Length: 34:41

Voice: Mistress Mia

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8 reviews for Sleepy Sub

  1. little fly

    This is so sweet and relaxing a session. I have to confess that at the first time i listened to it, i fell asleep in the middle.
    The idea of being privileged to lay down at Mistress Mia’s feet as a loyal pet, is quite arousing. It might be perceived however like a little bit remote from the senses of the listener. But it’s not, because the sound of Mistress Mia’s voice is felt as if Her voice is actually inside the head of the listener.
    Beyond the sweetness of this session, there is a deep level of submission that is also subtly suggested, as hinted by the title “Sleepy sub” and not “Sleepy pet”. The purpose of sleeping is to serve Mistress Mia, properly with all the energy that is needed.

  2. Mia’s beast

    Mistress Mia cares for Her pets. When one of Her pets cannot sleep, She knows just how to calm you down, get you relaxed, and wraps you up in a blanket of bliss, safety, and imagery.
    Come in, lay back, and let Mistress Mia wind you down little one. You will be reminded, of why Mistress Mia is so, sublime.

  3. Abe

    I felt great pleasure listening to this session.

    Now, pleasure has a lot of meanings to me and this session helped in making these meanings true, a confirmation sorts. To me, pleasure is being happy, being cared for, comprehend by someone I know I can trust, calm, at peace and being aroused with a hard cock.

    I feel that Mia here found a way into the chamber of my most truthful secrets, thoughts and beliefs in how she sees me and how I’m viewed to others and how I view her. It’s also a beautiful mix of sensations inside my body, my soul, my mind making this one of the deepest sessions I have ever been in.

  4. Braxton

    Dreamy. Intimate. Powerful.

    In this dreamy session you can take comfort in knowing that Mistress is with you, watching over you, and soothing your subconscious mind while you drift in, and out of sleep. Her calming words help you to relax into the dream world.

    Mistress, you may not remember, but I told you long ago that the best part of my day was being at your feet. I couldn’t help but to allow my Puppy instincts to takeover during this session. Sleeping at your feet while you comforted me felt so amazing. Thank you Mistress.

  5. Taigh

    Sometimes when you’re looking for a hot erotic fantasy that can lead you to pleasure you can go past a session like this. You look at the title of the session and read the description and you think, this looks like a gentle relaxing session but not one that will be necessarily very erotic. But when you get around to listening something happens, that takes you by surprise. Somehow Mia makes the simple act of laying down at her feet, of curling up and taking shelter in the strength of her personality, to be extraordinarily erotic. The sensation of surrender and awe I felt inside the protection of Mistress Mia’s voice was more erotic than a hot sex scene. I have absolutely no idea how she does it but the sensation is incredible. Instead of sleep I found myself drifting in the deepest imaginable sub-space and afterwards I felt so bound to her power it was beautiful.

  6. Andi_S

    I don’t know how many people listen to Mistress Mia’s sessions. She creates these sessions knowing that quite a number of people from different backgrounds, age groups, countries, etc are going to listen to them. I am just one of many listeners who has had the pleasure of this particular session, Sleepy Sub. And yet as I listen to Mistress Mia talking to me it feels like these words are not directed at hundreds or thousands of listeners but as if they are directed specifically at me. As if she is speaking not about the general submissive audience but specifically about me and to me, Andi. She is an absolute world class artist at creating these experiences that feel so intimate that you wonder if this was meant as a custom session just for you. That was how I felt listening to this session.

    I so loved lying at her feet and with every sentence she spoke I was more and more fascinated and impressed with her beauty of spirit and with the knowledge and skill with which she handles and controls a submissive boy like me. Lying at her feet so entranced and aroused and feeling so understood and cared for and so happy to enjoy this privilege of being under her care and control.

    It is not just a catchphrase – Mistress Mia does know what is best for me. I feel that so intensely when I listen to this session. This has become of my favorites. I listen to it every night and I absolutely love the feeling of being taken into sleep by my Mistress. You are missing out if you haven’t enjoyed this session and this wonderful feeling.

  7. lorenzo

    This session is absolutely perfect after a long day. The feeling of laying down and just let all of your burdens go, while Mia is in control. There is nothing quite like it.

    Mia already has so many titles that reflect her beauty and personality. The Hypno Mistress, Goddess Mia, Mind Mistress.

    But after this specific session I’d like to take the liberty to add yet another title to her ongoing list. Because Mia is the absolute:

    Queen of Intimacy.

  8. Orella

    This session has such a sweet and cute title.
    Mistress Mia’s forepay is a happy relaxing experience, her silky-smooth voice almost lullaby like as she talks about the Obedience training loops that I have been enjoying so very much day after day after day, lost in bliss and deepening obedience.
    As Mistress Mia describes her newly refurbished studio, images fill my mind and I feel that I am actually there with Mistress.
    Mistress talks about her collection of heels, some of which I have seen in the Mia’s Album channel on Discord. My senses are filled with the scent of leather, her beautiful perfumed feet, the images fill my mind and I have a sense of hearing and touching her wonderful heels and caressing her beautiful feet.

    The scene that Mistress Mia weaves with her beautiful voice and exquisitely crafted words draws me deeply into this scenario. A happy sleepy obedient pet, completely open to my Mistress, longing to please her and devote myself to her happiness and pleasure.
    My mind fills with surreal images, reality has taken on new rules of possibility, Mistress Mia’s rules are my trance reality and I drift happily along. A sleepy relaxed pet sinking deeper and deeper into the warm safety and security of Mistress Mia’s voice lost in the world that she has lovingly created for me to enjoy.
    I slip into sleep, dreaming of seeing myself curled up at Mistress Mia’s feet as she works away creating her magical sessions.

    I guess that I am lucky and rarely have trouble sleeping, but I must say that the depth, relaxing quality and refreshing level of sleep that I experienced after listening to this file was wonderful.

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