Length: 43:44

Voice: Mistress Katya

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6 reviews for Silken Seduction

  1. Dale Roads

    An appointment with Dr Croft in her office … ensconced within her chair, getting comfortable, relaxing, dropping into a trusting bliss … but then a phone call. A short conversation, and Dr Croft apologizes and instructs you to continue taking slow deep breathes and then tells you that she will return shortly. So comfortable, like a mouse in a nest.

    Then, a short time later, the click of the door opening, and a voice, but it is not Dr Croft. Entering, a strangers voice, Katya’s voice, asking if anyone is present. Your heart pounds, this voice, it seems to purr. She says “Oh …” sounding like a cat who has discovered a mouse playing on the kitchen floor. She begins straightening up Dr Crofts desk and says that the Doctor will return a little later. You are caught in a fascination, caught watching her pretty yellow finger nails dance across the objects she is moving.

    Katya continues on, talking in her low sultry voice so evenly that describing how to make spaghetti or castrate a lab mouse, it would sound the same. And you would not move in either case, hypnotized and paralyzed. Of course, you feel almost certain she would never do the latter … to you.

    It is then that she tells of listening in on Dr Crofts sessions and how interesting this thing “hypnotism” is, and what if a person could be hypnotized without even realizing it was happening. A buzz, from the subconscious sends a tickle down the spine.

    ‘You know’, she conjectures, someone could be hypnotized and not be able to resist. This reviewer must report that Katya plays a deep game, because one has the eerie feeling that one is no longer in the room in your own house but rather is having a real experience guided by Katya in Dr Crofts office in the very moment. And would you know it, you really can’t resist, take the headphones off, stop listening.

    Well, there is much, much more. The whole smooth glide into a trance, the realization of her taking control of your emotions and feelings. Your libido seemingly simmering in her cooking pot like a dumping in a stew, an unsteadiness in your psychic stance. And then there is a new fetish string being attached, silk.

    You get the idea, she will have you through fascination, and this is just the beginning. This might not be one for the timid, but that is always the case with Katya

  2. Andi_S

    This session has really grown on me. At first I didn’t feel much when I listened to it. But even after the first listen the idea that I wanted to buy a pair of sexy silk panties for myself had taken root in my mind. After a few listens my response had become a lot more intense as well.

    Mistress Katya’s voice feels so good inside my mind. She makes me feel weightless, floating in bliss. I also started to look at silk panties online and it made me so aroused. I ended up ordering a nice red pair of satin silk panties. I really hope it arrives soon. Maybe I will have to go to a local store as well because I am just really want to feel this incredibly sexy fabric on my skin.

    It took me a while to get into this session but now I listen every day and I love it. Mistress Katya’s voice and this whole session is as gentle and sexy as silk itself. Thank you, Mistress Katya, for letting me experience the beauty and eroticism of your silken seduction.

  3. lorenzo

    Once upon a time I was one of the few lucky boys to receive a smooth boxer as a gift from Mia. It came in real handy during this one. Absolute great session by Katja

  4. Abe

    I’m blown away by this session… I just love silk around my body

    I’ve given myself to the feminine seduction of sexy smooth silk, and Katya here just reinforced this arousal I feel inside every time I touch, caress and put on smooth silky lingerie or boxers that wrap my most sensitive areas of my body that only causes more arousal even even stronger cravings for more of that silky touch.

    The foreplay was sexy, hearing Mistress Mia talk about the gift she gave to one of her boys, a pair of her own sexy panties to carry on along and even to put on just for the pleasure of obeying her desire made me horny with desire to feel and experience everything she mentioned in that foreplay, then I remembered that I had my own little pair that I bought without any reason, I simply did, but just listening to this session for the 3rd time, I finally see why I did. My subconscious made me do it just for this session…

    Listening to sessions as a naked obedient boy feels wonderful but listening while being only in a pair of sexy smooth silky fabric around my genitals making my cock rock hard by each word that is presented in my mind is that much stronger than while being totally nude. My cock switches and thickens as it’s pushed towards that smoothness.

    It feels sexy to be conditioned and controlled this way, knowing that you are pleasing and arousing a dominant woman in this intimate manner. Katya did an awesome job bringing all these sensations to life, to my body, feeling every word that slipped from her delicious mouth and tongue feeling them all over my sensitive areas. I was lost in so much pleasure that I lost myself in all the pleasure I was feeling listening to her, making my panties wet as I unloaded buckets of cum on to them after the session was over.

    Silk feels amazing, a desire of mine that was silently hidden but that is now presented for all my Hypnomistresses to take and play with. I’m a puffy at their silky touch. Thank You Mistress Mia and Katya for bringing this sexy session to life!

  5. Orella

    For as far back as I can recall, I have been fascinated by the tactile, olfactory, auditory and visual delights of various materials. As such this session pushes buttons deep within me.

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay is such a lot of fun, I loved listening to her words, my imagination generating images and a variety of sensations as I drifted along thinking what a lucky pet she was speaking about.

    I was expecting to encounter Mistress Katya, as this is one of her sessions.
    I was intrigued to encounter Dr Croft, and the way this became an illicit naughty dalliance lost in Mistress Katya’s silken sexy voice helplessly and happily lost within this sexy silken sensual experience.

    Thank you, Mistress Katya, for creating and taking me into this deliciously sensual silken intimate experience with you.

  6. Braxton

    Intriguing. Captivating. Sexy.
    Silk is universally recognized as one of the most alluring, and sexy materials that a woman can encase her body in. The foreplay as usual sets this session up perfectly. In this file, Silken Seduction, we are treated by the sexy temptresses, Mistress Katya. Her voice is always silky smooth, exuding erotic energy. She’s up for trying out her own hypnotic techniques on you, and decides to condition you to crave the touch of silk, teasing you ever so gently with light touches, and caresses from her silk material she has on hand…

    Katya, you performed this session so well! I felt myself drifting in, and out, but hanging on to your every word from this session. For as long as I can remember I’ve been easily turned on by silk. I dated a lady once who shared this loved of silk with me as well. She owned 2 pair of silk panties that were my absolute favorite of hers. One pair was a pair of emerald green hipsters that I loved, they fit her so well. The other was a white pair of cheeky panties with silver bubbles patterned all over them, again they fit her like a glove, hugging her hips and fitting her perfectly. The thought of silk lingerie alone can intoxicating for me.

    Excellent work Katya.

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