Length: 40:01
Voice: Mistress Sophia

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7 reviews for Stiletto Seduction

  1. Braxton

    Incredible! This was my very first introduction to Mistress Sophia. I can remember listening to the primer when it first posted on YouTube and saying to myself, “who is this angelic, sweet woman?” I knew I needed the full season! Mistress Sophia made me understand that it was ok to be submissive. She told me there was no need for me to be embarrassed anymore for my submissive behaviors. I can’t thank her enough for that Sophia. I’ve had a fascination for women’s high heels ever since I was a kid. That fetish laid dormant in me until Mistress Sophia brought it up to the surface again. She took me into an incredible trance. I loved her detailed account of our session. It was after this session that I began calling myself, “Sophia’s Admirer”. I loved admiring her beautiful heels.

    How will you respond to Mistress Sophia’s beautiful heels? If your anything like me, you will be helplessly hypnotized at the sight of Sophia’s high heels.

  2. Darke One

    What better testimonial than a DM I just sent Mistress Mia?

    I just listened to Stiletto Seduction and am still coming round, 5 minutes after.
    I had no idea Mistress Sophia would have such an impact on me and my mind.
    I absolutely love her voice. She is so sweet and sexy and dirty.
    I don’t remember a thing.
    Except that I love heels. Especially Mistress Sophia’s stiletto heels.
    I have never fancied myself a shoe guy.
    Or a foot guy. Or a nail guy. Or gotten pleasure from my nipples.
    I’ve never been programmed this thoroughly and methodically.
    I feel like I’m being led on a journey by the sexiest women alive.
    I can’t wait for my next session with Mistress Sophia.
    And I think I’ll be returning to Mistress Alexandra for therapy soon.
    In fact, I think I want to listen to Stiletto Seduction again, so Mistress Sophia can do an even better job of programming my sexy, submissive mind.

  3. Alexander

    Sophia’s sweet angel voice will guide through a little story, which leaves you breathless. An amazing add on to Alexandra’s therapy files, but can surely be a strong standalone. Dangling and clicking heels gonna fill your mind with pleasure and bless, you will be so fixated on Sophia’s voice and her heels, that your mind gives in and submits to her whim.

  4. GuyC_UK

    Tantalising and Addictive, after succumbing to Mistress Sophia’s Harmonious Voice, you are left with no choice but to come away from this session with a new found Foot and Heel Fetish, and Arousal every time you hear Women walking in Heels. Thoughts of Kneeling before Mistress Sophia and worshiping her Feet and Heels, submitting to her Dominance, is very very Arousing.

  5. Andi_S

    I just finished listening to this session for the first time and I loved every second of it. Being seduced, taken into trance and trained by a powerful, sexy Mistress like Sophia to become an ever more submissive boy who helplessly falls for the allure of sexy stilettos is an experience that is deeply arousing as well as emotionally fulfilling. Mistress Sophia’s voice is so soothing and relaxing and sexy, I felt like getting an extensive brain massage throughout the session. The images of her sexy feet and stilettos strongly resonated with me and I found myself helplessly mesmerized. Time absolutely flew by and when the session was over I couldn’t believe that 40 minutes had actually passed. I really think you should give Mistress Sophia a chance. She is awesome.

  6. Danny

    The way Mistress Sophia uses her voice, shifts the timbre, switches between sweet, demanding and smoky seductive is incredible. That alone lifted me up only to put me down the next second. Not only trance-wise but the feelings, too. Everything moves to the melody of her voice as her feet and Stilettos provide the beat. And the echo of that song wanders through the streets and buildings, being amplified by high heeled superiors as they walk the earth, resonating with the deepest desires of the footboys out there. It’s addictive, it’s everywhere and it’s absolutely mindblowing. Can’t wait to step back in.

  7. Orella

    So exciting to meet Mistress Sophia, she has such a lovely voice and is so beautiful.
    The sound of her heels as she walks reaches so deep into me and as I walk behind her I am captivated by the way she walks and draw in every detail of her sexy stilettos; I am unable to take my eyes off her amazing pair of heels adorning such a beautiful Mistress.
    Mistress Sophia permits me to study her heels as she moves her feet and I am completely captivated and unable to take my eyes off her beautiful shoes.
    The way Mistress Sophia says ‘submissive boy’ referring to me stirs my emotions deeply and I feel increasingly aroused by her voice that has suddenly become even more sexy and captivating in my ears.
    Mistress Sophia’s beautiful pink toenails peaking out from the open toed stilettos are mesmerising, I am transfixed to her feet and heels I simply have to helplessly stare I cannot help myself, all I want is to gaze and lose myself in images of Mistress Sophia’s beautiful feet and shoes.
    I am so startled by the sudden noise of Mistress Sophia’s shoe hitting the floor, in no time at all I am once again mesmerised as Mistress Sophia slides her foot down and retrieves her shoe so sensually and I return to my captivated state helplessly watching the movement of Mistress Sophia’s feet and shoes.
    The shoe falls to the floor again and I am lost unable to stop watching Mistress Sophia’s feet and her movements with her lovely shoe.
    I long to be kneeling before Mistress Sophia’s heels, lost in her voice happy, obedient and helplessly aroused. I love heels and the sound that they make so much.

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