Length: 41:00

Voice:Mistress Mia Croft

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  1. mattintrance

    Fractionation may be favorite tool of the devious, yet caring female hypnotists of the world. No, wait—maybe it’s snaps. Or, it could be the word “sleep,” which is the ultimate single-word magic spell every time Mistress Mia’s velvety voice it drops it into your open mind. Sessions like this are among my favorites. No time or need for bells and whistles. Just drop, sleep, listen, obey, and feel unimaginable pleasure. Being so gently, yet firmly used and manipulated by dominant women was the stuff of my dreams for years. Not anymore—because Mistress Mia makes it real. I gladly hand over my mind, my arousal, my orgasm, and whatever else She wants. Thank You, Mistress for doing this to me.
    142 ARA

  2. Curiously Curious

    An incredible trance, within a trance, within a trance. Up, down, up, down, up and down again and again, each time slipping deeper, floating in a sea of ever increasing arousal and bliss.

    Mistress Mia, THE Hypno Mistress, and incredibly skilled practitioner of her craft, with a voice that could arouse the listener even if she was only reading the phone book aloud. Combine the two and you have a session that has plummeted me to depths of trance I only dreamed about, and did this with every listen.

    This is erotic femdom hypnosis at its very best, stripped back to what the true trance junkie needs, pure female power, blissful trance that produces a bio-feed back of pleasure that instills a desire to submit that makes Pavlov’s dogs seem ill trained.

    I can never go deep enough, but if anyone can ever take me as deep as it is possible, it is Mistress Mia Croft, and still she leaves me wanting to go deeper.

    I cannot do justice to the pure blissful eroticism of this session. Stripped back, pure voice, fractionation, and physical pleasure that makes me whimper with the levels of arousal.

    I could surrender to this trance every day over and over, at the moment that is exactly what I am doing.

    Mistress Mia, I can never go deep enough for you, but I will always surrender to your blissful control because you make me want to go deeper still.

  3. MicHam99

    slip snap slide repeat
    Just wake up from that special trance session. I am very impressed of my total responsiveness to Mistress Mia voice, wow it goes fast even each day. I was already in trance before she really start sliding me deeper and than wake up. I can’t not remember how many times I was sliding, it when very fast and was more and more deep each time. I was so happy when Mistress Mia decide to put me back in a last trance, oh! it was unbelievable deep deep, was a complete bliss. Thank you so much Mistress Mia.

  4. Miaslave

    I try it out after a short night and a long lesson. wow awesome. if you want to be on Mistress mias mercy or you want to be very very very deep under her spell these session is yours. Even after two hours I still fastinated and feels the power from Mistress Mia over me. Before these session I thought I can’t go really deep in hypnosis but now… I never was so deep it was so much deeper, I really was in a timeless “room”. One comand you are out one word you are deeper in than before. These is new for me but totaly awesome

  5. Orella

    I was fortunate that I was one of the lucky boys in attendance at Mistress Mia’s first live trance event, the anticipation of the event was such an electrifying buzz and the experience itself was magical. This session created from the recording of the live event crystallises its essence and draws me ever deeper into Mistress Mia’s wonderful trance and forever changed the way I experience everything.

  6. JohnB

    I used to have trouble getting to sleep. I’d lie in bed thinking about my day or planning my day ahead or thinking about all the things I have to do around the house or worrying about some family matter. I couldn’t fall asleep because I was thinking too much. Counting sheep never worked for me. Usually I would have two or three stiff drinks while watching bad TV. Then I could fall asleep, but alcohol never provides a good nights sleep. This all changed after I discovered Mia and her wonderful hypnotic realm. Whether falling asleep or slipping into trance, the first step is to clear your mind and stop thinking. Mia teaches us that our “mind is for listening, not for thinking”. And it is so nice listening to Mia’s beautiful voice. With Mia as my mind mistress, I fall asleep easily and always have a great night’s sleep. I’m drinking less, losing weight and I feel great. Thank you, Mia!

    What’s special about this session is how deep Mia takes us into trance. And there is no question that “the deeper you go, the more aroused you get”. A deep trance with Mia gives the addictive combination of great relaxation yet intense sexual arousal. My mind is not thinking about anything just hungrily listening to Mia’s voice. In this way, Mia “becomes my mind” and the release from the burden of my normally hyperactive mind is something I seek “again and again and again”.

    Mia takes us in and out of trance multiple times in this session. This technique, which I understand is called fractionation, is known to achieve deeper and deeper levels of trance. As Mia teaches us how easy it is to fall back into trance, the bonus for me is how easy it is to fall asleep when the session ends.

    I supercharge this session by listening to Mind Wash first. Mind Wash does an amazingly good job of clearing your mind of all the worries of day-to-day life. It is Mia’s “Hakuna Matata” session. Mia has many great sessions that I enjoy at bedtime, but pairing Mind Wash with Slip Snap Slide has quickly become my go-to combo after a hectic day at work. Thank you, Mia!

  7. Taigh

    Ten stars ***** ***** – 5 for each of my swirly droopy eyes,
    I was fortunate enough to be there with 20 or so other fans on the night Mia recorded this live trance. It felt like everything I had always fantasised about, experiencing the real thing with Mia . I was nervous and exited but Mia calms you down at the start of the session. Now I am enjoying reliving my own first live trance, every time I listen to this session, which I do often. Its mostly about experiencing deep trance, but the erotic elements that Mia drops in throughout only reinforce how trance can be erotic all by itself, the sense of giving control to dominant woman and letting her take the reigns, directing your thoughts and feelings. This is very special and If you ever get the chance to have this experience with Mia (She’s said she wants to do more of these) then do whatever you need to do to be part of it, you wont regret it.

  8. Abe

    The moment you surrender fully to Mia, when you become one of her boys is the moment you stop listening and start feeling. This session is all about feeling your Mistress closer and closer like never before and not just listening in. What I find amazing in this session is the very similarity deepening I feel while trancing in past recorded sessions, the feelings, surrender, and everything that is blissful is felt just as good.

    In Slip Snap and Slide, Mia take full control of your mind when you least expect it, you go in as a listener and end up becoming an obedient good boy who melts at her every word. I became limp, I tried moving my body but I was so relaxed that I simply allowed that to happen. Waking up being this deep feels so good, but going under even deeper feels even better, and that´s what Mia does here.

    Having to experience total surrender, bliss, total relaxation and arosual over and over for over 40 minutes is so wonderful…

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4 years 9 months ago

Just coming down from spending time with Mistress Mia in her Office Hours chat. Feels amazing being with her like that. She’s incredible. Thank you Mistress Mia.

4 years 9 months ago

Having seen a couple of pictures of Mia where her face was not visible but her incredible BODY was …. I can say that this image is making really really hot. Because in my opinion, that’s a pretty close match to the real woman whose voice you will be listening to in this session…. imagine that.