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A Lamia Hypnosis Roleplay that includes false trust, resistance play and spiralling eyes, to excite your bewildered mind.

Length: 36:56

Voice: Mistress Mia

Artwork created for TheHypnoMistress by Rineko

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4 reviews for Serpentine Seduction

  1. RonC4880

    The feeling of being helplessly trapped feels so good. To weak to get free. Aroused and deeply hypnotized. Relax and go into a eternal sleep. What better way is there?

  2. Braxton

    Mesmerizing. Captivating. Entrancing.
    Late at night you hear a knock on your window. Do you answer it? Any normal person would be a little apprehensive right? Setting your fears aside, you let your curiosity get the best of you, so you look out the window. You are stunned to see a beautiful woman gazing at you. She appears to be in distress. Surely you’ll be a gentleman, and provide her with a sense of security while she’s in your presence…

    Mia this session was excellent! I just can’t help myself. Why do I enjoy the thought of being the prey of a sexy female predator? We all know how captivating your voice is, and your ability to paint a scene only intensifies every trance with you. I enjoyed this session a lot.

    Wonderful work Mia.

  3. Orella

    Tap, tap, tap it starts. Tap, tap, tap on the bedroom window again……

    Going from my warm bed to the window, suddenly I am struck by the vision of a beautiful woman in need of help.
    There is something about her, I am caught in an inner conflict between desire and caution, the more she talks the more my inner conflict rages.

    She is asking for just a little trust from me, all she wants is for me to invite her into the room so she can get out of the cold of the night and warm herself.

    Should I take pity on this stranger, cold and in need of my help, should I give in to desire, is my caution misplaced?

    The mysterious woman suggests that I look into her eyes, deep within in I feel this is a good idea, what is the saying ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’, surely, I will see if I can trust her.

    I have fallen for her trap, as I gaze deeply into her eyes a am lost, unable to break eye contact with her swirling predatory eyes. Her power and presence grows, I weaken and shrink into helplessness as she nullifies my will, somehow she pours herself as opposed to climbing through my bedroom window and envelopes me physically.
    Everything I am, is now hers to take as she pleases.
    How does this all end, you will need to find out for yourself……..

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for creating this ssssensational ssssession.

  4. lorenzo

    My dream hypnotist, which is Mia (naturally), once more made a session about my personal ultimate fantasy, a Lamia. My expectations for this couldn’t be higher. And of course Mia went on top and far beyond those expectations again, what a woman.

    What makes this session, in my humble opinion, a true masterpiece is Mia’s understanding of the fantasy itself.

    She is a natural with the hypnotic eyes and soothing coils. But on top of that Mia portraits the characteristics of a lamia perfectly. A stunning lady who is also a seductive predator who loves to outsmart and dumb down her prey to a smiling hypnotized idiot to have her way with him.

    And at the other side of the fantasy. The boy who knows he shouldn’t trust the beautiful lady. But gets mesmerized into trust, lust and sleep. Feelings that hush the voice that tells him to resist because he might be in grave danger.

    Its truly amazingly executed and its not just this session. Every roleplay Mia touches from succubus to Lamia to stage hypnotist. All in a league of their own because Mia like no other understands the fantasies she records. (Having a top tier hypnotic voice and stunning looks also help a little bit)

    This session made me feel like I would gladly give up my last breath to be in Mia’s mental and physical embrace. @.@

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