Length: 43:49

Voice: Mistress Mia

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8 reviews for Suggestible

  1. mattintrance

    This is such a powerful session. I have no idea how many times it has taken me down, deeper every time. Mia’s approach is so straightforward here. There’s no need to be concerned with what’s ahead when you hit play, no reason to be on guard. Just let Her voice take gentle hold of you, as She fractionates you with wave after wave of deepening relaxation. Listen carefully to her words, or just drift on the sweet sound of Her voice. No matter. She is there for You either way. Smoothly wearing you down, making You so sleepy and accepting. No trap doors, no tripwires, no hidden agendas. Just helping you be the subject She wants you to be, which you want, as well. When the time’s right, She plants Her suggestions. Still very gently, but with an unmistakable air of authority that’s no less powerful for being so subtle. By then, you’re helpless. But with no fear, no resistance, and not a care in the world. This one is a treasure, that can be explored again and again.

  2. Jude

    Here’s what I recall.

    After some time, I got really relaxed and couldn’t move. Thereafter, It was just pleasure after pleasure. I couldn’t even recall the suggestions but it just feels so good that you not only accept them, you are desperate for the next or just a glimpse of her voice. No resistance, no thoughts. Just acceptance and pleasure.

  3. Daniel

    That was probably the strongest session I ever listened to

  4. Eddie

    Oh wow Mistress what a delicious little treat this file is for me. Such pleasure to feel so many pieces of our puzzle together. I just love being shown who really dominates

  5. Justgoodvibes

    This review of Suggestible is based on my first experience with the session.

    Mistress Mia has a velvet toned voice that puts your mind at ease so quickly. She can use any variety of strategies astonishingly well, but puts the conversational approach to use here.

    I was just going along and listening to her speak about trance in what seemed like just talk. After awhile, I noticed I was listening, but things were a bit cloudy? Next thing I know, I’m shocked as the session is over, and I’m wondering where I was, and what happened? I’m sure after a few more runs, I could articulate details, but it may be more important to disclose how I responded to Mistress Mia, being completely absent of thought.

    My curiosity will have me seek out the defining details of the whole session. In a nutshell, Mistress Mia is a skilled hypnotist, and whatever her intentions are, you will be influenced, then overcome by them. I know I never saw it coming. Who could ask for more?

    Thank you Mistress Mia !

  6. Orella

    I agree completely with the review that Lorenzo posted. I too found this session very ‘hard’ especially recalling details of it.

    I love it when Mistress Mia’s voice fills my ears and mind. I love being open to her, I love the way my mind Mistress likes to play, likes to programme and plant triggers, traps and controls deep within.

    I am already a highly suggestible pet and toy belonging to Mistress Mia and her girlfriend’s here at THM.

    Going deep listening to this wonderful session makes me feel so good. I drift along in high anticipation of whatever Mistress Mia chooses to do with me.

    I emerge from trance with an inability to focus on any details of it, I feel like there are ephemeral transient whisps of memories floating appearing and disappearing just outside of my ability to perceive them.

    Post the session I feel wonderful, very calm and happy knowing that Mistress Mia has been playing and planting her suggestions, whatever they may have been and however they will influence me going forward as her devoted happy obedient pet.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for planting evermore suggestions and programming deep within, I love how you play with my mind.
    You are my perfect mind Mistress.

  7. Braxton Bryant


    It is no secret that I enjoy all sessions from Mistress Mia, and her girlfriends that involve suggestions. Anytime my subconscious has the opportunity to be filled with their desire, I am happy.

    Wonderful job Mia!

  8. lorenzo

    It is often hard writing these reviews (pun intended). Because as much as I want to review every single delicious detail of Mia’s Masterpieces, moments after waking up from that blissfull sensation of being under Mia’s total control. I find myself forgetting the majority of the session, it just slips from my mind.

    But I do remember being programmed. I don’t remember the suggestions, but oh how I remember the pleasure of being conditioned.

    Every time I think my hypnotic suggestibility to Mia’s voice can’t possibly reach greater heights, She comes with a session like this one and my helplessness, eagerness and subjectability to Her voice doubles again.

    I love how Mia sometimes allows roleplay of resistance to her voice. Because in reality, with Mia’s voice, my eyes are already glazing over at ‘hello’

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