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Length: 70:10

Voice: Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2022 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

5 reviews for Succubus-Drain You

  1. 811

    Just to recall the details of the session makes me yearn to listen it again immediately.
    This audio is even getting hotter each time. Floating in a deep trance get stroked by the succubus voice – and this is not just a metaphor – defenceless hard and leaking the whole time, not allowed to touch til the end, disables the rest of your left brain function. Until you got on last chance to stop..
    Is it real , is it just a roleplay? Can you keep this apart?
    It doesn’t matter for me, as after this file I am pretty sure I could not stop despite or excactly because of the consequences: Beeing drained until consumed completely.
    Oh , the foreplay audio extremly deepens that experience.

  2. Stehe

    Did you ever want to feel helplessly aroused by a dominant hypnotic mistress calling you in the night, hypnotizing and seducing you until you completely surrender your mind and body to her? Then this is a session for you.

    I found myself easily falling deeply into trance, deeply into pleasure. I tried to resist but even without touching my body and mind has no other choice then to completely surrender to the pleasure caused by listening to Mia’s hypnotic voice and to reach climax on mistress Mia’s command.

    I listened to this session several times and over time the effects seem to become stronger making it harder to resist, making it more pleasurable to surrender.

  3. Orella

    What can I add to the great reviews already posted for this session.

    I waited until I was granted permission to play and cum before listening to this fabulous session. I am so glad that I did wait as this session was hot, hot, hot.

    What a surprise sexy phone call leading me into the enchanted foreplay, my mind wrapped within Mistress Mia’s beautiful voice, every arousing word dripping into my ears and captivating my mind more and more, taking over in her playful naughty way, enticing me so willingly along on a journey into her fantasy.

    How helpless I was in the presence of demonic temptress Mia, I gave in happily and willingly to her every whim and desire.
    Anything that she asked for was hers for the taking, no resistance at all, only willing compliance in total surrender to this stunning temptress.
    Entrapped by my own desire and arousal, unable to think, overwhelmed by the need for demonic temptress Mia to do whatever she wishes, give her anything and everything until I am completely drained and exhausted, helplessly emptied of thought, energy and cum.

    Oh how I desperately await the next time I will hear her voice, every time my phone rings I answer with glee in the hope of hearing her voice and being drained for her pleasure and mine.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for taking me on this journey into your sexy fantasy. You always take me to places that I never want to leave, a wonderful escape from the confines of reality.

  4. Taigh

    I always loved the original story by Jukebox that this is based on, Drain You. You are left wondering whether the man who falls prey to his late night caller is really dealing with an actual modern Succubus, or perhaps a woman who gets her own kicks from playing out this fantasy. Is he willingly taking part in a phone sex roleplay, or has he lost control of the situation and the fantasy is actually, that he is still control at all.
    Mistress Mia has taken all of that ambiguity and amped it up even further. Nobody listening to this will be able to resist her advances, she’s far too accomplished for that. Rest assured, you will succumb. And afterwards, when you find yourself going back for more, the fifth time or your fifteenth, you can reassure yourself that it’s really all just a game. You could stop any time you want, right?
    The only thing is, when it feels so good, there’s really no good reason to stop. So you watch your phone, waiting for for her to call you.

  5. Abe

    I just had my first real orgasm of the year listening to this session and I’m thankful for that. Body shaking trembles and legs wet everywhere with cum.

    I’ve witnessed how Chastity pets devote themselves to Mistress Mia by remanding chaste and only cum when she permits it. Every one of them has a specific day in which they can Masturbate and pay tribute to her name, her voice, her feminine power and authority. This session here is the other side of the coin, the other half of what is demanded from us boys who let ourselves become prey of the female perdedor that Mistress Mia loves being, let that be renaming chaste and only allow to touch ourselves one day each month or newly here, starting an every day devotional of Masturbation and gratitude for our dark queen until we are drained and empty. For me, it’s what pushes me to always surrender myself this way. To not resist her voice, her commanding words and that seductive voice inside my head at instructs me to pleasure myself every night, mostly for the rest of my life and cumming hard.

    I now know that I’ve been in a spell, one that is quite pleasant and very pleasurable leaving not hurt or harm behind. I’ll always obey Mistress and devote myself to her and her voice this way.

    I’ll sure let Succubus Mia drained me completely every night

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