Length: 38:40
Voice: Mistress Mia

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7 reviews for Snatch

  1. RonC4880

    Being a helpless rag doll, no thoughts, unable to speak, teased by Mia’s latex attire. Unable to do anything but watch, fully aroused, while her girly doll enjoys being “fully” stimulated.

    Doll Space: intense desire while absolutely NOTHING can be done about being denied.

  2. Chrissy76

    A really intense rewarding session. I found I go under quickly listening to Snatch, which may be because it is as, Mia says, a Resistance Trance session, which really works for me.
    I don’t want to give too much away, but this is a session you will want to return to repeatedly. I find it energizing to trance to once it ends after leaving dollspace, although just thinking about it makes me want to return.

  3. Braxton


    Unlike most men,’girl-on-girl’ action doesn’t turn me on as much as one would think. What was incredibly arousing, however, was the fact that I was told prior to this session that I will be forced to watch, just like a limp ragdoll, with no will of my own. I was reduced to a simple mindless toy, aroused, and helpless with no way to satisfy my own arousal.

    Fantastic job Mia & Amber

  4. Andi_S

    This session is so good and so incredibly exciting. I am getting aroused just thinking about it.

    Mistress Mia tried a different induction technique called “resistance induction” in this session which proved to be extremely effective. As she was telling me that I am not getting hypnotized, not going deeper, etc it only seemed to put more emphasis on the the fact that I was. And as the induction went on, there was even an inner voice saying “no, I am getting hypnotized. I am going deeper.” Whatever the case, it just felt so good. It is so much fun when Mistress Mia plays with my mind.

    Later in the session I felt myself truly becoming more and more mindless. It can be a bit difficult sometimes. Thoughts keep creeping in. The mind can tend to wander. But the techniques Mistress Mia was using here were so powerful that I felt like I was automatically completely focused on her voice and like she was draining me of the very ability to have any independent thoughts.

    Finally, at some point Mistress Mia locked me in a state called doll space. I have no words. This felt so incredibly good. I was nothing but a whimpering, squirming, mindless mess. I felt completely trapped in my unbearably intense arousal and desire to cum and the inability to do anything about it. The way Mistress Mia teased me and played with her girly dolly in front of me made me feel completely bound and trapped and so horny and frustrated. What a feeling. Absolutely incredible.

    Mistress Amber also made an appearance and it sounded so hot to hear her whispering triggers into my doll ears. She has an aura of power and every word I hear her say feels incredibly intense in my mind and body. Thank you, Mistress Amber, for playing with this doll.

    Ever since I woke up from listening I’ve been getting aroused when I think about returning to doll space. I can’t wait to be a mindless doll for Mistress again. Thank you, Mistress Mia, for turning me into your doll and for giving us this wonderful session.

  5. lorenzo

    Snatch is perfect. OmGoddess snatch is sooo perfect. I’m gonna try and review this in a logical start to finish order but since I just finished my 2nd listen it is very hard to not just beg Mia to make me her helplessly hypnotized and denied dolly again… because OMGoddess…

    The ones in the THM community who know me a bit better know that I’m a big fan of predatory styled inductions. The ones were someone as cunning and seductive as Mia can easily outsmart your ‘I don’t feel like getting hypnotized right now’ mind. That whole concept is undeniable sexy, but straight up erotically mindblowing when Mia does it. It was so good I had to stop listening last weekend to prevent ‘accidents’ from happening.

    I found out just now on my second listen Mia covered this problem. You see, the thing thats the perfect follow up to a predatory induction is a kinky sinister yet seductive act from the hypnotist. Something you maybe even wouldn’t go along with if you weren’t hopelessly obediently hypnotized.

    I’m not gonna spoil everything of that act but I will tell you that you will enter your ‘Doll space’ (easily one of my favorite triggers by Mia) were you are but a mere ragdoll without a sex and flopped down to helplessly watch whatever is unfolding before you…

    Thank You Mia, I love being your tranced out denied Dolly <3

  6. Abe

    Mia gives a twist to the term “threesome” in this sizzling session SNATCHED. If you enjoy reading stories or watching erotic scenes about female dominance and female submission than you are in for a treat and frustration like never before. Girl on Girl erotica can simply be the best source when it comes to sexual cravings when you’re a submissive person. There’s something very hot and special when you see a lady worshiping and servicing another lady who’s taking the role of the dominant, but it can be hard and frustrating when you are left out and only made to watch, but it also can the greatest feeling ever. A level of arousal that grows and grows when you don’t indulge with sexual release.

    Mia puts on the greatest attire and gets ready to play and you’re left with that image for a very very long time. Skintight latex, shiny and hot.

    Amber takes a special role in this session which makes it even hotter. All in all, Mistress Mia’s mind games, from start to finish are shown here, you will come to understand that you do want to be hypnotized, her voice does make you feel good and relaxed, you do want to fall deeper for her, simply agree on everything all on your own… you will see why I say this once you listen…

    I’ll love if SNACHED became a series where Mia takes control of situations as always but added another element, that being another submissive who’s also a lady. The fun she would have having me watch and beg for just a little snack but having zero chance of any…

  7. Orella

    What an intensely arousing deliciously frustrating session this is.

    Mistress Mia demonstrates once more why she is the supreme goddess of tease and denial.

    I think that the best way I can describe the drop into trance would be as a cloud of confusion readying my mind for doll mode. I vaguely recall hearing Mistress Amber’s voice also, at least I think I did.

    I find myself a helpless ragdoll unable to move, intensely aroused and desperately frustrated, oh! how badly I need to cum. Even if I could move there would be my way to achieve release, when you listen you will find out why.

    I am simply a desperate dolly gazing helplessly in total frustration. The gorgeous image of Mistress Mia in skin-tight latex driving me to ever increasing desperate arousal as she plays with her other doll Girly. And what a delicious state Girly is in…….. no spoilers you will need to listen and enjoy for yourself.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for allowing me to experience being your helpless intensely aroused desperately denied dolly.

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