Length: 52:45
Voice: Mistress Mia

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9 reviews for Sink Snap Click

  1. squealerson

    While I’m not entirely sure, I believe this is one of the sessions that Mistress Mia used to lock my cock up for Loctober. I wore a metal cock cage much of the month, but it didn’t really matter as Mia locked her mental cage quite tightly. I’ve heard her say that this session holds the key to the release of her mental lock, but she includes some very strong amnesia effects that makes recalling the instructions rather tricky. I’ve listened several times but it still escapes me.

    Even though Loctober is over, her lock is still in place. I don’t have the unlocking file that others might have received as Mia suggested she would prefer I stay locked. I so badly want to be released so I think I need to listen to this one again. That probably won’t work but I’m desperate. Such an effective little trap. Thank you Mia. I can only hope that you are receiving all the pleasure you deserve.

  2. philmslim

    Guaranteed to leave you in a deeply suggestible state, each *snap* will melt away your resistance until all that is left is throbbing need to please Mia.

  3. Abe

    I lost in Mia’s Locktober challenge because my cock owns me, but Mia owns my cock, therefore she owns us. Perhaps chastity is not for in mu calling, I’m in too deep in a whole that I don’t ever see myself from ever escaping, perhaps Mia put me there a long time ago, but honestly if I do end up escaping or leaving that hole I’m, then I can finally proclaim victory over Mistress, which I’ll never want. Mistress wins either way, one way of another. I enjoyed this session, it did me well.

  4. Braxton


    Wow. This session was an unbelievable experience. It’s done so well, and strangely encourages me to crave chastity more, and more. I’m ecstatic, and can’t wait to give my full review during Skull Session Locktober ’23.

    Outstanding Mia!

  5. Spirit

    Wow, just listened to Sink Snap Click and I just have to share how much I love this session. I think it may be the most powerful session Mia has ever made. Definitely lived up to the high expectations I had built for it while looking forward to it for this past week of Loctober’s chaste tease and denial.

    The session combines several of my favourite things:

    It let me get to know Mistress Mia a bit better, as she shares her views on chastity and tease and denial through a sexy story.

    It dropped me deeper than any session ever had before, into a powerful trance – making me feel helpless and without control in the best of ways.

    It gave me some emotional fulfilment, feeling owned and close to Mia, and made me feel like the luckiest boy alive. Making me want to be chaste for her not just as a challenge or to please her, but as something I could dream about doing in real life in the long-term. This is new to me. Very powerful and immensely satisfying.

    It emphasized consent in giving me a choice whether I wanted to stay in chastity, yet also used that to tease me about how I did want to stay… and then took that choice away by making me forget the way out of chastity and lose that bit of imagined control once more.

    And of course, it made me insanely horny and frustrated and gave me very blue balls. But I must admit I loved every second of it and will be listening to this many, many times more to repeat the experience.

  6. Kotor

    Amazing session.
    I think I’ve heard it all, but I can’t remember the sentence.
    I just want to stay chaste for Mistress Mia one day at a time.

  7. Taigh Dupp

    After listening to so many of Mia’s wonderful hypnosis files, as soon as my mind hears her voice cooing to me…calling me to pleasure, it usually just flips in a sentence or two, automatically going to Hypnosis.
    So i really appreciated the way Mistress Mia kept we aware for quite some time, to drive me crazy with her explanation of why she loves making men her chastity pets.
    If you are in chastity (1 week for me) this session is sex. It feels like an hour long orgasm as she slows time way down. My locked cock (or is it now hers?) just pulsing and throbbing non-stop, my hips humping blindly as her voice wrapped me in pleasure. My whole body was tingling with pleasure.
    After, all I want is to please Her. To be locked for her. to wear her ring. To be on my knees, between her thighs, under her spell. And naturally, to listen again.

  8. lorenzo

    Everything is so simple… I’m so glad how everything just *click’s* into place when Mia is around. Every single day,1 day at a time, I think of Mia and mindnumbing games. Locktober is amazing so far, its hard to remember why I enrolled in it after this session, but things just kinda *clicked*.

    And Mia is such a gentle loving hypnotist. The key to getting out of Locktober is actually somewhere in this file. I don’t remember it myself, it just kind of clicked out my mind, but it’s there.

    I myself couldn’t touch if I wanted to, a single snap makes my body to numb and sluggish to even perform such an act. I just very much love the sound of Mia’s snaps though. It just reminds me of how I’m only good to give footrubs, lick and obey during this month.

    I also very much love the *click* sound. It just brings me back to the start of this review were: Everything is so simple…

  9. Orella

    A great first new session release for the month of Loctober 2023.

    This session elaborates on what it means and takes to be a good ‘Chastity Pet’ loving being locked in devoted servitude to the pleasure and control of a dominant woman.

    I love the pleasure of feeling her total control as only she decides when ‘her cock’ is played with and when it pleases her for it to cum.
    The power dynamic fuelling Mistress’ arousal and mine, her chastity pet, my feelings of deep happiness and arousal that flow from the joy of being so totally owned and controlled by such a wonderful Mistress go beyond words.

    I am lucky to have become so totally conditioned by Mistress Mia over the last 5 years that total obedience and servitude to her feels completely natural and right. Touching ‘her cock’ if it is erect is unthinkable without her permission.

    However, this session is for everyone, especially those who have embraced ‘Mia’s Loctober Challenge’. Many attempting Chaste servitude for the first time or who have tried Chastity and are attempting to extend their previous duration.
    The session contains a phrase to use in a communication to Mistress Mia in the event that you fail the challenge.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for this session that so perfectly expresses the pleasure and frustrated arousal that flows from allowing me to serve as one of your devoted chastity pets.

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