Length: 29:00

Voice:Mistress Mia

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3 reviews for Sleep Therapy

  1. Andi_S

    When I first listened to Mistress Mia’s ‘Sleep Therapy’ it instantly became one of my favorites. It felt so cozy. So extremely relaxed and hypnotized. So warm and pleasant and beautiful. I did not fall asleep during the session but my mind was so calm and relaxed that once it ended I kept lying there quietly and calmly until I drifted into sleep. And I am usually very bad at that because I get restless. But I can do it with Mistress Mia’s help. I don’t remember much else from the session other than lying in her lap, feeling so cared for, so cozy and happy, and safe, and so lucky for having such a caring Mistress. Quite frankly the feelings are reminiscent of being lulled into sleep by your mother as a baby. It feels that good.

  2. Orella

    Mistress Mia is so convincing as she portrays her role as my sleep therapist. I trust her completely as she takes me into an off the record therapy session. Her approach is so very relaxing and I feel safe and secure in her expert hands.
    Her gentle touch as I rest my head nestled against her breasts, I watch her swirling fingers tracing circles following with my eyes transfixed to the movement. Her voice carrying me off into deeper and deeper calm relaxation.
    I am counted down, slowly breathing deeply and falling deeper and deeper letting go of my waking minds cares as I drift into a golden light and the increasing call to let go and fall into a state of trance, sleepy and compliant for Mia my therapist.
    I gaze upon a spiral as it starts to spin ever faster, caught is its irresistible pull I cannot take my gaze from it. I suddenly feel Mia tying soft strings around my wrists and ankles each one attached to its own tiny fluffy cloud. In tune with Mia’s guidance I feel myself sending those things troubling my mind away from me along the strings and into the clouds, the clouds swell as they absorb my troubles and problems and I am lifted up by the swelling clouds empty of my problems floating free in relaxed peace and calm.
    Mia gently turns me over as I float weightless in mid-air, I can see another spiral as I am massaged into deeper relaxation by my beautiful therapist’s healing hands and fingers as they move over my body. I am blissfully empty in the complete trusting care of Mia my wonderful therapist.
    I am turned over onto my back and wrapped in blankets of loving care lost in blissful relaxation, gazing into the beautiful spirals in Mia’s green mesmerising eyes I drift into and out of consciousness, I feel the motion back and forth being rocked gently as I drift on the verge of bliss filled sleep until I succumb to a deep happy dream filled sleep.

  3. abe paloe

    An aftercare type of session for my body and mind. Its not very often that I listen to this session but every time I do, I feel much lighter, more weighless and content. Its truly wonderful to know that I can rest my troubles, my tired mind and body through trance this way.

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