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Length: 16:19

Voice: Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2021 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

6 reviews for Subliminal Mindlessness

  1. MicHam99

    Looping With Mindlessness actually the third one of that great series… I was so lucky! I personally have the chance to loop with previous loops of the series before this one. Horny and Suggestibility so great loop! having myself some intimate time with my adorable Mistress. Hearing her beautiful and penetrating voice as I was working, sleeping… it was for me something that I crave every day, every hours…. And now Mistress creating a third one, I was not expecting that.… I love it, crave it. What can I had. Just need my Mistress to whisper in my hear, perhaps my mind, speak to my subconscious or teach me anything for me to be a better obedient for her…Mistress Mia is my mind Mistress. And I love so much my Mistress.

    Thank you again my Mistress to provide so many file so many session for us ! Your Submitted pet.

  2. Curiously Curious

    I have been spending the last 30 minutes each day before I pack up my home office, listening to Mistress Mia’s Obedience Loops. A very pleasurable thing to do since they are designed to listen to in the background and they certainly let me leave work stress behind.

    Not really thinking it through, I decided to add this file to the mix yesterday.

    I was so spaced out and mindless at the end of the file that I simply lost track of time. It felt like I had split in two, aware that I was sitting almost drooling, aware of how relaxed and blank I had become but at the same time unable to do anything about it. I am unsure how long I looped the session before I managed to break out of the trance.

    What an amazing and slightly scary display of how much power Mistress Mia wields over a submissive and well-trained mind.

    Lesson learned, my next listen was before getting out of bed this morning, a much safer environment to let Mistress work her magic.

    A rhetorical question, but is there no end to the hypnotic skill and pure dominant power of Mistress Mia?

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, you are beyond incredible,

  3. Orella

    I love this. Once again, my Mind Mistress is weaving her control deep within my subconscious so that it becomes a natural part of me, a part that she can use without my conscious awareness.
    Just as I felt with the first session in this subliminal series ‘Subliminal Horny Boy Loop’ I genuinely love the thought of Mistress Mia having such power over me, my conscious mind nothing more than an obedient helpless passenger taken on any journey that she may choose to take me on, obediently doing whatever she instructs me to do.

    As with the second subliminal session ‘Subliminal Suggestibility Loop’ I feel like I should be writing page after page of review trying to capture how this incredible session makes me feel. However, just as with that session I simply cannot find the words to do so, I catch a shadow of a glimpse or wisp of a thought or feeling and the more I try to focus on them the further out of reach they become in my mind.

    When I first listened to this third subliminal session ‘Subliminal Mindlessness’ I conducted a little experiment of my own. My mind was already full of nagging noise from my day and daily life and rather than relaxing and trying to let go as I normally automatically do when hearing Mistress Mia’s voice, I did me best to hang onto the noise and keep my conscious mind in control, this proved futile as at some point in this short session my conscious mind simply dissipated and I sank down deeply into Mistress Mia’s voice, completely absorbed under her control.

    When I awoke much later after the audio had finished, I was very calm and happy, mind still and peaceful.

  4. Abe

    I have no memories, I think of nothing, my mind becomes empty, I become zero and Mia is everything. This, while I loop Mia’s wonderfully relaxing loops listening to the sound of her voice. Mia becomes my past as old suggestions and words slowly appear in the back of my head, the present with this incredibly loop and prepares for suggestions in the future, not to forget that it will make my trancing experience that much powerful. I’ve never imagined how feeling so small could provide feelings of comfort, acceptance and arousal. With every word Mia speaks, the smaller I become but also, the greater my arousal and devotion. I could listen to this loop along with the rest of her other 2, suggestible and Horny Boy loop time and time again, back to bqcm

  5. lorenzo

    I find it extremely hard to review Mia’s loops. Because by the time I manage to get out of the loop Mia’s voice already made sure I remember to forget what just happened.

    What I do remember is the feeling of complete nothingness and obedience to Mia.

    And sometimes random phrases pop back up like how I am no match for Mia, but the bigger overall view of these looping recordings…I just can’t give you that. I can however provide you with the information that whenever I hear that voice I become mindless for Mia.

  6. Braxton

    Dreamy. Calming. Deep.

    In this installment of the Subliminal series appropriately titled ‘Mindlessness’ we are treated to another delicious loop from our lovely Mistress.

    Why is it so arousing to find myself yearning to be your mindless, obedient toy? I love it when you describe me in this way. It could be, because a toy can be used as an instrument is pleasure by the user. Completely mindless, helpless, and obedient to the will of the user….

    This series is so amazing, and so underrated in my opinion. All of your loops are amazing Mia, and the Subliminal series of loops are no exception! I’ve loved this series since I first heard it. In fact, I looped all 3 in a row, and I was completely relaxed, and taken very deep by your luscious voice.

    Great session Mia.

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