Length: 35:20

Voice: Mistress Lara

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10 reviews for Surrender to Arousal

  1. Spirit

    I just listened to this session again and was once again helplessly horny for Lara, and soo eager to act out her sexy fantasies.

    I can’t believe I didn’t write a review the first time but so it seems – I must’ve been to distracted after listening.

    But I want to say how much I love this session and – and Lara’s amazingly powerful voice.

    Lara, I wish I could beg you for another wonderful session so I could surrender further to arousal with you and become as much as a slut for you as I can.

  2. Braxton


    Welcome Mistress Lara.

    I enjoyed your solo debut session, and I’m looking forward to more time in trance with you.

    Excellent job Lara!

  3. Luca

    Welcome Mistress Lara,

    and what a blissful entrance to THM this was! Truly hypnosis on first sight. Effortlessly her soothing voice brought me into a wonderful deep trance, taking advantage of my well conditioned mind. And right after sinking me into the depths of hypnosis, Mistress Lara turns on the heat. Her seductive voice irresistibly spiked my arousal to the very edge. and from there on, she was just having her way with me. With my mind filled with arousal and her enchanting words, I became absolutely lost and mindless in this pure ecstasy. Making my mind only crave for one thing, making my body a squirming mess.
    A wonderful performance that has me throbbing as I’m writing this right after this session. I surrender to the arousal, I surrender to Mistress Lara

  4. Tim

    Wonderful file, can’t wait to hear more of Lara’s work.

  5. Andi_S

    Wow. Just wow. I went into this session believing that I was at a rather low arousal level. By the end I was nothing but a rock hard squirming, whimpering mess, desperate, and I mean absolutely desperate to cum. Mistress Lara is really good at hypnosis. I don’t even know how she did it. I just remember how good and how sexy her voice felt and how sexy it was for her to introduce her sexy and slutty submissive girlfriend into the scene. Thank you, Mistress Mia, for sharing me with Mistress Lara, and thank you Mistress Lara for playing with me in such a delightful, overwhelmingly arousing manner. Surrender to Arousal is a smash hit and a great debut session.

  6. Jalang

    A truly erotic debut by Mistress Lara.

    This is a very powerful session where many hypnosis techniques are used. In this trance, Lara uses strong visuals and arousing persuasion to take you very deep under her control.

    Her dominance is undeniable.

    There are hints of some very exciting things to come in future sessions with Lara. I will submit to those experiences, For Her Pleasure.

  7. Abe

    Lara is incredible, her ability to take, hypnotize and control a total stranger is a real thing. She’s trained, prepared to grab any man or woman she ever desires. That, or she’s very good at seduction with just her voice and chose of words, letting her tone all the work for her. This session is one of those that I listen over and over until night falls, sink under my covers, close my eyes and drift off into sleep. Helplessly hypnotized for many hours until I’m finally let go and sleep. There is a hint that Lara is preparing for something greater, but really? I experienced greater while in trance. I can’t even imagine how great it will be if, when she releases something new to play with…

    Welcome to my Mind, Lara

  8. Dale Roads

    Why hello. Lara? Dale. No, I don’t think we have meet. Yes, someone new, always possibilities. Say, I think you are right, this sounds fun, you sound like fun. How nice you find THM boys, interesting. Are we already trained, indoctrinated? I have heard that but really, I don’t think about it much now-a-days.

    You ask such interesting questions. Hypnosis at first sight? Wel-l-l m-o-o-bee, Y-A-W-N. Goodnessssss meee … some, sum something is foo foo foomiliar … Wait, wait, this is silly, I am silly, a silly willy, you sound fun … oh, I said that. You sound so matter-of-fact; it is just a game right? I mean letting go, rubbing my legs together, riding the wave into your night blanket. It is all make believe anyway, but your voice and your intent and your sexiness is very real. Maybe I would just like to listen now.

    And sometime later. Awake, turning the device off. I feel like a cookie, now on the oven cooling rack, resting, warm and brown, maybe a little buttered. Vague memories float up, wasn’t there you, and someone else too, honestly, she sounded familiar. Her moan of pleasure caught my heart. She too a puppet on your string. I remember … you a naughty lady … yummm. Does response make for meaning? Cookie dreams can seem so real.

    What a confusing …. review? Well, three thumbs up then. Mistress Lara is an artist, if you let her mix you up, and roll your dough, perhaps you too will find yourself spouting nonsense sense, and listening again, and again. Gratitude. Peace. Respect.

  9. Orella

    Firstly, I would like to express a very warm welcome to Mistress Lara. Your debut session is a delightful journey through arousal triggers.

    Secondly, my apologies for not posting a review sooner. After 3 weeks in Femdom Court – Reflections, my mind has been awash with the post Court afterglow.

    Whenever Mistress Mia introduces a new Girlfriend here at THM, I experience such a thrill of anticipation imagining how her voice will sound, how will her approach and technique be utilised, however mostly I ponder how she will stimulate deep feelings in my subconscious that will take me on fabulous journeys into erotic hypnosis.

    Upon pressing play, the mystery of how Mistress Lara’s voice would feel was answered as she stimulated auditory bliss rippling through me, I instantly began to sink into relaxation and started to relinquish control eager to experience the erotic hypnosis journey she was leading me through.

    I was surprised by how effortlessly Mistress Lara was able to enable me to drift away, my surroundings dissipating and dissolving to be replaced by the mindscape being woven by her enchanting voice and skilled use of words.

    No details or spoilers, I will say that the power of Mistress Lara’s voice and words to stimulate exquisite arousal is blissful.
    I will also say that the sounds being elicited from the hypnotised lady were electrifying and supercharged my own arousal.

    Thank you, Mistress Lara, I loved hearing your voice, your debut session is a delicious journey into exquisite arousal, such a sweet, elongated torment that will stay with me for many days.
    I look forward to hearing more of your sessions, hopefully soon.

  10. Eddie

    Great debut Lara I can’t wait to hear more of your lovely voice, you can bring your friend she seems quite playful. I’m new to THM myself with a compliant open mind ready to be toyed and shaped. An interesting trigger used, humanizing you and initiating a huge level of trust. You had no problem taking me down, holding me in your control an eager toy ready to play with an eager toy

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