Length: 49:25
Voice: Mistress Mia

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  1. Curiously Curious

    Some works of art are so breathtaking in their beauty and in the way they can touch the soul, that they are revered for eternity.

    This session is such a work of hypnotic art.

    I returned to this mistresspiece last night, and was taken to heaven, seduced and controlled by an angel, then returned to earth with a craving that is verging on obsessive addiction. Some parts of my body remained statue-like for a considerable time after Mia released me from her control, such was the erotic scene created by Mistress.

    In the foreplay for this session, Mistress spoke about how she became lost in the beauty and the pure genius of the artist who created a particular statue. She then created equal beauty, demonstrating her genius with her own chosen art form. Using only her sultry voice she paints a picture that is so vivid, that she has me enthralled before she even begins her induction, or she has hypnotised me before I realise she has done so.

    Mistress has introduced me to so many new and delicious pleasures and when I first listened to this session, I found that total loss of control was more than just arousing, it was deeply addictive, a demonstration of power and dominance by a true Mistress of her craft.

    I have lost count of how many times I have listened to this trance, but after a break of several months, last night hit like a tsunami, sweeping me deeper into Mia’s power, helpless and overcome with a pleasure that has to be experienced to be believed.

    This session is as beautiful a work of art as the statue that inspired Mistress to create this wonderful trance.

    Mistress, I am happy to admit this is something new that you have shown me, something that is a deep and now permanent fetish. The exchange of power that you demonstrate, the depth of trance that you create, and the blissful reward you use to addict a willing submissive are sublime.

    Thank you Mistress Mia.

  2. Braxton

    Erotic. Wicked. Tantalizing.

    Most of us have had a dream where we lost our ability to move. Imagine what would happen if a sexy hypnotist could easily take away our movement, quite literally turning is into stone. A sculpture, frozen in time, simply to forever pose for her amusement, and admiration. What will she do with us, once we have succumb to her charm.

    Mia, I have been intrigued by this file ever since it was released. I’ve surely had several dreams where for whatever reason, I lost mobility. It can certainly be a terrifying thought, but we all know we are in good hands with you. You may tease us, or even playfully torture us at times, but like you said once before, I may hurt you, but I will never harm you.

    Great session Mia.

  3. Lance Hughes

    Simply wonderful. Mistress Mia’s soft and enchanting voice lured my mind to chase her warm seductive voice until my mind inevitably lost ground until I could no longer keep up and my mind slowed to a complete halt along with my body. My body slowly started to tingle as I felt my body slowly solidify into stone from my toes all the way up to my slyly smiling face, happy in the knowledge that I am now a part of Mistress Mia’s statues there for her to admire at her leisure. Mistress Mia then proceeded to tease and torment my still and unresponsive stone body with soft scratches on my sensitive chest and nipples as well as a few playful tickles that I had to take like a good still stone statue. Mistress Mia then emphasized consent and being a loving Mistress as she released her spell over my mind and body with a kiss, reminding me that she can turn me into a statue and back into my normal self whenever she wanted, especially when she wants to silence me as I babble on praising her for too long.

  4. SoVeryBlissful

    You might ask yourself what’s possible when being hypnotized by a powerful, dominant woman who you trust. Of course everything.
    And what’s possible when becoming a hypnotic statue for your special Lady? Everything? Even more? I cannot answer this question: Certainly a lot. You might have fantasies about what she might do with your body.

    Isn’t bondage precisely about that? The process of becoming unable to move and helpless in the hands of your Mistress? It might be arousing to be tied by ropes. Being bound something more solid like metal is exciting too in its own way.
    But what about being bound by something *less* – or let’s say less physical – than ropes? Imagine being bound by words spoken by seductive lips sounding from the body of your temptress?
    Can it be even – or much more – exciting being bound by just words?
    Can a hypnotic spell use your own desires to make you even more helpless?
    Should I really give you the answer to that question?

    You might come to this session because of what it does to your body and experiencing the bliss of being turned into Mia’s statue.
    Or you might come to this session for the feeling your mind melt and entering trance in a more conversational style which you might call even hidden. For me, this (Ericksonian) language is a fetish itself
    and I really enjoy letting myself drift on these words.
    It’s the most heavenly cloud of words.
    All these secret hypnotic patterns are concealed behind the magic which
    Mia does with her voice.
    You might hear the sophisticated as well as playful, sensual, savouring, sometimes naughty, sadistic or demanding cadence. And it’s so easy to get lost in the sound of Mia’s voice. In consequence, I don’t remember the patterns themselves. But I remember me marvelling at them. Thinking can be so hard when being aroused.
    And isn’t becoming Mia’s statue all you want at this moment?

    So, does it really matter why exactly you go so deep? Does it really matter why exactly you feel the sensations you feel?

    Every word led me deeper into this trance, deeper into bliss, becoming more sensitive and unable to move. You might ask yourself what Mia might do with you when she has you in this helpless state.
    Be sure that she will fill your mind with fantasies and you might experience certain sensations on your skin and certain body parts.
    I don’t think that I should tell you more.

    But I should warn you.
    This is a hands-off session. So you might feel teased beyond a certain degree and be grateful for it (just like I experienced it).

    Thank you, Mia, for this so very blissful recording!

  5. Andi_S

    I was so completely focused on just experiencing these wonderful emotions and sensations that Mistress Mia made during this session that I am not sure I can write a proper review at this time. But I wanna say…this session contains so many phrases that my mind just absolutely loves to hear and make me squeal with bliss and arousal. Mistress Mia knows my mind inside and out and knows exactly what to say and how to say it to make me melt for her. I can’t even explain it or put it into words. But I know it just feels so unbelievably good. Better than anything I have ever experienced. Just feeling Mistress Mia’s control wash all over me. Completely immersed and entranced. Completely under her power. I have no idea how or when it happened but I did feel completely immobilized. Moving my body felt like a completely foreign idea. I felt so owned and controlled. This is bliss. This is all I want and need. Thank you for playing with me my adorable Goddess.

  6. Orella

    The foreplay on this session is in part a beautiful journey into Mistress Mia’s past, to imagine her at 17 visiting her older sister in Florence and becoming bewitched by and infatuated with Michelangelo’s statue of David, devoured and consumed by the need to gaze upon him for hours and hours, day after day lost in the form and exquisite beauty of the stone brought to life by such an inspired artist and genius.
    I must say that I have always lost myself somewhat whenever I encounter exquisitely crafted sculptures of people, animals and creatures of fantasy, it is almost as if I am pulled inside them for a moment, time becomes meaningless as a second or perhaps a millennium passes me by.

    The session itself is for me an exquisite sensual journey into even deeper submission, eagerly willing to be drawn under Mistress Mia’s spell, my desire to be an object for her pleasure and amusement becoming my only focus.
    To feel the muscle tissue, bones and blood of my physical body slowly solidify into smooth stone and ice, heavier and heavier, more and more solid and completely immovable. I become as a figure frozen in time, however my surface has become hypersensitive and my mind can intensely feel what is happening to my outer shell.
    I feel so happy to be a helpless toy for Mistress Mia’s pleasure and amusement, unable to move, unable to make sound, unable to change my facial expression. I am so lost in her delicate touches caressing my outer layer becoming more and more aroused and helpless.
    Oh my, Mistress Mia’s pleasure and amusement switches to nipple play and the intense pleasurable teasing, squeezing, pinching and tormenting is growing to the point where I want to scream stop and don’t stop at the same time but I cannot move or make sounds.
    I start to wonder where else she may decide to stroke tease and perhaps squeeze with some trepidation and a little tantalising fear, suddenly the session is over and I am set free to move once again.

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