Length: 33:18
Voice: Mistress Amber

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7 reviews for Subjugated

  1. 836

    That was an excellent experience. I was captivated throughout the entire session. Mistress Amber is very dominant, and she likes to fuck not only minds of her submissive subjects. It was a pleasure for me to obey her, to absorb her every word, to accept everything she tells me, to learn to respect all women increasingly. I definitely want to listen more of her sessions.

    Thank you, Mistress. Amber. I’m glad to offer you my mind and body to play with them any way you like.

  2. Janelle868

    From the beginning, just from the tone of her voice and the way she addresses you, it is clear that Amber is in complete control. She loses no time in taking you under – almost forcing you there, even if it’s where you want to go.

    It quickly becomes apparent that any pleasure you happen to experience is incidental – you are there for her pleasure., and her pleasure is subjugating you deeply.

    Your satisfaction is to be of the secondary kind, pleasure in service to her. You are treated as an object, a hole, and all those taboo violations just accelerate the serontonin rush the session induces.

    This is a very hot session.

  3. Dale Roads

    This session is not fun, this is not personal, IMHO, this is pure sadism. Well, ok then. This is your relegation to a debased submissive status, that of being a craving pleasure hole, an anus yearning to be fucked … with yourself being nothing more, and offering nothing more.

    Oh yes! and in a seedy, old porno theater, with beautiful actresses on the screen above you whipping and abusing naked boys who writhe, crying in pain and pleasure, while old men masturbate in neighboring aisles oblivious to your personal drama. Such is the scene, as Mistress Amber takes you, and yours, in hand, and draws you down into her trance; her voice playing within your mind as the blue light from the darkened screen bathes your face, and as she fucks you deeply … to display the scene as I received it.

    There is a lot of purity portrayed in this session, the purity of sexual desire uncivilized and beyond any pretense of dignity, or personal connection.

    I have, a couple of times, long ago, been to a theater, as she described. The experience did not appeal to me nor did the furtive feeling of not wishing to be recognized when leaving. Twice was enough. But I do understand the depth to which one can descend in this sort of participation, and the personal consequence in fact and in mind.

    But back to the session. Once entranced, after the usual promise of trustworthiness, the butt fucking itself begins and is not detectably different than that of a machine achieving a predefined goal, except that YOU are responding to her personally and emotionally. That is not encouraged however, but rather, is ignored. Mistress Amber is indifferent to response … pleasure, no pleasure, erection, no erection, a reaching out with feelings, or not … no, no, and no, all irrelevant. In fact, she makes a point of walking away at the session’s end leaving you to deal with yourself whenever you might awaken, or where, (?), the porno theater of your mind I suppose. I can respect that.

    The deepest subjugation occurs when a boy returns after being physically and emotionally abused … THAT is REAL Subjugation. It is sort of reminiscent of the battered wife syndrome. Well, since we are only playing in the mind, why not eroticize that? It can be done, right? Who cares? I mean wake up and forget about it, yes?

    As it is said, “What you feed, grows.” Feeding and growing your desire, that is the intent of all the Mistresses in Mia’s THM world. But there is also another saying, “You are what you eat.”, so Mia offers you a choice. This session shines a light on one corner of the menu, if you find yourself salivating, then Mistress Amber awaits to welcome you home.

    Now, having said all that, who knows, Mistress Amber has a powerful dominating voice, and projects a strong desire, and in a right/wrong moment of weakness I might just discover that I am, in fact, her kind of boy hole. Perhaps, as it is said to be with heroin, a single experience can be so powerful as to begin an addiction. I mean, if hypnotism is more than mumbo-jumbo to sell a product. Damn me if I don’t imagine it is, and respond to that too. A powerful session done well.

  4. Braxton


    Mistress Amber continues to run roughshod over the minds, and bodies of the boys here at The HypnoMistress. Every moment in trance with her is extremely intense! Yet, for some reason we always willingly return to her dominant presence.

    Wonderful job Amber.

  5. Abe

    Perfect goes beyond to how this session truly is. Mistress Amber truly nailed this session to my core feeling her words and that amazing dominating voice penetrating my insides just like when I’m getting pegged by a dominant woman. The allure of comfort and seduction from Amber really got me into that submissive state of mind and body for her to slip deep inside me once I was vulnerable and aroused with a desire to get fucked, that same level of when I need to stroke, I felt it here, vulnerable and ready for Amber and her strap on.

    I’m such a lucky boy by having experience this

  6. Orella

    I think that anyone who has experienced Mistress Amber in a session or been fortunate enough to have her as their Judge in a Femdom Court experience will be familiar with just how dominant she can be.

    This session is no exception, Mistress Amber is in total dominance mode.

    The session cover is so hot.

    I am taken down on Mistress Amber’s voice. In all honesty to a place, I would never normally go to, but I feel as if I am there in person.

    Mistress Amber is in total control, I am helpless to resist.

    What else can I do but agree to Mistress Amber’s desires and instructions.

    I must obey and comply; I must relax and submit. I must agree and submit to Mistress Amber. She is in total control.

    This session gives a whole new meaning to going deeper and deeper.

    This is a whole, hole new experience, totally owned and broken to Mistress Amber’s control and dominance.

    Thank you, Mistress Amber, thank you for taking me so deeply, so completely. I am helpless to resist, I am yours to do with as you please Mistress.

  7. Andi_S

    How can I possibly put into words how amazing this session is? How can I even remotely describe what an incredible job Mistress Amber has done in penetrating my submissive mind so deeply, right to the very core of my being? How she is able to put my desires into words? Give them a form, shape them, validate them, pull them out, push them in, make me just relax and take it, and make my inner core beg and cry out? Yes, please Mistress, take me, subjugate me, fuck me hard, and turn me into your docile, submissive little pet.

    As the session started I was very focused to observe the effects that Mistress Mia’s curse of softness might have on me. I wanted to stay soft. I want to be soft when Mistress wants me soft. And only be hard when Mistress wants me hard. I confess I was barely registering what Mistress Amber was saying as my conscious mind was thinking about how much I want Mistress Mia’s curse to work on me and how much I crave for my arousal and my cock to belong to and be controlled by Mistress Mia.

    As the session went on I suddenly found myself in front of a dominant woman wearing a strap on. I so badly wanted to get on my knees and surrender to her. Mistress Amber was guiding me and leading me through this experience. I was so grateful for her to take me to this place. All thoughts about the curse were forgotten as Mistress Amber’s words completely drew me in. It felt like she had access to my deepest desires. She somehow knows who I am in the deepest part of my core. She knows exactly what to say to melt my mind and expose and control my weakness. I was on my knees getting subjugated and fucked and all I could do was to surrender and relax and take it. This is what I need. I need it so badly. I just want to be weak and passive and docile and be taken and fucked by a dominant woman. This feels so good. Mistress Amber’s words just fucked me into submission. I am flustered. I can’t think straight. This is so right for me. This is who I am. This is what I need and want to be. Thank you so very much, Mistress Amber, for taking me through this experience. Your sessions are amazing. Your dominance takes my breath away. Thank you so much for subjugating me and violating my free will. I can’t wait to listen to this again. I love it so much.

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