Length: 39:09

Voice:Mistress Mia Croft

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4 reviews for Sink Snap Sleep

  1. mattintrance

    How about just sitting down with Mistress Mia, and having Her tell you exactly what She has in store. What’s going to happen to you if you keep listening. The methods She will use to drop you deep into Her control. How you’ll be desperate to come back for more. Nervous? Afraid? Having second thoughts.? Well—it’s already too late. She snared your mind with the first words from her lovely lips, and now She has you in that delicious in-between state, where you’re not yet fully under, but already too dazed and weak to leave even if you wanted to. But why would you want to do a silly thing like that? Give up all this pleasure? No. You’re Her’s now. Don’t worry. Everything’s going to be just fine. Just relax, give in, and wait for that first snap. You’ve got a whole new life ahead of you.
    142 ARA

  2. Seeken

    I’ve been listening to this session the last few evenings and it has become one of my all time favorites. After a few listens it now puts me in a very deep trance which feels fantastic.
    Last night the cat jumped up onto the bed and this pulled me out of trance. I got up to feed him and it almost felt like I was in another reality. Wonderful Bliss.
    This session does not include any explicit language or suggestions but I recommend it to anyone interested in hypnosis. Mistress MIa has crafted a masterpiece that is both a delight to listen to and an incredible tool that will help you experience deeper levels of trance. Listening to this session before other sessions made the following sesssion feel far more vivid than I have experienced in the past.
    A must have addition to any library and, If you are new to MIstress MIa’s work, I would say this session should be one of the first files you acquire. Including it in a playlist should make everything that comes after all the more enjoyable. Unhesitatingly recommended !!!!!

  3. SoVeryBlissful

    There is a lot of knowledge of hypnosis techniques behind this
    recording. While there is a an obvious formal framework of fractionation,
    this fractionation is presented with pure word magic.
    I felt enchanted by the sheer mastery of language.
    Applying Ericksonian hypnosis can sometimes a little bit more difficult
    as it is more a framework of methods which have to be adapted and tailored.
    There exists a huge amount of word patterns, but it is far from obvious
    how to apply them to erotic scenarios.
    In this recording, Mia clearly sets new standards how natural,
    exciting and playful these techniques can be used.
    For me, it is obvious that this a supreme work of art.
    It is like a good piece of music or a painting where the artist has studied
    the basic techniques and composition guidelines and practiced them over and over
    again until finally her skills have so far progressed that she can work
    instinctively, just following her good taste, and produces something
    which is more based on understanding of how things really work rather than
    on concrete guidelines or fixed forms.
    When an artist has reached this level, there is so much room for playfulness and creativity
    which are qualities, I yearn to hear in erotic hypnosis recordings
    and which are in so much abundance in “SINK SNAP SLEEP”.

    This is fractionation recording, and this is so much more than a fractionation recording.

    You can be excited about going deeper with every time, Mia sends us back to sleep,
    or you can be excited about the language by which she celebrates by every word.
    Every word is part of a celebration. Every word and every moment are special.
    Every word contains some hidden magic. Every word can fully captivate
    while the subconscious mind can let go.
    At the end of this rollercoaster of up and down, there was only one direction for me:
    Deeper into a realm of transcendence. Deeper beyond time and space, a spaceless deeper,
    just deeper for Mistress Mia.

    Thank you, Mia!

  4. Orella

    I listened to this session at about 22:00 my time on Friday 24 January. I am writing this review at 08:20 on Saturday 25 January and I am still feeling the effects of this session, I am a little dislocated from the way I usually feel when I get up in the morning and my mind has a cotton wool feeling of delayed thoughts slowed down on their journey around my brain, perhaps I am have not fully emerged from trance or my very deep sleep quite yet.
    Thinking back to the session last night, I recall Listening to the start of the session and the beautiful voice of Mistress Mia explaining about fractionation sessions, I recall the initial commands to sleep and wake, although on the wake commands it became ever more difficult to open my eyes and then can I consciously recall nothing more, it is a blank where my memory should be.
    I did wake up briefly about 5 hours after the audio ended, I had to drag myself up from the depths and had no idea where I was for a few minutes, then I realised that I was in bed with my earbuds still in my ears, I took them out and fell back into a very deep relaxed sleep until the cat woke me up demanding her breakfast.

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4 years 2 months ago

This has become one of my absolute favorites. I would try to write a review but it’s like when I think about this session I am reminded of how good it feels but my head feels kind of empty. Being taken up and down, up and down, in and out of trance, it just takes me so deep and it feels so good. But what is being said? It’s like when I try to look inward where that memory should be there is just that feeling and I can’t get through to where the memory is. Mmmh,…just so good. Thank you Mistress. You’re the best.

4 years 4 months ago

I’ve been listening to the Primer for this for the last 3 days. I would have listened about 4 times and each time I feel a little more easily tranced than the time before, a little more responsive. I am now feeling ridiculously excited to listen to the full session. Thank you Mia.