Length: 42:39

Voice: Mistress Alicia

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19 reviews for Sink into Sleep

  1. Miaslave

    These is a awesome start. I accidentally had the repeat on one track on. I fell asleep almost immediately or fell so deep into hypnosis that I did not notice the change between trance and sleep. I only know that I suddenly became aware of Alicia’s voice in my dream and that irritated me at the same time and made me fall even deeper. The feeling was similar to the obidience loops. I can only recommend this session and look forward to more sessions from Alicia.

  2. DaleRoads

    Sorry for the typo, Mistress Alicia … I should have woken up before writing, still … quite a ride.

  3. DaleRoads

    choo choo, choo choo … choo choo, choo choo … woo, woo Mistress Alisha online, so fine.

    Aboard her express, comfortably seated, her words pass dreamily by, for moments like scenery, pasturelands, trees, gently babbling brooks, white clouds in the blue sky, cows chewing their cud, also hypnotized. And then as though she is sitting across from you, you find yourself nodding as she shares personal feelings.

    Clickity-Clack, Clickity-Clack. So comfortable, why wake up ever? I’m onboard, whatever the final destination.

  4. tymissmayihaveanother

    Mistress Alicia has a sweet and inviting voice, that quickly calms and relaxes me. I have listened twice and have not yet made it to the end. She speaks to the listener, and still makes it a one on one interaction. Just saying “sweet boy” was a warm feeling that made me melt for Her. One session in, and already I am anticipating more. Welcome to THM Miss, and thank You for Your control and caring. Time for me to try a third time. Yes Mistress…

  5. Lagaz

    Have to say, three minutes into this inaugural full length session and already weighing anchors is a fine path to becoming a welcome addition to Mia’s friends allowed to play with us, Her toys. The respect of the dance known also as Hypnosis is ever-present in tone & timber of the Ericksonian conversational approach, creating an instant bond. Looking forwards to many more opportunities to experience such distractions from the everyday antics

  6. Bobby

    I just listened to this wonderful session for the first time and as others have said, it really is hard to believe that this is Mistress Alicia’s first solo session. I really enjoyed the structure of the file and how she used her voice to speak with the listener and to drop them down. I found it very effective and enjoyable. I am excited for the next session and thoroughly look forward to being played with by Mistress Alicia again!

  7. Peter B

    Alicia voice is really nice and her hypnotic touch..
    drawing me in word by word. Trancing away listen to her guides, waiting on her words sink me deep into sleep..

    Can’t wait till her next sessions. Her voice is really erotic and hypnotic!

  8. james r

    I’ve just heard Ms Alicia first session Fantastic what a natural . She gave me the distinct impression she loves the sexual power and control she can wield over Mia’s boys . A lady who loves her work wow.

  9. Jon Sun

    I think there is a trick to this. Every other review seems to be saying the same. She is not so new to hypnotizing people I think. But it’s true the hypnosis is very strong.

  10. Kin

    For someone relatively new to hypnosis, Alicia is surprisingly skillful. I had to listen several times because I keep losing track and waking up at the end (feeling more vague every time). Maybe that is the trick to it. You go back to find the point where she drops you and each time it sneaks up on you. I’m very curious to hear more from her.

  11. Jojo

    Alicia, it felt so good and was so easy to fall into a blissful trance for you. From the very first moment I was hooked by your gentle, sweet voice, making me to follow and be an obedient boy. You wear that innocent look of a beginner but I believe you know exactly how to lure us into your trap. I hope that we will see many more sessions from you here at THM.

  12. Abe

    I’ll say this before anything else… Alicia has become my new favorite. There’s something about her that really makes me open up this deeply. Her cheerful personality, her openness about how nervous she is, being this session her first full session here at THM, quite a wonderful gal from a not so far island. My mind welcomes you!

    A gentle smooth dominance where we can drift off and sink into a deep sleep by a wonderful girl and her voice. I went very deep in my first listen, just listening and following you, word after word, floating around and around feeling wonderful and good being guided into blissful surrender and peaceful sleep.

    Can’t wait to listen to this one every night before bed.
    This was wonderful and hopefully we get treated to more sessions by Alicia.

  13. Alexander

    It’s incredible, that this is Alicia’s first solo session. I was instantly hooked by her voice, at first I smiled while she introduced herself, but as soon as she put me under, I blanked out. Her sweet voice can definitely fool some boys into falling for her traps, if she wants to. I’m looking forward to see or rather hear more from her, she made a very strong first impression with this session.

  14. GoodBoyLance

    Alicia will make a fine addition to The Hypno Mistress, her soothing and gentle voice is perfect for luring helpless hypno boys into a hypnotized trance. I was hooked at the part where she said “good boy” but that is my own weak spot. I hope to see Alicia blossom into a confident hypno Mistress with her own style to hypnotize us boys.

  15. Andi_S

    Now that I have read the other reviews, yes, indeed, when you listen to Miss Alicia’s voice, you would not suspect that this is her first hypnosis session. Her voice is so sweet and easy to listen to. And once she switches to hypnosis mode it is one of the most soothing voices I have ever heard. It felt so good to let her voice into my mind and guide me to sinking into sleep for her. This is a perfect session for when you just want to relax and forget about the stress in your life for a while.

    Miss Alicia, thank you for hypnotizing me. Your voice is so soothing and beautiful and you have me hooked for more. You turned me into a mushy, mindless puddle of joy and I loved it. I am excited for your journey as a hypnotist at THM and am happy to let you into my mind and lead me wherever you wish to go and turn me into your boy, your toy, or whatever you want.

  16. Orella

    Wow, what a wonderful first solo session from Mistress Alicia. I hope that there will be many more.

    This is a deliciously sweet session, I loved listening to Mistress Alicia’s voice, her words dripping into my ears and as I listen her sexy voice slowly fades my mind into the background.

    I become a happy passenger, drifting along ever more deeply lost in Mistress Alicia’s voice, why would I need or want any control when I can let go and be beautifully wrapped in her delicious control.

    I loved being an obedient sleepy boy for Mistress Alicia. During the session there is a switch from her sweet sexy voice to her smooth deeply sensual voice.

    Thank you, Mistress Alicia, I love this session, thank you for creating this delicious experience for me to enjoy.
    I am so looking forward to future sessions, I cannot wait to be your obedient toy, your obedient pet or anything you wish me to be Mistress.

  17. Taigh

    Oh wow. It’s like there are two Alicias. Sweet Alicia and her hot twin sister, who (just happens to be) a very assured hypnotist.
    I cant quite put the two conversations together in my mind, now that I’m thinking back and trying to recall the details. I can still very much feel that sensation of dropping, like it’s replaying over in my mind and taking me back..and just thinking of that voice saying those words is already sending me. I love it! And want more Alicia please. Thank You Mistress Mia for introducing us to Alicia. I’m hooked.

  18. lorenzo

    We are being fooled…

    I don’t believe it. I simply don’t. There ain’t no way this is Alicia’s first ever doing a full hypnotic session. I just know Her and Mia are having a laugh about this.

    Alicia’s normal voice is very different from her induction voice. The casual way she just chit chats with you is in fact very cute and disarming. Still, even after my 3rd listen I cant figure out where the casual chatting ends and the hypnosis starts… It just all went so… smooth. One moment you are getting to meet the innocent sweet Alicia and the next moment you want to be a sweet boy for a very powerful new HypnoMistress.

    Still not convinced? Than answer me this. If Alicia is such an inexperienced hypnotist then why am I ending this review begging for more?

    Please Alicia, just please come back as soon as possible (I just hope for next month). I know there is a slight chance of you reading this review and I just want you to know that I’m aching for you to just sink me in to sleep once more. It felt really good being your sweet sleepy boy…

  19. Braxton

    Relaxing. Entrancing. Soothing.

    In this dream like trance, we are greeted by the newest addition to the HypnoMistress roster, Mistress Alicia. In fact, she is sent to us directly by Mistress Mia herself. This is a classic trance session that is perfect for anyone ready, and willing to surrender to a sweet voice.

    Alicia, honestly speaking no one could’ve convinced me that this was your first session. You did an exceptional job! This session was perfect, and it was just what I needed to escape the stresses of life for a few moments. Thank you. Your future is bright for sure. I’m very excited to have you added to the fantastic ladies that make up The HypnoMistress.

    Outstanding job Alicia.

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