Length: 35:22

Voice: Mistress Lara

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2 reviews for Spiral Fascination

  1. Braxton


    This session was my wake-up call, that Mistress Lara has a very persuasive voice. What an incredible concept of incorporating a video to accompany the audio file. So far, I have listened to this session twice, once with the video, and once without. Both times I really enjoyed my trance very much.

    Great job Lara.

  2. Orella

    What a fun session, drawn ever deeper into the mesmerising spiral as it spins and pulls me deeper and deeper.

    The introduction from Mistress Mia setting the scene for this session.

    I followed the instructions, the spiral is spinning, locking my eyes to it, play pressed to resume the audio and my ears become filled with Mistress Lara’s beautiful sensual voice, her words taking over with my eyes transfixed to the spiral.

    I can feel my mind elongating being stretched like elastic as my conscious thoughts are pulled away from me, or perhaps it is the other way around and my conscious thoughts have become parked in orbit around the spiral as I am pulled deeper and deeper into the heart of the spiral floating on Mistress Lara’s voice.

    Thank you, Mistress Lara, thank you for this journey deep into the spiral tunnelling ever deeper floating on your beautiful voice.

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