the Goddess of the Sea.

    I know this particular fetish is not very known among Hypno Lovers, but Jeans can be the sexiest thing a women can ever wear. The best thing about it is that how hypnotizing they can be to the public eye. Whille listening to this session, my mind remembered memories of those women who first got me intranced, how they teased me with their beautiful curves and legs. How I wanted to reach out and grab, but I wasn´t allowed to. With this session, I can live out those same memories and many others that are stored safely in my mind.

    Mia´s pacing in her words is extraordinary here. Its gentle, sensual and extremly erotic and that alone makes this one of the sexiest experiences of this kind that I´ve ever experienced.

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