Length: 35:14

Voice: Mistress Mia

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8 reviews for Seeds of Desire

  1. philmslim

    My mind has become a fertile garden for Mistress Mia. Her words nourish my desires until she can reap the fruits her labor.

  2. LC

    Oh my god-I just never knew-I can’t stop thinking about it! Purchase the session and you will understand. Some sessions leave wondering if Mistress Mia knows how deeply her methods affect me. This is not one of those sessions, here it’s clear she knows precisely the power of her influence. I do hope that this review increases sales but also I hope it makes Mistress Mia smile and think Good Boy!

  3. Braxton


    I describe this session as a journey inside the garden of our own mind. This is the place where Mistress Mia can plant the seeds for our desire? Or her own desires?

    Great session Mia!

  4. Justgoodvibes

    I’ve listened to this file several times now. It really slammed me hard. The only time I made it all the way through, was when there was a pen in my hand, as I was taking notes for a review.

    It seems pointless to even give any details. I’m tossing my notes in the can. The last time I ran the session, I noticed just under 3 minutes in, there was some curious language . I then woke up at the 9 minute mark? I’m not tired when listening either, and it’s during the day as I’m listening.

    I have no idea what those seeds are that Mia planted. They are certainly magic, and were delivered with the smoothest, honey toned voice. I can only smile and look to keep unraveling the mystery behind this fantastic session.

  5. Orella

    This session is very special, the thoughts and images that are permeating the depths of my mind are delectable.

    I love the thought of Mistress Mia cultivating my fertile subconscious mind to be a delicious feeling, I envision her smiling to herself as she chooses which seeds, she will plant, when and where to complement the landscape she desires to create for me.

    I imagine her perhaps humming to herself as she wanders through the garden that she has crafted, appraising the results pleased with the fruits of her designs.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you from the deepest depths of my core for all that you have planted deep within me. Thank you in advance for all that you will plant within me in the future too.

  6. Abe

    The thought of my mind being Mistress Mia’s garden feels so delicious and makes me feel so sexy as well. Planting those little seeds of various cravings and desires she wants to plant in me all over her garden, for them to grow and grow until they become part of me, until I grow craving those desires more and more. What’s not to love about that? If you enjoy multi-layered subliminales, Mia adds amazing irresistible tracks that will make you feel so submissive, so hot, so horny, and so sexy that you will not think or know of anything or anyone else but her words, her voice, that what she is doing to you. Mia is a femme fatale out to penetrate and stroke submissive minds with her seeds of seduction and desires to her, her voice and all those wickedly fun, edgy, but safe kinky games she enjoys through the comfort of our minds.

    I loved and enjoyed this so much!

  7. Eddie

    I chose this session to end a tough work week, to help relax before returning home. I was eager to hear these words that had sent a shiver through me as I read them off the session cover. What a choice OMG I can’t believe the effect it had on me it was so incredibly hot. As I did the long drive back I couldn’t stop thinking of the images her word’s brought forth. About how arousing Mia’s words had made me, were still making me. My time didn’t allow for any weekend Mia leaving me just aching to listen to this great session again. A desire finally fulfilled this morning was an amazing start to my day.

  8. mattintrance

    I feel such a sense of calm and peace after listening to this session. Normally, I wouldn’t write a review as soon as a recording ends, but it’s just an irrestible urge right now. I want to get my thoughts down before my mind clears of Mistress Mia’s enchantment. But, realistically, I don’t want that to ever happen. Mistress Mia had me from the absolute moment that I hit play. The cover art is so beautiful. I can’t help but follow Mistress Mia, wearing Her long gown that gently dazzles me with its soft, colorful sparkles. It makes me feel so floaty, so dreamy, so very sleepy. I picture myself going about a normal day, and suddenly hearing my name called in Her unmistakable voice, and being frozen in my tracks. Slowly turning to see the sparkles on Mistress’s gown leading me deeper, deeper, deeper. She puts me to sleep, and sprinkles Her lovely seeds in the ferile soil of my mind. When She counts me up, I am totally refreshed. Then, the amazing arousal hits. I am in front of the mirror. Naked, helpless and brainwashed. Mistress Mia appears next to me in the dream, in Her elegant gown, gently pressing her perfectly manicured nail against my forehead. She is speaking, but I don’t know what She’s saying. And I just keep falling.

    I will have to listen to this again and again. When I hit the “submit” button on this review, I know it will take me that much deeper.

    I’ve always loved to see images of myself in trance. Mistress Mia makes it truly come alive. Thank You so much, Mistress!

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