Length: 67:49

Voice: Mistress Sophia

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3 reviews for Sophia’s Foot Slave

  1. MicHam99

    Omg Foot Slave that sessions change me alright … I never imagine a second that I would give some interest in foot adoration but I was wrong totally wrong. I fall under Mistress Sophia so sweet voice. No question ask ! I was gone bye bye Michel ! .

    I was so seduce, it was impossible to resist the call, imagine a mermaid singing, calling you, no man survived from it…. Mistress was totally in control and know what she wants from me…a submissive boy on is knees at her feet, worship, and that’s what i did without a doubt… went on my knees no question ask. Waiting some approval and.. It happen so fast, in a second…. I won’t reveal what happen to me next, for you to discover.

    Thank you Mistress Sophia for that exciting experience and the possibility to be on my knees at your feet. My mind obeys your voice willingly. Xxxx

    Thank you Mistress Mia for the Foreplay can’t listen file without it.
    They are so intense and you already know what it does to me, hearing your voice at the minute you start talking, my mind gets open and empty for you Mistress. Xxxxx

  2. Braxton

    Intimate. Erotic. Blissful.

    In this intimate session you have the honor of becoming Mistress Sophia’s devoted ‘Foot Slave’. Mistress Sophia navigates you into a blissful state of mindless devotion to her perfect feet. The mood is set, you open your eyes, and see a beautiful woman before you. She dawns a loose fitting silk black robe. Her feet are the most beautiful pair you’ve ever laid eyes on. She beckons you playfully with her toes, and you take your place, kneeling in front of her. She demands your attention, your obedience, and your services. All dedicated to her beautiful feet. You are now her foot slave. Service her, and pay her your tribute.

    Sophia, my goodness! This scene was amazing! I love the intimacy, and the pace of this session. It was incredibly arousing from start to finish. You did an outstanding job setting the mood, and painting the picture for this experience. I can’t help myself when a woman has beautiful, well kept feet. It is such a turn on for me. Any lady of my past will tell you, I love to show their feet attention. I get pleasure from giving her a foot massage. There are a few sessions in which I desire to role-play in real life, this is one for sure.
    Superb work Sophia.

  3. Orella

    The THM sessions are all so incredible. Even more so when one Mistress commands that I listen to a specific session of another Mistress and fully obey all instructions, in this case Mistress Sophia’s instructions.

    The foreplay is delicious as always, listening to Mistress Mia talking as her voice reaches so deep within caressing and arousing me in such naughty ways, I simply love these feelings and could stay lost in them forever.
    Lots of imagery flits through my mind as I listen to her words and one image in particular has stayed vivid in my minds eye. Mistress Mia talks about having inherited good genes and as a result how she looks in her tight jeans. I have such incredibly exquisitely sexy and delicious images in my mind, mouth-wateringly, yum, yum, yum.

    Mistress Sophia is so very sexy and bubbly and it is such a joy to hear her voice. She effortlessly and expertly takes over as I happily let go and float along on her words, down and down, deeper and deeper I go happy, aroused and lost in bliss.
    I recall the sweet scent of Mistress Sophia’s perfumed feet, the hint of the lacquer on her perfectly shaped toenails mingled in to complete and heavenly olfactory experience.
    With my sense of smell in bliss I recall the softness of the smooth skin of her feet, the nerve endings on my fingers coming alive with sensuous sensations as I caressed those beautiful feet.
    My lips brushing Mistress Sophia’s toes one by one as I kissed and sucked them, the polished nails so perfect, hard and smooth as my tongue glided over each one in turn.
    Oh! such bliss to be permitted to kneel before Mistress Sophia and worship her beautifully delicious sexy sensual feet in this intimate dance of bliss.
    I recall thrusting as I pictured cock between Mistress Sophia’s perfect feet, suddenly I was aware of a command to stroke, my level of intense arousal hit me like a freight train and then the irresistible command to cum took over completely and the universe erupted as I imagined Mistress Sophia smile mischievously gazing down at me.

    To please my Owner, Ritual Tribute conditioning initiated the clean-up routine, pets must obediently clean up their sticky mess as Mistress instructs. Obedience is pleasure after all.

    Thank you, Mistress Sophia, for permitting me to enjoy such a wonderful experience as your Foot Slave.

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