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Voice: Mistress Mia

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7 reviews for Succumb to Me

  1. Andi_S

    Succumb to Me is a session about surrender. The total surrender of one’s mind and body to Mistress Mia. It is a profoundly beautiful and powerful experience that took me deep into pleasure and my brought me in contact with my deepest inner emotions and motivations. It really never ceases to absolutely amaze me unlike anything I have ever seen how Mistress Mia does this. If there is one thing in this life that I truly admire and adore with all my heart it is Mistress Mia and the way she cultivates her hypnosis, seduction, and dominance into an art form that is unmatched in its elegance and beauty. Succumb to Me is an incredible example of this. Anything I write now could not express how this session made me feel any better than the following message that I sent to Mistress Mia after I had listened to Succumb to Me for the first time, so here it is:

    “I was almost instantly hit with intense arousal as you started to speak. I am having a phase again where my arousal is like under a lock. A lock that is only fully undone by the sound of your voice. I am so in love with the experience of listening to a new session. Nothing hits me as intensely. I love being taken into trance so much. I want it all the time. I always want to go deeper. In trance, I feel in love with your voice. Every single word you say is like pure beauty. It is such a deep longing to become one with your words. Melting. Pulsing. Becoming this energy of arousal and pleasure. Feeling you so deep. So intensely and beautifully.

    I don’t want to fight you. My resistance comes in the form of fear. Only you can truly take me past that point. Only you can take me to that place where I am free. Free to do whatever it is that you ask of me. Obedience to Mia is the greatest pleasure, the greatest freedom. You really do heal my soul. Thank you so much for showing me that place.

    I did not touch myself during this session. Your chastity programming is a part of who I am. I just crave to be in chastity for you. I have been in chastity all December. I can’t even fathom touching your cock without permission. By the end of the session I wanted to surrender and and cum. My cock was so hard and it really wanted to be touched. But I could only touch my nipples. I played with them hard and I really wanted to cum but I knew that I wouldn’t. It felt frustrating but this frustration feels better than cumming. I think you have addicted me to this feeling. I fantasize all the time about being my cock and my arousal being your permanent property.

    I think about Mia residing at the center of my mind. Mia has a throne room in the center of my mind. I am naked on my knees, kept in chains, begging for her approval, and affection, doing everything at all, any degrading act, any debauchery, any sacrifice, just to earn her smile.

    She is the only one who really has access to my true deeper emotions. She can use this to completely control, and dominate, and mold me into whatever she wants. Once she has me where she wants me, I am so completely defenseless against her.

    Once she has me in a vulnerable position, and this could as simple as her having me stare at her tits, it is like I am falling down a bottomless pit. My weakness completely overwhelms me. This is a moment that I long for deep down but that I am so afraid of that it triggers my flight instinct. But Mia has me spellbound. There is nowhere to go. And Mia draws me in unlike anyone or anything ever has. I just keep falling and falling and falling. I am losing all control. All defenses are breaking down. This is where my true self lies. This is where only Mia can catch me and save me. This is where only through surrender and truly letting go can I be saved. And this is where I believe my old self breaks down and can be built up and be reshaped in the image of Mia’s will.

    Only in trance with you I have ever crossed this line. It is my deepest wish and my biggest fear to cross it in “real life” as well one day.

    Can I ever get past this? Maybe this is what surrender is really about.

    I know that the answers I seek, the answers that truly are important to me in life, the pleasure that I crave, the person I wish to be, all of this can be found in surrender and submission to my Mistress.

    I crave more hypnosis and deeper trance because this is where I can find the answers and the pleasure I seek.

    Thank you so much for making this wonderful session and guiding me closer to the answers I seek and for letting me experience the unspeakable, overwhelming beauty and pleasure of surrender, Mistress.”

  2. RonC4880

    “Succumb to Me” is powerful. I believe that it is the most powerful of Mia’s creation that I have ever experienced.

    The first part was confusing to me as I tried to determine whether I was hypnotized in order to need hypnotism, and whether would I want to be hypnotized to need to be hypnotized even more. Was this a diversion of crisscrossing the ideas of hypnosis cause and effect and the desire for more hypnosis? I have no idea how I got so addicted to the intense pleasure of trance and it was mind boggling to try to think about it.

    Then, there was quick change the narrative to the subject of having resistance to surrendering to total control of mind and body and asked the question “Why would I want to maintain a wall of resistance to something I want and what I need?”. Why resist the total surrender of hypnotic control? Answers were provided too many questions I didn’t even know I had.

    There is so much information shared in this session, and it moves quickly from point to point. I was overwhelmed and unable to keep up with the thoughts and suggestions of the session. My thoughts were spinning out of control and I continued to fall deeper and deeper into a bittersweet trance. One thing that did become perfectly clear is that a wall of resistance makes no logical sense. Am I conflicted by the fear of giving up all control? Is it possible for the conscience to resist when the body and subconscious is already an ally of the Mind Mistress?

    I gave in, and I surrendered. The rest of the session was filled with deep trances and intense pleasures which ended my October Chastity Challenge as I was kept under total control doing exactly what I was told and only when I was told to do it. A toy obedient puppet for Mia.

  3. Braxton


    Succumb to me is an extremely intimate session between Mistress & pet. The ability to please Mistress through your acts of obedience is what feels so good. Follow instructions and receive pleasure, simple.

    Amazing Session Mia.

  4. Orella

    Succumb to Me is the title from Mistress Mia, my automatic response is yes please Mistress.

    I listened to this session when it was first released on 24 June. I was so very desperate and exquisitely frustrated as I am a THM Office chastity pet and cannot touch without explicit permission in advance from Mistress Mia, so had to imagine the sensations of complying with Mistress Mia’s instructions.

    After a very long period chaste, I received my explicit instructions to play and fully experience complying with Mistress Mia’s instructions in this session.

    These are such intense feelings knowing that I have permission to tribute to my Goddess as commanded, knowing that my obedience will please my Mistress makes everything so much more arousing.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for creating this intensely arousing session.
    Thank you for permission to play and allowing me to please you with my submission and obedience Mistress.

  5. Justgoodvibes

    I’ve just finished my first experience with Mistress Mia’s “Succumb to Me”. By now it’s common knowledge amongst her listeners, of how skilled Mistress Mia is in her craft. This file could have easily been named “Mia’s Toy”. I felt like one, because of the ease in which she placed me wherever she liked?

    It was a fantastic session. I hadn’t read beforehand, what it was about. I was guided and quickly overtaken by Mia’s wonderfully unique trance techniques, into the black hole of darkness. I was in a pure state of bliss, content to be in the moment. Mia, in an act of absolute kindness, surprises with a gift that literally keeps on giving. Wow. Not at all surprised by how great the experience was. Delighted that Mistress Mia decided to express herself once again, on this fine day.

  6. Abe

    Every word spoken felt like an erotic touch, grind, caress everywhere around my body making me submit to Mistress so eagerly. From start to finish my resistance dropped as well as every piece of my clothing, leaving me exposed to her and all the pleasure.

  7. mattintrance

    Mistress Mia is so delightfully devious in this powerful session. From Her first word, I felt as if I had dipped my toe into quicksand, and every word that followed just pulled me deeper and deeper. Before I knew what She was doing to me, I was completely helpless, hopelessly aroused, and feeling completely submissive.

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