Length: 63:47

Voice: Mistress Mia

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18 reviews for Striptease

  1. LC

    While still mesmerized by the sight of Mistress Mia removing her panties I am ordered to answer the door where I am met with whistles and humiliating cat calls. I serve the ladies wine while prepping Mistress Mia for a night out. After brushing her hair to perfection I kneel to put on her heels and panties, she comments she won’t be wearing panties tonight (Mmm Lucky Boys)! As she leaves she tells me to finish my chores and she may CEI me later! I start gathering the glasses.

    Thank You Mistress Mia!!!

  2. applecranberry

    I just finished listening to Striptease for the first time. I was surprised. So you can hear numbers from the future Mistress Mia. I guessed all the numbers right. Also the clock on my smart alarm matched the numbers upside down. That’s so Stranger Things season 4: “I think we’re in the past.” The next part of the fantasy is that you make me wear Atelier Bordelle panties. I love wearing women’s panties as a man. And also, I should get your phone number someday so you can send me short audio or video with FaceTime from a few days before so I can tell you today’s winning lottery numbers in the Netherlands. Let me buy you a new vacation home. No hurry. I’m not going anywhere. But shhh. It has to be our little secret. I’m still a state secret here in America.

  3. Eddie

    Great file didn’t see that coming, different rules Mistress plays by, but it is her game. Having experienced the pride of arriving to the Klub a mere trinket for a hot dominant woman, I still hold hope you’ll let me come along. First there’s that door that needs answering, a mere wave of your painted fingers. Maybe your girl friends would like to play your game of strip tease, a chance to win back some that I’ve lost. Such a poor boy still hasn’t learned I’m no match for Mia.

  4. Spirit

    I loved the insistant playful teasing through this recording, and the continued allure of knowing I was walking into a delicious trap that I might regret. And only becoming more eager because of that, which Mia of course knew as she tempted me in.

    I was not disappointed in the teasing or the trapping. But it did make my mind full of fantasies, so I’m happy to be pushed to share them here in my review:

    My fantasy about what I would want to happen next, after being stripped of all my clothing in Mias erotic game, and then being lured into putting on her stockings, garter and panties while she enjoyed my arousal at the erotic humiliation.
    I find myself full of fantasies… and I love how I’m compelled to share them. This is very erotic.
    I dream about Mia’s girlfriends having a conversation, planning how to best tease and humiliate me before coming in to tease me one after the other…
    – First Mia returns and tells me the rules: I can stay and serve her girlfriends, but now when I win a roll, I will have to choose which of them I will ask to remove a piece of clothing, and then each of them will roll – each asking me to put something of theirs.
    – When I win I ask Sophia to take off her skirt. She removes it, but it only reveals that she was wearing a little purple strap-on underneath, which she teases me by asking if I want to suck.
    – When Sophia wins she has me put on her skirt, teasing me about how she knew that was what I was hoping for when I asked her to remove it, and how I look sexy in it, with my cock poking out under it.
    – When Mia wins a dice rolls she has me put on the black leather cock cage.
    – When Alexandra wins she reveals a ball-gag she brought along and has me wear.
    – The next round, when I win I’m unable to ask for what I want… and instead I am teased about what each girl thinks I might be begging for through the ball-gag.
    – Katya teases that I must be begging to have my nipples pinched, and does so, and when she wins she has me wear nipple clamps that she brought along.
    – When Alicia finally wins the last round, she doesn’t know what to have me wear, but then Mia helpfully whispers something in her ear, and she tells me to go sit in Sophias lap, and slide down on the purple strap-on, giving her a lap dance as I blush and moan, fucking myself on her dildo.
    – After riding the strap on Sophia slips in a pink butt plug in my ass and Mia announces that we’ve delayed long enough and it’s now time to head to club Deja Vu, attaching a leash to the cock cage and leading me out the door…
    – and in the next days and weeks I am kept as their pet, being trained as a teased toy, an edging slut, not allowed an orgasm until I am able to orgasm again until I can climax from just my prostrate stimulated (i.e. we live happily ever after).

  5. nornog

    Mistress, you gave me the choice, and I said I wanted to be collared and lead at your heel. I wanted the world to know I am your hypnotized submissive, I wanted Alexandra to know that her therapy has been enlightening. I wanted her and the world to know I am a submissive, I wanted to make you her, and the other mistresses proud of me. this is my darkest desire, I want to wear your collar.

  6. David

    This session really ticks all the boxes for me of what could be considered an ideal session. Its relaxing, subtly and then not so subtly arousing and as much are you able, mentally stimulating.

    The main takebacks I got which were already pretty clear I suppose are that Mia is always two or three steps ahead and that any situation/circumstance is arousing with her.

    I think the two follow ups described by Mia would serve as strong sequels where boundaries are pushed and horizons are grown.

  7. Cron4881

    This shared fantasy stopped after I had lost all of my clothes in a game of chance. Not only were my clothes removed, but they were nowhere to be found. With the loss of even more rounds, I am wearing sexy silk thigh high stockings, a garter belt, and a small silk thong. Mia’s girlfriends are at the door waiting for her so they can go out for a night of dancing and fun. I am in the parlor on the couch. Mia said that she would be right back.

    My version of the story continues…
    Mia opens the door and lets her friends enter. I hear talking and laughing from the entryway and then they all enter the parlor where I am now standing. Mia tells me to mix and serve drinks while she goes to put on fresh stockings, garter, and thong. I serve drinks; I am embarrassed by my situation. I am told to put on a cock cage to prevent me from any temptation until after ALL of Mia’s tasks are completed.

    I did not resist. I was handed a stainless steel cage. I was surprised because I thought Mia preferred leather cock cages. I never wore a cage before, but with some difficulty I was able to get it on my aroused cock. It was smaller than I thought it would be. It was tight but not painful and it was obvious that I was still very aroused. Mia’s girlfriends playfully continued to tease me as each of them continued to find reasons why I should come back to serve them again. My nipples were pinched, squeezed and twisted. My balls and butt were grabbed, rubbed and I was spanked. Finally, Mia returned, She once again dressed to kill, and they all left to go to the club. I was relieved that I was not told to go with them.

    They continued to laugh and tease me about the trap I had been caught in, and joked that I had no escape. My task was to clean up the bar glasses and dishes, straighten up the parlor and kitchen while they went out to have fun. I was instructed to wait here.

    I had so many questions. How long would Mia be gone? What happened to my clothes? What did they mean by ALL the tasks? I knew of only one task.

    It first occurred to me that I might find some of Mia’s street clothes that would fit me well for me to take the bus ride home. Surely, Mia has more than party dresses, leather skirts and pants, and silk undergarments.

    Why would I want to escape paradise? What could be better than my current situation, serving and pleasing the sexy Goddess that I fondly admire?

    I took a shower (even though I didn’t need it) and put Mia’s sexy stockings, garter and thong back on. I was amazed at how much the stockings made my legs tingle, and how the cool and sexy the thong on my balls. the sensation was very was sexually stimulating. The cage became more uncomfortable as I became more aroused and as my cock throbbed. I sat back down on the couch in the parlor to wait for Mia’s return and to learn of her plans for me. I will stay here to serve and please her until she decides that it is time for me to leave. I trust HER plans for me.

    As I sat thinking, I wondered what they meant by “All of the tasks”? Then, I realized what it could have meant. They ALL planned to home with Mia when they were finished at the club! I became deeply aroused with the thought of pleasing Mia, and all of her friends.

    I was trapped in paradise and I was unable to leave. I would not have it any other way.

  8. Curiously Curious

    There is a lot I could say about this session, but others have expressed it more eloquently than I could. Sublime, sexy, arousing and a very deep trance, something I can say about all the sessions I have been fortunate enough to listen to so far. What made it different this time, was that when Mistress counted me out of trance, although I was awake, the trance and the experience continued in my mind, becoming a lucid dream, so vivid and so intense that even hours later, I can still experience it, not just remember it.

    There has also been a growing need to share the afterglow, to express the dream.

    Awakened from trance to see Mistress Mia leaving for her night out, she turns at the door, the light catching the highlights in her glorious hair, transforming it into the mane of a lioness, as her green eyes sparkle with mischief and raw power and she smiles, her final words as she leaves, “Be a good pet for me!”.

    The meaning is clear, she has dressed me as her house pet, reinforced my need to please her and I have chores to do. So now I loop her obedience training over and over in my earbuds, as I clean the house, do her laundry and spend perhaps too much time neatly folding her lingerie, the pleasure increasing with every task, with the touch of every sexy garment.

    How long I am like this is something I cannot determine, it is just Mistress Mia’s voice and the incredible pleasure of working to please her, time is meaningless. Then a text, Mistress is on her way home and she has given me instructions to prepare a light supper for her.
    Then, without being told, I fill her bath with warm scented bubbles to ensure she is warmed for the cool winter air outside.

    I hear her car pull up and the joyous sound of Mistress and her girlfriends, the chatter of a good night out coming to an end, perhaps a few cocktails making the conversation a little louder and a little more cheerful as well.

    Then the sound of the door opening, I drop to my knees and as the vision of Mistress Mia appears in the doorway, the aching arousal that I have willingly endured all night gets the better of me and I display my obedience for Mistree to see as my aching erection bursts free from my clothing. My nipples are rock hard in a submissive display of surrender to my Mind Mistress, my body responding in conditioned and visceral worship of Mia.

    Glowing from the attention she has been receiving all night, happy from the company of her girlfriends, Mistress sexy voice purrs “Have you been a good pet for me?”

    Head bowed I answer “Yes Mia, I have completed all of the chores, prepared your supper and filled a bath for you.”

    Pleased with my efforts, Mistress allows me to minister to her as she warms her delicious body in the scented bubble bath, gentle moans of pleasure as I wash and condition her gorgeous locks, dry her stunning, toned body, massaging lotion into the silky perfection of her skin. Paying particular attention to her calf muscles, strained from an evening of dancing in her 4” heels, before I drop to worship her glorious, sexy feet, massaging, sucking, kissing, blissed out in submission.

    Knowing that Mistress Mia has enjoyed a wonderful evening with her friends, then allowed me to care for her, to bring her a little pleasure, to be able to display my submission to her, that is my pleasure, and it is incredible.

    What a wonderful dream, a dream within the dream of serving Mistress Mia. Thank you, Mistress Mia.

    If only I could award more than 5 stars.

  9. Toy

    This trance is the topping of the year. Mistress Mia uses so many subtle words triggers that have different meanings. The way she can control your thoughts with words is simply amazing.
    When you mix this word mastery with such a sultry voice you can guarantee she will get her way and win. But as the one who loses you will be in a state of bliss. Obeying Mistress Mia is so pleasurable.
    She is a gem!!!

  10. lorenzo

    I could just imagine how Mia got me yet again. Playing Mia’s game got me in a helpless horny humiliating position again. I should just run out of the door before the situation gets worse. I like to get hypnotized, but being around Mia and the ladies in a playful mood just before going to the club… thats just asking for trouble.

    I run to the door, I hear Mia just giggling behind me. At the doorstep I find the other ladies also giggling as they see me in my new outfit. I try to politely pass them, but they already started talking to me about how I just want to go back inside were its warm, relaxing and sleepy. I like being sleepy as I smile while the ladies lead me back.

    All of them including Mia are talking and we have such a good time and Sophia has another fun game, some card trick were the Queen of hearts makes me drop and I know that will never work because the chances of her pulling that card out of the whole deck is like 1 in….

    I wake up? O we are driving now… I realize I am in danger right now I should stay alert even though Alexandra is sitting right next to me and telling me how I am still so tired… yes I can put on the sleepy collar bacause I am an obedient pet for the THM ladies… Is this the entrance of the club? If I get out of the car, people will sea me wearing stockings and panties. I should just remember how important it is to not leave the car.. even though Katja tells me she wants to enter the club with her puppy and I should watch her nails as they go back and forth as I feel so aroused that I start wagging my tail…

    And so the night progresses on were a poor boy gets fractionated in and out of trance like a jojo between the predatory ladies who are just in for another night of fun.

    I don’t think this is an actual review to Striptease, but I just felt compelled to write this down for the ladies tonight..

  11. Stehe

    What a powerful hypnotic and exciting session. In it, Mistress Mia teases me to play one of her games. I know from experience that this means that very likely she will win but I also know that loosing to her will feel so good, that nothing can stop me. I soon drop deeply into a very pleasurable trance and my conscious mind seem to have been switched off as my memory of the details are somehow a bit foggy but I remember that I felt wonderful helpless and more and more aroused during the game. When finally her friends arrive, I have lost all my clothes and somehow find myself embarrassingly dressed, feeling helpless, horny, humiliated, aroused and frustrated at the same time. What a session.

    Not enough, I seem to have the almost hypnotic need to tell everyone about it and what fantasies the “what’s next?” question caused in my still a bit hypnotized mind.

    So, here is my “what’s next” version:

    After Mistress Mia’s friends see me in my helplessly aroused state, they decided to join the tease and denial games and have me massaging their bodies always making sure that I am teased but never too much. After a while, they decide it’s time to have some more fun in the club DeJaVu and convince Mia to take me as toy with them. Mia agrees but only after placing an electronic device on me that can be used to keep my arousal between a threshold defined by a remote control app on Mistress Mia’s phone. I realize the effect immediately, as the device vibrations keep me close to the edge but never allow reaching it. In addition, all mistresses have fun to further deepen my horny trance, reprogramming my mind so that they can send me later easily back into that helplessly aroused, mindless stste. Kept in that state, I can’t remember much about the club and how I came back. I only remember the words “deep sleep now” and then my conscious mind switched completely off and I felt in a wonderful relaxing sleep, hearing myself thanking Mistress Mia for this exceptional experience.

  12. David H.

    This session is so sexy you know your going to loss the game but it doesn’t stop you playing you just keep trying hoping to lose again and again
    Beautifully crafted from start to finish and you don’t want it to end
    As for that there were several that ran through my mind from being left frozen in place as Mia and friends went out for the night know they had a toy waiting for them when they got back
    Or Mia and her friends dressing me up as they see fit including cuffs gag and blindfold putting a lead not on the collar but lower lol and taken me to the club as there waiter for the night to be teased and tormented all night

  13. Orella

    The foreplay is always very special and it would be madness to miss out on it if you have the chance to include this fabulous experience.
    Mistress Mia excels herself in naughty playful teasing as she deliciously and exquisitely describes her sexy attire and sets the scene for her night out with her girlfriends.

    The session is irresistible as I am drawn into the game that Mistress has planned.
    Her beautiful hands, dots on dice and numbers fill my mind. I understand but at the same time don’t understand how the game is playing out.
    Before I can grasp what is happening, I have lost all of my clothes, my luck then seems to change and it is Mistress Mia who is losing some of her clothes as my excitement and arousal grows with the hope and anticipation of my apparent winning streak.

    But Mistress Mia always wins and in no time at all I am left standing in front of her wearing her stockings, garter and her panties as she looks on smiling in amusement at my situation.
    Mistress hears her girlfriends at her door, and the session fades out.

    Mistress Mia speculates on how the fantasy might play out.
    I am left with the instruction of writing a fantasy ending……. So here goes.

    Mistress Mia’s says, ‘well don’t just stand there, go and greet my girlfriend’s’.

    I go to the door and welcome Mistress Alexandra, Mistress Sophia, Mistress Katya and Mistress Alicia, taking their coats and carefully hanging them up.
    The ladies are giggling and joking with Mistress Mia that she has a new house maid to be toyed with and trained.
    I am instructed to get on my hands and knees and crawl from one Mistress to another to kiss and lick their high heeled shoes whilst Mistress Mia and her Girlfriends chat about their evening plans, should they go out as planned or stay in and train the new maid.

    As I set about my duty crawling, kissing and licking as instructed. I hear Mistress Mia say ‘so it is agreed ladies, we will make a weekend of this. This evening we will train my new maid to serve and please us, tomorrow we will take the maid shopping for a latex maid’s uniform and a pair of heels that lock on, then more training on walking in heels and serving whilst wearing them.
    In the evening we will go to the club with our very own maid along to serve and amuse us throughout the evening.

    A flash ripples through my mind, something in the shadows about a striptease and an aroused desire to see Mistress Mia naked.
    I try to recall my name, but all that I find is ‘The Maid’, I try to think of my purpose and my mind is filled with a loop of ‘Obey, serve and please’.

  14. Abe

    It’s hard to for me to understand how certain disadvantages seem always good and fair when it comes to my mind Mistress. She makes her games always to lead for her victory and our failure to come out on top every single time but I’ve discovered that losing to her in her games is our ultimate victory. I love losing in surrender to her, where my she collects and claims my vulnerability to make her that much more powerful and her games much more difficult to win. It’s no secret that she’s the ultimate player of tease and denial, her wicked seduction and power over me is never matched, even when it comes to her other girlfriends she decides to share me with. In this session she proves and makes me understand who is in control and who has the ultimate power of my arousal and need. This session is everything I ever imagined and dreamed about; wearing a piece of sexy lingerie and dressing all up sexy for her pleasure and witnessing just how aroused I get when I wear them, the arousal truly overwhelms me and I become unaware of my actions when triggered by this. Mistress Katya was the one who prepared me for this moment, for this fun and sexy game of strip tease with Mistress Mia. As for the end of the session and being compelled to do something, what I most desire now is to be used as a toy, all dressed for sex, in whichever way Mistress Mia desires, as being with her girlfriends or in a large crowd for me, her amusement and pleasure is all that matters. I want to be lead into Klub DejaVu wearing nothing but sexy lingerie alongside my latex clad Mistresses.

    I didn’t think such intimacy with Mistress would ever be possible but I was so wrong. Mistress is always right!

    I can’t be thankful enough, I adored everything

  15. Jojo

    This session includes everything I have been dreaming of since I am Mistress Mia’s plaything. She seducef my mind into trance so easily and now I am following each and every of Her commands without any reluctance. Oh how I would have loved that this session was continued, with Mistress Mia inviting her girlfriends to come inside and find me still standing, wearing Mia’s garter, stockings and little thong merely covering my obvious erection. What a humiliating situation. I think her girlfriends would have a lot of fun teasing Mia’s little maid with all kinds of humiliating tasks and letting her massage and lick their gorgeous nylon feet . Well, you never know what’s gonna happen, when Mia is playing with you next time.

  16. MicHam99

    My Mistress will always have an eternity ahead before me, I am no match for you Mistress. I fall on my knees and crying my admiration for you.

    I am so mixed, the foreplay seem to be the complete session, I must have lost myself somewhere. So intense, this session brought me very deep, the deepest I never tough I will go. Mistress will always surprise me. Like I said I am no match for you Mistress.

    All your directives was obeyed Mistress….And what’s next, hum ! Great question ? I know that I am writing this, just after listening to that incredible session and not totally recovered of trance, but It is important that I wrote it now, as all the sensation or craving are so intense.

    Mistress have the power of making me doing or craving anything, your control on me is so implanted into me. So what is next i don’t really know, but what I know now ! Is, at this exact moment, my arousal is so high! felling and craving, imagining wearing your wet black panties and stoking on me is making me so arouse and I truly wish I have it on me right now, it is something that I never felt before, but that’s is the true. I don’t know how I will feel tomorrow but just now craving to wear it. And the idea to be exhibit in front of Mistress Mia girls friends, the humiliation! Just added more arousal. I think I will need a therapist. Perhaps you Mistress or Alexandra to guide me. It is great satisfaction to be use and play with by Mistress.

    Thank you Mistress Mia for that incredible playtime where We know who will be the winner before starting. xxxx

  17. Braxton

    Sexy. Wicked. Enticing.

    Tonight, Mistress Mia has a very special game planned for the two of you. An intimate, and not so innocent game of strip poker. If you’ve been so lucky to experience Mia’s games in the past, then would understand that once you’ve accepted the invitation to play… At that precise moment, you have already lost! The real question is what will she have you do following your swift defeat at the hands of a sexy, dominant woman? Perhaps an even better question is, what would your fantasy be if you were so lucky to find yourself in this very scenario?

    Mia, I found this session to be incredibly sexy. I’ve expressed to you in the past that you are supremely talented. Your build ups, and the way you execute with anticipation is truly next level. I can see clearly how this was inspired by Sophia. If you don’t know by now, when you trance with Mistress Sophia, you will end up in an awkward catastrophe, left wondering how you got there, all for her amusement. I love it!

    As far as my desire for what’s next…it will come as no surprise to you Mia, as you know me very well by now. I would lose myself in arousal if given a chance to entertain you, and your girlfriends following my demise in your wicked game. Helpless, horny, and humiliated by my humbling loss would only be the beginning. I would welcome Mistress Alexandra, Sophia, Katya, Amber, and Alicia all to bask in my humiliating defeat. I would desire nothing more, than to be helpless, horny, and wickedly teased by you and your girlfriends. All for your amusement, and entertainment.

    Outstanding Session Mia

  18. Taigh

    This is my new all time favorite session by Mia (or any other hypnotist).
    I am very fortunate in being one of Mia’s happy VIP’s subscribers and so would be able to add this session for free to my collection of HypnoMistress files later this week in any case. But sometimes when I read the descriptions, or especially if Mia has teased me with an early release primer file, I find that I am unable to wait. The urge to get the session as soon as I can becomes uncontrollable for me and I just buy it straight away. I know that trying to wait until Tuesday for the VIP coupon will be hopeless.
    When I get this way I know full well that Mia is already playing with me, but knowing that makes no difference to what I need to do.
    Striptease had this effect on me. The thought of being with Mia as we both loose our clothes, and imagining what she would be like, was far too much. So I succumbed and downloaded StripTease from the Showroom.
    So, to the review.
    I now have a new all time favorite HypnoMistress session.
    This is simply the most powerfully arousing experience I have ever had under hypnosis.
    Mia’s Striptease is everything that I love and look for. I was seduced by her conversation quickly and very ready for her to take things further. When she is in full sex kitten mode, I don’t think there’s a man on the planet that could say no to Mia Croft. I felt so immersed in her hypnotic control that everything she had me do was so easy and automatic..like I was machine being operated with no self direction, a mannequin being moved around..for much the session – with the foreplay it goes for over an hour – I felt like I was on the cusp of orgasm that held me in extasy that went on and on and on. I’ve always imagined that this is what tantric sex is like.
    Get the version with the Foreplay added if you can, you need to listen to the whole experience together.

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