Length: 37:29

Voice: Mistress Mia

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2 reviews for Spank 4her

  1. Orella

    Being male I listened to the male version of Spank.

    However, I have a committed goal to post reviews for all THM Showroom sessions.

    On one hand I wanted to listen to Spank 4her so that I can post a review.

    On the other hand, in submission to my owner and her authority and control over me there is a deep desire to be anything that Mistress Mia chooses for me as pleasing her is my priority. I love being her pussy pleaser, pet, slave, toy, statue, doll, doggie, pony, object, good boy, naughty boy, maid, secretary, bitch, slut, boot licker, cum licker etc. The list is open, so would include being her good girl or naughty girl as she pleases.

    Yet another aspect would be to compare the experience of listening to the male and female versions of this session.

    I decided to post this review even though I have not listened to the 4her version of this session, if it is equally thrilling and delicious for females as the male version was for me, then I would highly recommend that any interested ladies should definitely listen to it and hope that they enjoy it as much as I did listening to the male version.

  2. Marie

    Mia always brings out a very sensitive, sensual side of me, and also a shy and submissive one, as if reaching deep within me and drawing out the little girl who longs to please her favourite teacher. I feel very submissive for her as soon as she begins addressing me and quickly become aroused. Her voice is rich and lulling, yet I feel safe with her. Like always, I feel very vulnerable to her hypnotic voice, unable to resist anything she wants for me to do. She reminds me playfully that I am here because I have chosen willingly to be her obedient plaything. “You’re asking for it,” she teases, and she is quite correct. In this session I feel her words and touch intensely. The vulnerability of laying across her lap, completely naked and helplessly transfixed, is intoxicating. Being punished for no particular reason other than her amusement also adds to the fun.

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