Length: 14:52

voice: Scarlet

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2 reviews for Sex Doll

  1. Martin

    This quickie hypnotic session explores the dollification fetish, and your obedience to Mistress Scarlet as her submissive play toy.

    If you fantasize about being Scarlet’s toy, her empty obedient doll, then this session is for you.

    Do think about what it would feel like to be shelved, put in your place, with all Scarlet’s other toys? How long might you wait there, watching as she selects other toys to play with instead? Sitting there at the ready for the moment she wants to pull you out and use you for her pleasure. Pose you, move you, make you perform and stroke for her.

    If this session is any indication, it would feel pretty good.

  2. Orella

    I had such high expectations of this session when it was released and I was not disappointed. I loved being transformed into one of Mistress Scarlets mindless blank and empty dolls and added to her doll collection, needing to be played with as Mistress scarlet pleases.
    Being played with and posed by Mistress Scarlet was delicious and then instructed play with my nipples with one hand and stroke cock with the other, obeying as instructed stroking faster for my owner until I am finally commanded to cum.

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