Length: 58:30

Voice: Scarlet Bordeaux

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5 reviews for Stroke

  1. James

    As this is one of Scarlet’s last sessions on this site, she’s certainly left us on a high note. When I got round to trancing with this session, I actually moaned along with Scarlet as if I was actually having sex with her! It was amazing!

  2. Orella

    I so want to be a good boy for Mistress Scarlet.
    To be alone with Mistress Scarlet happily relinquishing all control to her and obediently following wherever she wishes to take me is such bliss.
    I love interactive sessions as I feel that I am being pulled deeper and deeper into the feelings and imagery unfolding in my mind, replying ‘Yes Mistress’ and being called pet is so arousing.
    Mistress Scarlet’s sultry voice filling my ears and mind as I obey her instructions in happy deeply aroused submission to her words. So desperate to cum as I follow Mistress Scarlet’s instructions but I must wait for her permission.

  3. Martin

    This session is a great reminder of what makes Scarlet such a powerful Hypno Mistress. She luxuriates her attention and soft, sensual voice on you in a loving and tender way. Focusing on your breathing, on how you feel and slowly working all tension, stress or really, any thoughts at all except for her as she guides your breathing. In and out, in and out, in and out. If you can remember anything of your time with her in Stroke, and you’ve been following Scarlet’s work for some time, you may feel like you’ve heard or felt a session similar to this before but that it’s somehow different. Or perhaps that’s my mind playing tricks on me.

    If you can spare an hour to spend with Scarlet. I highly recommend this session.

  4. dagr01

    This piece is a fine representation of Scarlet’s audio pallet. The imagery reveals a talented array of scenes tailored to join in the tapestry woven through this file. A very nice reward for those already familiar with her suggested sessions. As stated above, be certain to set aside at least an hour to ensure the whole experience of this session. In a nut shell, Hang on tight… you’re in for a bumping ride.

  5. David Shannon

    Scarlet is a wonderfully talented woman and her voice and delivery is incredibly erotic, sexy, and arousing. Almost a full hour of pleasure – set aside plenty of time. The best part for me was toward the end after Scarlet brings you back up. Find out for yourself what she has in store for you. You won’t de disappointed. I’m looking forward to many more titles from Scarlet.

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