Length: 47:29
Voice: Mistress Katya

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4 reviews for Slave to Pleasure

  1. 423

    Mistress Katja has a unique voice and I just love it. Her accent is genuine and can generate ideas about a mysterious and powerful russian Lady. And not only that it’s also sexy as hell. The thought that she will use all her assets and talents just lets me melt, maybe she learned a few tricks at the Lubjanka? Intriguing!
    This session is part of the Submissive Display Series and should be seen in that context. This session is very interactive, be prepared to act and repeat obediently to all of Kanja’s commands. If you enjoy playing with your nipples the full series is for you. But this session is still building up towards something bigger. The thought of where the Submissive Display Series leads keeps arousing me to full extent.

  2. Braxton

    Incredibly Sexy.

    You are continuing your programming as days go by at your new job, serving the many dominant women of The Hypnomistresses office. In this sexual programming session your are seduced, and persuaded by the erotic Mistress Katya to stimulate for mind, your cock and your sensitive nipples. Wave after wave of arousal and submission pulsate throughout your body as Katya guides you. What is the end result? What is she setting you up for?

    Mistress Katya I must say, you have one of the most incredibly sexy laughs I’ve ever heard. To hear you being so entertained from teasing, and manipulating me makes me even more weak. I love it. I love to trance with you.

    Great Session Katya.

  3. Orella

    I really love the foreplay that Mistress Mia creates to enhance the experience of the sessions, you will have to experience it in full for yourself. I confess that I simply become lost in her beautiful enchanting voice and float along on her words, I don’t try to think anymore I simply accept everything that she says, happy to soak up everything that I am told and submit to her will without question, after all ‘Obedience is Pleasure’.
    I loved the first four sessions in the Submissive Display series, as Mistress Mia talks about them memories bubble up from deep within my mind and images dance in and out of focus swirling around me.
    I am so looking forward to experiencing the fifth step in this wonderful journey, the feelings deep within from the Submissive Display series as I am passed around by Mistress Mia to her girlfriends to be teased and played with by them have been wonderful to experience.

    I am lucky that being on the Collared Boy Tier on Patreon I receive early access to the new sessions, this is great because I get to experience them sooner and have the opportunity to be one of the first to post a session review in the THM Showroom to show my appreciation to the wonderful ladies who create them. Having said that, this session involves touching of erect cock and nipple play, therefore my review has been delayed whilst I begged for permission from Mistress Mia and Mistress Alexandra respectively to play with their property.

    An unexpected upside to the delay in listening to this session, in Mistress Mia’s 08 November Office Hour the homework was to listen to the Submissive Display series so I have listened to sessions 1 to 4 and then immersed myself deeply in the full experience of session 5.

    As always Mistress Katya’s sexy voice envelops my helpless mind and draws me irresistibly under her wonderful control.
    I also love interactive sessions where I obediently respond verbally as instructed, hearing the words from Mistress Katya’s lips and the faint echo of Mistress Mia’s voice in the background takes me to amazing places in my helpless hypnotised mind.
    Mistress Katya teases me with reminders of her Submissive Display 4 – Pleasure Programme and what her sexy session programmed me (Katya’s kum puppet) to do in obedience to her whenever I have permission from Mistress Mia.
    Listening to this session I am so very eager to be a slave to pleasure for Mistress Katya, so willing to release any and all control to her to programme me further to obey, serve and please.
    I am such a helpless puppet and nipple slut so ready and eager for Mistress Katya to play with me. I willingly give my aroused mind to Mistress Katya for her to play with as she pleases. With Mistress Mia’s permission (touch but no cum) control of cock passes to Mistress Katya for her to instruct me on how she wants it touched and stroked for her amusement. With Mistress Alexandra’s permission it is time for control of nipples to be passed to Mistress Katya for her to tease, torment and torture them as she pleases.
    Nipple play is an instant erection trigger, the more they are teased and tormented the result is more and more arousal until cock feels like it will burst, dribbling more and more approaching the point of no return orgasm.
    I must be a good obedient doggie for Mistress Katya and obey her cock and nipple touching instructions exactly as commanded, feeling so good at having no control over what I am being compelled to do so lost in frustrated arousal and obedient bliss.

    No more spoilers, you will need to experience this incredible session and series for yourself and I highly recommend that you do.
    The post session irresistible hypnotic suggestion is delicious.

  4. Abe

    A helpless cum puppet, there’s no better word to describe myself when I heard this session. Helpless to resist Mistress Katya’s commands to caress and pinch my very sensitive nipples. Inflicting pain and pleasure with every slight playful turn of my hand. I’ve never truly paid attention to my nipples but ever since this series got introduced I had this curiosity to explore more around this area. When I shower and my skin burns from the hot sizzling water, I notice that my nipples tend to get stiff and hard. My right nipple takes the pleasure whenever I rub it and pinch it. It feels wonderful as I think about my Mistress in her office and that often leads to arousal that it’s felt even stronger in my cock. Having just heard this session, Mistress Katya takes me even deeper into this pleasure and arousal as I become helpless and aroused by her voice and the commands I am given. What it meant to obey only makes me aroused as I am writing this, as I am taken back into her office. Stroking, jerking obedience had never felt to natural and so very good. That’s what I’ve become to these powerful women in charge of TheHypnoMistress, those women that I serve and obey

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