Length: 22:14
Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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5 reviews for Serve

  1. SoVeryBlissful

    I really love the session “Serve” by Mistress Alexandra. It’s something very pure. Well, maybe the word “pure” doesn’t sound exciting, but what about “pure submissive bliss”? It’s heaven. Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, for training me! Your words are intoxicating. Thank you for filling my thoughts with this mantra. I beg you for more programming. I go on my knees for more opportunities to submit to you and recite my mantra for you. You have spoken this session so perfectly. You have so effortlessly dominated and programmed me. Nothing can feel more natural than surrendering to the sound of your voice.

    Well, I have looked up the original script for “Serve”. It’s more or less based on the story/script on mcstories. However, the combination of the mantra and Mistress Alexandra’s radiance have transformed something very beautiful into something sublime. It’s very tasteful since the addition of the mantra is a quite subtle move. But, this immediately puts the session into the context of her other sessions in the series. It’s quite difficult to read such a “simple” script well. Everything depends on the hypnotist transporting the simplicity and the bliss with her voice. But, she not only mastered it, but the result is an outstanding experience exceeding all expectations. And yes, I love my mantra. Thank you so much, Mistress Alexandra! Feel free to program me in any way you want! Accepting your words is true bliss.

  2. Andi_S

    There is a lot of beauty to be found in the relationship between a dominant woman and her submissive and in the acts of service that are done solely to please and bring happiness to another. Mistress Alexandra expresses this so beautifully in ‘Serve’. It filled me with so much joy to listen to this session. I highly recommend this session to anyone who wants to become better at serving others and learn more about the beauty and happiness that such acts of service can bring about.

  3. Braxton


    After multiple attempts to listen to this session, I have accepted the fact that it was meant for me to listen to this session subconsciously only. With my first two attempts, I fell asleep within 10 minutes due to the melodic voice of Mistress Alexandra. The second time that I fell asleep, I slept through the night, and listed to Serve subconsciously for 6 hours. I fell so easily into Mistress Alexandra’s charm.

    Excellent job Alexandra.

  4. Abe

    At often times in sessions, I’m gently pushed further down into trance and I’m left there still to recover from whatever it is that took me deep. In this session, this happened without much thought or words to fully make sense of what just occurred. Leaving my mind and body totally empty.

    A few words have been looping sound my mind and I’m able to say them: Thank You

  5. Orella

    I am so happy to be taking the next step in Mistress Alexandra’s latest series.
    I loved both the Kneel and Obey and Surrender sessions.

    This step is Serve. Yes, please Mistress, thank you for permitting me to serve you Mistress.

    Kneel and Obey embedded the five words and numeric string deeply within me.

    Surrender wowed me and overwhelmed me with submissive pleasure.

    Serve is a delightful journey into the deep joys of service to a dominant woman or dominant women who are right for me.

    I love letting go and floating along on Mistress Alexandra’s beautiful voice, an exquisitely delicious experience.

    Training to help me to experience ever more pleasure in serving and deriving increasing pleasure from acts of service no matter how small. Basking in reflected pleasure by pleasing and serving Mistress Alexandra.

    What a doubly wonderful feeling, to willingly follow Mistress Alexandra’s instructions knowing that in doing so she is pleased, deeply linking my feelings of pleasure to hers.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, for permitting me to serve you and follow your instructions. Tightening my desire to serve linked to feelings of deeply felt pleasure.

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