Length: 25:13

voice: Scarlet

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4 reviews for Slumber

  1. Michael

    God, I can’t imagine a better way to go to sleep. All I really remember is Mistress Scarlet’s voice, and eyes, and those spirals, and just that overwhelming feeling of bliss and peace. And what else do you really need?

  2. Quiet Joe

    Slumber is an amazing session that is perfect after a long day when you need a good nights rest. Mistress Scarlet will greet you at the door. The journey to a restful nights sleep will begin as she takes you down into a calm soothing sweet trance with her amazing voice.

  3. Martin

    Off and on over the last few years I’ve had insomnia, mostly due to work related stress and anxiety. I’ve tried a lot of things that have helped combat it, but when all else has failed, this session has been like a secret weapon for me. On nights when I just can’t seem to fall asleep, can’t stop thinking or worrying, despite how exhausted I am, I can put this session on and Scarlet helps grant me the blissful release that I need.

    After a long, difficult day, Scarlet meets me at her door, with no judgements, only kindness and a caring spirit. She welcomes my tired mind and body into her comforting embrace. Her sweet, sensual voice guides me down as she ushers me into bed and soon enough, I am asleep. Waking up in the morning, recharged and rested. I am so thankful for this session.

  4. Orella

    Mistress Scarlet has such a sweet sexy relaxing voice, I love it when she calls me pet and says good boy to me.
    Such a lovely hug making me feel so happy, listening to Mistress Scarlet’s soothing voice feels so good. I start to feel drowsy as I fall into trance under Mistress Scarlet’s control.
    I am increasingly sleepy as my mind floats along listening to Mistress Scarlet’s words, a relaxed and happy plaything. I follow the watch as it swings in front of my eyes falling deeper and deeper as I watch.
    The depth of trance continues to deepen and sleep pulls me away into a sweet dreamland filled by Mistress Scarlet’s imagery, I am lost in her beautiful eyes, obediently following her up the stairs. I am so relaxed and happy as Mistress Scarlet puts me to bed, still lost in her beautiful eyes as I fall deeply asleep.

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