Length: 39:40

Voice: Mistress Anja

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5 reviews for Sleepy Surrender

  1. Andi_S

    Wow. I wish I could properly express how much I admire and appreciate Mistress Anja and this wonderful session. The way she guides me into hypnosis and sleep feels so good. Mistress Anja’s voice is like a warm blanket that engulfs me and makes me feel so cozy, and comfortable, and aroused. I have become a big fan of yours and I am so happy you are here at the HypnoMistress. Thank you for taking me to sleep and allowing me to experience this sweet sleepy surrender.

  2. lorenzo

    I absolutely love to be hypnotized by dominant females and im honestly a devoted Anja fan. I wish She would tell me to come play with her everyday. And this particular session is just everything every guy wants, to just relax with your hypnotist. Let her soothe, control and mold you into whatever She wants. Thank You Ana, please play with me again and again.

  3. Abe

    I love this session, the feelings I get whenever I’m at my most vulnerable; opened, willing, accepting, and submissive. All these feelings of bliss are what Anja made me experience, plus more in this session. Sometime in the session, I started imagining her breasts as she approached and cradled me, it was really incredible. Her voice is very sweet and sensual, one that you just want to keep on listening and surrender yourself to. This is truly a session you would want to listen whenever you want to feel a dominant women luring and kindly bathing both your body and mind with her sweet voice.

    Thank you for such wonderful session, Anja

  4. Orella

    In early November I experienced the delicious pleasure of listening to Mistress Anja’s doubt session ‘Breast Lover’, a fantastic experience.

    Being a Gold tier VIP member, I had the wonderful pleasure of listening to this beautiful new session ‘Sleepy Surrender’ from Mistress Anja on the cusp of transition from one year to the next.

    This session was a beautiful experience, what a wonderful way to wave fair well to the old year and welcome the new, wrapped in Mistress Anja’s voice cuddled in loving warmth and deep blissful happiness.

    Thank you, Mistress Anja, this session is such an intimate beautifully Bliss filled lovingly sensual arousing cuddle and a place to long to be in forever with you Mistress.

  5. Braxton


    Mistress Anja, wow! I loved this session. This session was very comforting. I loved how you allowed your feminine energy to shine. I’m very excited about your journey here at The HypnoMistress.

    Amazing job Anja.

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