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Length: 38:06

Voice: Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2021 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

5 reviews for Sleepy ‘N Hollow

  1. Abe

    Halloween came different this year and with it, a playful seductive Mistress. Sleepy N’ Hallow brought decorating pumpkins with spiral faces to entrance those who dare enough to look and big round breasts to contemplate for each of us to stare deeply and dumbly. The foreplay speaks true about our true selves, a truth about my own self about my submission to powerful women, where I don’t have to put on a custom and mask and seek goods, I simply become what I am, a Mindless boy with no thought, just an empty big mind for Mistress to slip inside and do with it as she wants. The amazing ASMR tingles I felt here were my Halloween candy sugars for my brain and ears.

    Beautifully crafted like the mindless Bobs in this session

  2. lorenzo

    In my head being hypnotized always go in phases. There is the initiation/fascination part where it all starts the struggling/ becoming sleepier/ getting hypnotized part and then lastly there comes the point of no return. There are different ways a subject could look in that phase, but I always (especially with Mia) picture myself with a big dumb smile on my face and spiral eyes. A bit like the old cartoons. There is just something about that expression that is so arousing. Totally mesmerized, dumbed down and blissed out. Ready to do anything for Mia.

    If you liked that description, then I guarantee that this recording will absolutely put a smile on your face 😉

  3. MicHam99

    Sleepy’n Hollow : It is so incredible that Mistress Mia brings me to a complete emptiness so easily and every single times. And it is a complete bliss. I am very very lucky to be part of her World.

    Do yourself a favour and add Mistress Mia foreplay you won’t and never be disappointed ! I am so craving her voice! that I can’t think listening any sessions without the foreplay as they are each time so wonderful. It is always perfect. Mistress is such a story teller. Love her so much.

    Sleepy’n Hollow fantastic session made just in time for us to enjoy and relax for the seasonal halloween! also helping Mistress with her Pumpkins house Decorations, this is something all boy dream and want’s ! Assisting Mistress when she ask for help it is a privilege.

    But something special happen while helping, as I was ask to relax and…and relax even more. Hearing something in my head… I will not reveal more. This is a must listen session. I promise you will love and fall deep in that rabbit hole. If I remember before falling into that hole, my face was showing a smile.

    There is no wake up call. It took me very long the come back to my reality and bring myself to my room.

    Mistress Mia everything you do, everything you touch is perfection and I thank you so much I wish I can do something more to show you all my gratitude.

  4. Pye

    Amazing session. I am still in a state of bliss having listened to it. Mistress’s voice is so beautiful, so warm, so smooth and sensual. She took me, made me blank and empty. It is an exquisite sensation to completely let go and be recreated by her. Thank you, thank you Mistress Mia! What a fantastic session!

  5. Orella

    In the foreplay Mistress Mia poses a question, some intrigue to be revisited later.

    I happily become awash with Mistress Mia’s words, relaxing, floating along, captivated and enchanted as my mind quiets down and relinquishes control to her.

    Memories are triggered as Mistress Mia talked about Insomnium, last year’s Halloween session, which was indeed somewhat a scary tale that brought goose bumps and an uneasy tingling thrill of fear, the kind you get when watching a good horror movie or reading a well written horror story.

    Other memories bubble into awareness, memories of other older THM Halloween sessions.
    Trick or Treat, a delicious duo session featuring Mistress Mia and Mistress Scarlet having their teasing fun.
    Relinquishment of Mind and Flesh, Mistress Mia weaving a scary tale in which to become immersed.

    The session starts so clearly, I listen to Mistress Mia’s clear enjoyment of Halloween, vivid images fill my mind, the room she brings to life, I see the tables, the black sheet that she intends to use to create her Halloween display. I not only visualise and hear the pumpkins being carved, I experience the aroma as well as the texture of the gooey contents as they are scooped from within.

    I am increasingly visualising the orange carved faces, more and more of them.
    I hear Mistress Mia mention her Mind Wash session and elements of that session are dredged up from the depths of my mind momentarily.

    Once again, I am visualising orange lantern faces, the flickering light of candles glowing within.
    A sensation of swirling takes hold, more floating swirling orange carved faces coming into and out of focus, occasionally breasts and nipples too.
    I feel drawn deeper and deeper into the swirling.

    I suddenly become aware of myself and my surroundings. The session must have ended and I cannot recall anything after the swirling took me deep.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, this was a lovely relaxing Halloween session that left me feeling relaxed, happy with a deep sense of calm peacefulness deep within.

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