Length: 32:07

Voice: Mistress Mia

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2 reviews for Sekslijn

  1. Abe

    It’s safe to say that I understood about 10 percent of this session. Listening to Mia speaking in her native tongue is quite the experience. I enjoyed this session for the simple fact that is enjoyable listening to her speaking words I might fully understand.

    I know it’s about a sex line where you share your fantasy with a sexy girl.

    This session reminds me of both Dial Domme and Late Night Call. I can recall both of these sessions and fantasize about something a lot similar in this one. A wonderful getaway and escape to somewhere not very casual.

  2. Orella

    What a delicious treat this session is, even though I only understand the odd word here and there.

    There are few THM Showroom sessions in Mistress Mia’s native language and for me it feels special to have the privilege to listen to her speaking Dutch, or any of the many languages that she speaks for that matter.

    My lack of understanding of the specific words does not take anything away for the pure joy of listening to her enchanting voice and my mind is easily captivated by the beautiful sound permeating my being.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for this short fun session, which left me aroused and happy. I have no idea if there were stroke instructions or not, academic for me as I am a chastity pet and can only wait in aroused desperation for permission.
    I am aroused again just typing this review. But as I mentioned there is no playing without permission.

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