Length: 53:57

Voice: Mistress Sophia

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5 reviews for Sexy Secrets

  1. Eddie

    Great session Mistress. I loved sharing such an intimate secret with you. Where did you even find it, you are a bad girl. I just love your voice it’s so soothing and sexy I just melt right into it. I can’t wait until we meet again to share another secret, maybe one yours.

  2. Gary B

    “Mistress Sophia, can I have your autograph”? “I’m your biggest fan”! I was enjoying some trance time, listening to various files. I just received Sexy Secrets yesterday (3-15-23).
    I get started and quickly get drawn in. I’m smiling on the inside and focus sharply on this captivating voice that had so surpised me. Her tone is soft, and easily masks anything word wise, that isn’t. There you have it. The perfect balance.
    The file ends. I’m still smiling. I felt an immediate connection because of a voice that had quickly established my trust. Sexy Secrets won me over so easily. I can’t wait to hear the next release from Mistress Sophia!

  3. Braxton Bryant

    Welcome Back Mistress Sophia. You’ve been missed.

  4. Orella

    I was so very happy to listen to the teaser for this session release, it feels like such a long time since the last session was released by Mistress Sophia.

    I press play in eager anticipation of hearing Mistress Sophia’s voice and embarking on this Sexy Secrets journey with her.

    A wave of happiness ripples through me as Mistress Sophia’s bubbly sexy sweet yet naughty voice fills my ears, in no time at all I am lost in desire to let go and fall deeply under Mistress Sophia’s control, trusting her completely and totally loving being taken to wherever she wishes to take me and experience whatever she chooses for me.

    My arousal levels build in intensity as I listen, Mistress Sophia’s voice dripping with amused naughty playfulness.

    Down I go deeper and deeper and deeper lost in the imagery, sensations and feelings filling my existence, I am helplessly lost in Mistress Sophia’s voice and words as she has become the source of my reality within the session.

    Sexy heels, alluring stockings and a little higher delicious bliss are fuelling my aroused sweetly tormented frustration and I love every moment.

    As I am awoken from trance by Mistress Sophia, I am very aroused and deeply happy. I am intensely frustrated and desperate to play but there are compelling instructions to obey before anything else could be considered. Plus, as a THM Chastity Pet I must remain aroused and frustrated until given explicit permission.

    Thank you, Mistress Sophia, I have missed you very much, I was thrilled to find that you were releasing a new session, I loved listening to your voice and being taken on this Sexy Secrets journey by you Mistress.

  5. lorenzo

    Welcome back Sophia! It has been a while but at the same time it all feels so familiar. I guess that whats happened when you really trust someone as i trust you, Sophia.
    It just feels like I am save with Sophia. I will strive to be your good boy that occasionally sins whenever you want me too. And although that sounds a bit contradicting, It is ok because… I trust Sophia

    In my desperate state, caused by this session, I couldn’t help writing a little secret letter. I wouldn’t share it with anyone… except Sophia. I really trust Sophia @.@

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