Length: 60:32

Voice: Mistress Katya

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3 reviews for Silken Pleasures

  1. Abe

    Even though I’ve never had the chance to speak with Katya before, I feel her that much closer and closer and her voice has become so much easier, smoother and enjoyable to hear, and she is very very sexy.

    Listening to Primer a few days prior was all I need for my body and mind to get aroused by sexy silk. Remembering what Katya helped me discover when it comes to silk in her previous session blocked every single thought I had in my mind. The compulsion and need to find sexy panties and doing what was expected from me became my ultimate task.

    This second part is simply incredibly sexy, hot and tempting. Mistress Mia’s foreplay is brought to life the moment you hear her say “silk” and every time you hear that word, it becomes easier and sexier to become a slave to sexy silk panties or smooth boxers, whatever your aroused mind craves.

    I love the bonding part here, I feel the bonds of Mistress Mia even through Katya, and I guess the reason for this is because I feel Katya through her. This is a session where I know I will listen numerous times, get tied and give full control to a very sexy and powerful Mistress like Katya.

    I will be teased and pleasured until I’m needy and desperate with no way out of my predicament. There just tied tight unable to move or do anything about it.

  2. MicHam99

    I feel so lucky to be part of Mia’s World; My Mistress give me so much! every week producing new sessions, it’s incredible to produce once a week so much and so great quality, I am very impress. Saturday is my favorite day! I feel that Mistress Mia don’t take often a rest. Absorbing all these! I lost the count of how many I listen as per today. Hum!

    This foreplay in The Silken Pleasures! Wow! it’s knocking me down, so great story again, so arousing. Always setting the table so well, for what is coming next for us PET’s. Mistress Mia Your beautiful voice and deep mind penetration is now for me so natural.

    The foreplay is so captivating, that I forgot what is coming after….. Thank you, Mistress, for all you do for me, for us.

    And then suddenly, Mistress Katya soft silken voice surround me totally, I felt again the little doggie for mistress eating in the palm of her hand…. My empty and open mind, was so ready to absorb, accepting so naturally every suggestion Mistress will feed me.
    Thank you so much Mistress Katya for taking good care of your little doggie. This file is so arousing so if you are lockdown just be aware. Don’t worry I did survive.

    Before my arrival at THM I didn’t imagine myself craving for Silken or anything else that I crave now. I guess my mind programming is going so well, humm! What am sure of! is! I am in good hands with our Mistress’s.

    What a great adventure. (Michel)

  3. Orella

    The foreplay story that Mistress Mia weaves so vividly is such a sexy sensual tale of deliciousness. I could imagine every detail that she described, especially the silky sexy lingerie, so many images of such exquisitely sensual intimate items. How stunning the vision of Mistress Mia is, indelibly etched in my mind.
    Then came the rules……. Gulp, oh my! More images flow throughout my mind filling me with myriad of feelings.

    In my already aroused state, suddenly Mistress Katya’s voice fills my ears and seeps into my willing open aroused mind.

    I happily give in to Mistress Katya’s words and float along tantalised by silky images in my mind and deliciously sensuous sensations of smooth silk teasing my skin and sense of touch.
    The swishing sound of the silk as she moves, her scent overwhelming me, heels click clacking as she walks.

    Breathing slow and steady as I drift deeper and deeper lost in Mistress Katya’s voice.
    Images of silky feminine contours drift across my mind.
    Delicate yet so strong, colourful silky material rendering me further and further into helplessness at Mistress Katya’s mercy.

    Post the session a vague glimmer of questions and responses dance like shadows in darkness just outside conscious memory.
    A latent feeling of intimate delicate silken pressure encasing my desire teasing me and driving me deeper into helpless desperation.

    Thank you, Mistress Katya, for this delicious journey into a helpless silky state of desperate arousal and desire.

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